Paying The Price

by Paul R. Hollrah

It’s time we all asked ourselves a very important question, perhaps the most important question of our time.

• Assume we had a white man who claims to have been born to a foreign father and an American mother.
• Assume that this same man… with no money of his own… found a way to attend Ivy League colleges and universities, all on someone else’s dime.
• Assume that this man has never held a real job. Assume he’s never run a profit-making business and probably wouldn’t understand the economics of a sidewalk lemonade stand.
• Assume that this man is a committed socialist/communist/Marxist who has no love for our country and has no appreciation for what the capitalist system has produced.
• Assume that this man has never worn a military uniform, hates and despises the military, yet sees himself capable of commanding the world’s most powerful military force.
• Assume that this man believes that government is the source of all economic activity and that government must eliminate all unequal outcomes created by the capitalist system.
• Assume that this man is totally without honor, without integrity, and without conscience and that his only real talent is the ability to read sheer nonsense from a teleprompter and make it sound believable to the most ignorant and least informed among us.
• And finally, assume that this man has the unmitigated gall to run for president of the United States.

Ask yourself: Is it possible that such a man could ever be elected president of the United States?

The answer to that question is a resounding “no.” It could never happen. An individual such as I have described could not attract a single delegate to the Republican National Convention or, for that matter, to the Democratic National Convention. Yet it is precisely this sort of individual
who was nominated by Democrats and elected by low-information voters in 2008 and in 2012.

So if it is impossible for any man such as I have described, of whatever background or ethnicity, to be nominated for the presidency by either major party, exactly what is it that makes Barack Obama… with no background or experience of any kind, with no proof of constitutional eligibility, and with no verifiable evidence of who he really is… unique among all men?

What causes me to ask this question is a recent report telling us that, while the U.S. economy
approaches self-destruct status and everything Obama does to fix it makes matters worse, while
he burdens our ever-shrinking military with unnecessary and unworkable social experiments, and
while our enemies around the globe grow stronger and more threatening because of his weak-
kneed foreign policy… he continues to grow in popularity.

To explain what makes Obama acceptable to so many, while no previous black presidential candidate was able to attract the same level of support, is not easy. Jesse Jackson won just 77% of the black vote nationwide in 1984, and 92% in 1988. In 2004, Rev. Al Sharpton won only 40% of the black vote in New York City, his home base, while carrying only 33% of the black vote statewide. A relative few white liberals and blue collar Democrats voted for Jackson and Sharpton, but certainly not in the numbers that lined up behind Obama in 2008 and 2012.

What is most sad about the Obama phenomenon is that, while future administrations may be able to reverse the damage done by his years in office, it can never be erased from our memories or from the pages of history. And while the social and political progress of blacks, generally, has made it possible for a qualified black man or woman to one day be elected president or vice president, it shall forever be the shame of our great nation that, when white liberals decided it was time to pay a price for the past sins of white men… past sins for which white conservatives and Republicans deny ownership… they picked the worst possible agent of absolution.

In fact, if Democrats had hired an executive recruiter in 2008 to prepare a list of the 100 black Americans most capable of being president, Barack Obama’s name would not have appeared on that list.

There are basically three kinds of people who voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012: blacks, white liberals, and blue collar Democrats, but in each case they were motivated differently.

First, the low information blue collar Democrats. Why did they vote for Obama? They voted for Obama, not because they liked what he stood for, and not because they were anxious to vote for a black man. These are mostly Hillary Clinton supporters who, in 2008, could hardly mention Obama’s name without using the “n-word.” However, once he officially became the Democrat nominee they voted for him because: a) he had a “D” behind his name, and b) because their union bosses and the mainstream media pundits told them to. These are people best described as political “sheep.” They are propaganda sponges, not accustomed to thinking for themselves.

Secondly, the low information white liberals. Why did they vote for Obama in such numbers? I suspect it is because, while they have always harbored deep-seated and unspoken doubts that a black man could successfully run the country, they saw Obama as someone just a bit different. They saw Obama as a black man untainted by an ounce of slave blood, a black man with facial features inherited from his white mother.

In fact, white liberals put a great deal of stock in Obama’s mixed ethnicity. And since they have always known that one day they would have to pay a price for centuries of slavery, Jim Crow laws, Black Codes, and KKK atrocities… all the exclusive handiwork of Democrats… they felt that by allowing Obama to capture the White House they could make a small down payment on a long-standing debt owed to black people. After all, what harm could he possibly do?

It should be noted that, given the level of racism in the Democrat Party, the only way a black
Democrat can be elected is if Democrats carve out a majority black district for them. Unlike black Republicans, who can be elected in majority white districts, black Democrats cannot.

And finally, low information black voters. I strongly suspect that, even among black voters, previous black candidates may have been seen as just a bit “too black.” In a perverse sort of way, after centuries of oppression because of the color of their skin, it is understandable that many blacks still harbor deep-seated feelings of inferiority, causing them to have doubts about the ability of a black man to run the country. They have been so conditioned by liberals and Democrats to see themselves as victims that it is impossible for them to see themselves as the equal of white men… as successful black conservatives such as Herman Cain, Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Benjamin Carson, and many other successful black men see themselves.

In Barack Obama, blacks found a man whom they perceived as being acceptable to whites. He was the half-white black narcissist that they could proudly offer up as a representative black man. He was everything that low-information voters require in a candidate: he was young, he was cool, he was black, and he was willing to promise them all the free stuff their hearts desired.

If we are able to survive Obama, and if there is a silver lining in the dark cloud he represents, it is that history… the great debunker of political fairy tales… will record that he was in charge at a time when the culmination of a century of liberalism nearly brought our great nation to its knees; it is his name that will be most associated with that near-disaster. And when Democrats are forced to run another national campaign without the name of this once-in-a-lifetime snake-oil salesman on the ballot, they will find that voters will once again see them for what they are.

Because of who and what he is, Obama can only be viewed as a unique phenomenon, one that social philosophers and historians may never be able to fully explain. In our lifetime, western civilization has survived a Hitler, a Stalin, and a Mussolini, and we will survive Obama, as well. God willing, once he is gone from the scene the free world will never again be forced to endure another like him. Not only was he the wrong man for the country in our time, he would be the wrong man for the country at any time.

And now that the Obamas have so shamelessly and inappropriately interjected themselves into the annual Academy Awards, what’s next for them? With an empty space next to his Nobel Peace Prize medal, will he pressure the Hollywood moguls to create a new Oscar category: Best Imitation of a President? If so, will he be able to win out over stars such as Martin Sheen and Michael Douglas? Or, since we’ve learned in the past five years that his only real talent is the ability to smile nicely while reading poppycock from a teleprompter, will he be satisfied with the “face time” he’ll get by merely hosting the 2014 Academy Awards?

The one great overriding question Democrats asked themselves during the 2008 presidential primary was this: When the White House telephone rings at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, who would you rather have answer that call… Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? Our experience of the past four years shows that the answer to the question is: “neither of them.” Nevertheless, low-information voters have combined with guilt-ridden liberals to elect a charlatan to sit in the Oval Office, and now we all find ourselves paying a huge price. | February 15, 2013

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