Perspective Is

… deception and your conclusions, delusions. Most all of the media has adopted the view and wishes for the American people to adopt the perspective that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian President who loves America and is trying his best to make the positive changes that we all hoped for, when he was elected. However, I think this particular perspective is likely incorrect and that a true understanding of this president might be better realized if we were to view him in different way.

What if? What if we were to view this president from the perspective of a Muslim, who deep down hates

America and is subtly and not so subtly doing all he can to bring her down? For example, his policies in the middle east, while appearing to promote democracy on the surface, have in fact only created a chaotic political landscape and have set the stage for a total, radical Islamic takeover of the entire region. And what about his name?

He was raised as Barry Sotoro. When did he become Barack Hussein Obama and why such a Muslim name anyway? After all he is an American, born in

Hawaii, isn’t he? Did he, just as Cassius Marcellus Clay became Mohamed Ali and Lew Alcindar, Kareem Abdul Jabar, take his Muslim name after conversion to Islam? And, if he is Christian, why doesn’t he seem to understand the importance of

Israel? Could it be that the truth is better served by his twice referring to his “Muslim faith” in an interview with George Stephanopoulos, only recanting after being reminded by Stephanopoulos. I know of no other Christian who would twice declare themselves thus.

I could go on for pages sighting other examples to make the case that we are being deluded by the press, but I will leave that up to you, if you care enough about this country to investigate the truth.

The fact is that we know almost nothing of official record with regard to Obama’s past. But I propose that we consider that all of his actions as president would be better understood if we adopt the “Muslim” perspective.

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