Poetry inspired by the new Millenium

…. they flow through the sky

around a-town till

an understanding is made


thoughts are free

define your way

despite a tease

tightly rhythmic

it dances on end

through in-between without

we choose one

to decide a direction

for direction

a decision is wrought

10.19. 00 (written on my birthday in memory of Sean Virmalo)

Restlessness with a purpose: Part I

All I know is that I was definitely on the road. The skies were as blue as ever and spirits were high. We had two jeeps full of supplies- mostly an overabundance. But it didn't matter. Nothing could prepare us for what was to happen on this most peculiar of days. The spirits were abound in the land we all call Upstate New York. Restlessness mixed with a sense of purpose. The two worlds almost combined through the individual realities we all existed within. I always knew that this land was very powerful, but I guess I had no concept until it happened. It was Charlie Dave, Colin, and I in the car. I remember our realities being judged and passed through each other. Of course, we did have assistance. Expanding one's mind to such extreme boundaries took practice… oh and some help too. The CD was stopped and the sounds of various radio stations filled the pure Ithacan air. We don't have many radio stations out here, but this one was right on. It was as if it was speaking directly to me. Very strange. I turned my head and

looked out the window. Pastoral fields and houses were abound throughout the country. The radio waves were starting to frighten me. It was too perfect. How could somebody be broadcasting this right now? Where the hell were we going? Nobody else seemed to be affected so I asked Dave to change it. I hid behind the comfort found beneath my shades. My recession was intensified by the mysterious surroundings. We have been driving for almost an hour and I still had no idea where we were headed. Our adventure was only beginning.


Restlessness with purpose: Part II

My experience now left me bewildered. The heavens were closing in on me as I spoke. I could no longer feel the rocks beneath the wheels. The car behind us became a lost memory. I remember noticing the sunlight dance through the trees as if they were conveying some type of esoteric language that I had yet to understand. Damnit! Why didn't they teach me this in school? The vibrations were so high- I never experienced anything quite like it. Our purpose was still pretty unclear, but I was convinced that it had something to do with Sean. Was he the one sending these reflections of experience? Only time will tell. We pulled over next to our other set of comrades. The lights seemed to dance around me and my body felt weightless. I peered over to the strange beings in the car next to us. They were beautiful- strange guides taking us through some intense metamorphosis. Their mysterious smiles reassured me a bit, but I was still very nervous. I remember hearing stories of the Mayan Civilization. Supposedly they evolved themselves right into the heavens. Yep, I was convinced that I wasn't returning from this trip. I was excited, yet extremely nervous at the same time. We stepped out of our cars and took it all in. Eumani jumped out of the car and started investigating his newfound surroundings. Fate was standing with open arms, waiting to stir things up a bit. I could tell. After about an hour of searching, we still couldn't find our spot. Man, our map was detailed. We had enough with us to stay out here for a very long time. We decided that we were off track. We couldn't afford to waste any time. Our purpose was still unclear, but we knew we had to move on. Jolene and I took charge. Everyone seemed as if they were along for the ride. They were all playing perfectly specific roles. Together we trekked up the road, without a destination in mind.

© Matt Deifer — www.deifer.com

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