Plan Unveiled To Take The Government Back

….we the people could create the "People's Bank"

This *New*, and most needed, kind of Bank Will be 'of the people, for the people and by the people.' It will be an ethical bank, also to be known as a social, alternative, civic, or sustainable bank. This bank will be more powerful then Exxon, JP Morgan and the Federal Reserve combined.

It will be owned entirely by the Lower & Middleclass, one share, that is only one share maximum, and so, one vote per share will be the controlling policy. Further, it will have reduced fees in some areas, no fees in others and it will provide credit cards with half the interest rate that is charged presently, or in the future. This, that is to say 'Our', bank will provide liquidity to the generic system, thus it will very likely have a dramatic impact upon the American economy. Thus, we will altogether be launching an economic recovery. This, that is to say 'Our', bank will buy the delinquent mortgages from the other banks to save the homes of the Lower & Middleclass. This bank will lower your/our cost of living and increase your disposable income. Ergo, it will likely create jobs and accelerate growth in the small business sector. This bank will have a Political Action Committee. Questions of –what shall we do — will be put to the stockholders and they will vote, prior to major decisions. If a majority of the stock holders/parteners agree and so a majority approve and so passed, then this bank tells.demands taht the government make it a law. The "People's Bank" will have the power to change lawyers and governments from being the Lower & Middleclass masters to being their servants, once again, thus saving an entire class of people, and the Constitution.

If you don't have the $200 the Reenactment of 1776 has a credit plan. Got a credit card from a bank that we bailed out? Put it on that. If you don't pay it back then the "People's Bank" will ignore it, won't use it for your credit score.

We The people invest and own the bank;

We The people shift their funds from the other banks into their bank;

We The people then control the financial system and the government.

This plan is legal, peaceful, non-violant and will put the power where it should be, with the Lower & Middleclass.

We are not looking for an investment at this time. We only want to see if there is any interest in pursuing this concept. The sign up form is at the Reenactment of 1776 Web Site, reenactment

And A Holiday Gift To Everyone In The Lower & Middleclass From The Reenactment of 1776:

We have amended our federal complaint claiming the bailout was unconstitutional and added the following charges:

Civil RICO, possibly criminal RICO and Treason upon Taxpayers naming as defendants:

HENRY PAULSON (Secretary of Treasury), Individually

BEN BERNANKE, (Federal Reserve), Individually

SHEILA BAIR, (FDIC). Individually

JAMES DIMON (JP Morgan), Individually

GOLDMAN SACHS, Corporately

JP MORGAN, Corporately

and then added:

'All American taxpaying citizens as co-plaintiffs.'

Documents, news articles and sign up form to be a taxpayer of record at the web site.

Happy Holidays!

Larry Bumgarner, founder of the Reenactment of 1776

205 Toulon Ave.

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

609 816-7974

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