Poetry by Matt Deifer

by Matt Deifer (c) 7.28.03

ACCEPTANCE MEANSBREAKING YOUR HABITSSTAYING HEAD STRONGMAKING NECESSARY CHANGESAND MOST OF ALL…ADAPTING7.28.03LIVE IN THE MOMENTrealize your time is shortto be as much as you canimpactful beyond your wildest dreams…SEE IN THE MOMENTwatch your style and your walletmake the right choicesdon't fool yourself…BE IN THE MOMENTlove unconditionallyshut down those annoying thoughtsthat seems to persist and plague the mindmake it quiet and justexist… 7.28.03PEERING EYESThey watch… and listento your every movesucking on your lifestylefeeding off of your informationthey sit under dim lightstaring at the blinking screenday by nightwatching another's dreamnot even part of their realityshouldn't bebut it still goes unseenothers have found out the hard wayso its seemskeep it under controlwe can balance it againjust give it timesuch a new toy to play withwe understand7.28.03COMEDY OF FOOLS(dedicated to Jon Stewart for saving my sanity!)some understand the presence of misunderstood liesit's found everyday in the common laughterand misfortuneswrought through the unseensubconsciousfelt by the soulof every citysome can take the jokeothers crave the joke(or the lies)to keep their sanitycomedy is keeping it therefor us to rationalizesome just don't understandhow crazy it is to be lost in the comedy of fools© 2003 Matt Deifer

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