Please Don’t Help Glorify Michael Jackson!

We are being told what a terribly sad day this is, a great musician and performer is no long with us. A musical giant has departed. Yeah, right!

But almost nothing is being said about the damage this pervert has done to children.

While at least two cases were made public, and one of those claims disappearing with what was widely reported to be an eight figure payoff to the son of a

Beverly Hills dentist, it is likely that many, many more young boys were molested by the Weird One.

I just wonder how many bleating ‘Hollyweird’ press hacks and media sycophants would have ever let their own children spend the night in the bed of the middle aged Weird One, as so many unfortunate children did. They were robbed of their innocence, groped, pawed, petted and who knows what else.

Perhaps this explains the reasons why the late pedophile was ultimately happy to move to the Arab

kingdom of

Bahrain. In the traditional Arab world, the elite saw no reason why young boys could not be sexually exploited. In

Bahrain, there are reportedly procurers who provide children to degenerates willing to pay for this kind of disgusting perversion.

Just google the terms: “child prostitution

Bahrain" and try not to puke. Is there any reason the Weird One would not feel at home in


The Weird One eventually became entangled with a religion of pure evil, the religion that gives rise to suicide bombers, ‘clitorectomies’ and war on those who disagree with them. Of course, he began to surround himself with members of the Nation of Islam, who became the managers of his rapidly declining business empire, although this relationship supposedly ended in 2004. At that time, the Weird One’s affairs were handled by Leonard Mohammed. You may never have heard of Leonard, but you have definitely heard of his father – in-law, Louis Farrakhan, aka Calypso Louie, whose main contribution to civil discourse is ant-white racism laced with a pathological hatred of Jews.

The pieces fit together nicely. Consider the lyrics to one of the Weird One’s songs in his 1996 album, They Don’t Care About Us.

‘ Jew me. Screw me…..


Me. ‘

The self hating Jewish leftist ‘greedheads’ in Hollyweird actually put that filth out on the market place. Nobody made much of an issue then, nor do they now. Instead, he is a hero and legend in world that tolerates depravity.

Michael Jackson was clearly sick and evil. If there is a hell, there is no doubt in this observer’s mind that he is there.

May he rot there for Infinity.

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