Poetry Posing As Love – A Book by John Clark


After writing articles for many year and publishing two books, My dear wife Rita after reading a few of my poems, that I had filed away for may years, asked me if would write more.

I said ok after a long discussion. I did not think my poems were as important as my articles and my books. I then called an long close lady friend in Los Angeles who I thought would be a sounding board to see what she thought of one of poems.

After reading it to her there was a deathly silence, “Elaine are you there” I inquired, I was suddenly concerned that something happened to her, I then heard sobbing. Elaine “are you ok” I asked, “yes John” she said, “why are you crying I asked” “John” Elaine started “I just wished my late husband could have said those words, it takes a special person to put words like that on paper”.


After two years of college, John moved to Los Angeles to study drama, where he enrolled with Mr. Jack Kosslyn, who was the Head Drama Coach at Warner Bros and Universal Studios. Thereafter, Jack was the casting director for actor/producer, Clint Eastwood.

Upon returning to San Francisco, John went to work for a newspaper, and through his media involvement and personal friendship with numerous performing artists and musicians, he began producing concerts.

John worked with and received tutoring from Bill Graham, the world’s premiere concert producer. Mr. Clark’s second concert, “Paul Revere’s Freedom Ride” won wide acclaim, and the video was awarded” Best Produced Concert, West Coast”.

After moving to Washington D.C., John was asked to produce another concert which was a three-day event, held on the mall in Washington, and attracted more than 60,000 people.

John Clark has written numerous magazine articles on a variety of subjects and has published poetry and two books; Pozan & Dead Angel, which can be read at amazon.com Clark retains ties with many close business and personal friends in the Music and Film Industries

I was stunned I then thought maybe I could uplift ladies in that not all man conceal their emotions. So off I went to publish this book! I Hope you enjoy

John Clark

Poetry Posing as Love: A pocket full of dreams – Kindle edition by John Clark. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Poetry Posing as Love: A pocket full of dreams – Kindle edition by John Clark.

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