Part II: The Shame We Bring To Our Grave When Obama Apologizes For U.S. Imperialist Debauchery

To end it all by self-hanging attracts Americans who felt so mortally ashamed of themselves when their president apologized for America’s evil wrongdoing. It does not matter whether these radical accusations of the enemy are real or imagined, deserved to be looked into or yet to be debated; under the altered direction of Obama’s foreign policy, these are to be acknowledged as “past errors”.

Reprehensible wrongdoing of an Evil Empire that President Obama admits as “errors”, which he apologizes with regrets, refer to acts of U.S. imperialist debauchery that caused the world so much suffering, especially in Latin America, according to Central American leftist leaders that attended the recently concluded Summit held in Trinidad and Tobago April 17-19, 2009.

How much are we mentally impaled with charges unfounded or not that the country we love next to God is evil is worse than murder because the killing is spiritual … the slaying of the national pride of a people that used to walk ten feet tall.

When the left hand touches the heartbeats in our breast while we sing the national anthem and we feel the heart falters with a terrible shame and embarrassment with the thought that no less than the President himself admits to our accusers the wickedness of our sin as a nation, it will not surprise me at all if ridden with guilt many of those who believe Obama is god that could do no wrong, would seek solution to their wretchedness with a rope tied around their neck.

Machiavellian means to an end to save a soul is not always without reward in the afterlife. For instance, monks practice pure Buddhism through self-immolation for absolution not only of cardinal sins but also of estrangement from God when horrifying shameful offenses doom the soul to eternal damnation.

But the real culprit in this higher plane of consciousness is not the change itself but this obsession for change leading us down the road to perdition. For example, think of this Obamania for change in dealing with the enemies of the United States. It is suicidal because Obama’s new “don’t shoot them but negotiate with them” diplomacy now solidifies even more the determination of terrorists in a regional level to attack us not only with their lethal WMD but also with their deadly mouth in their determination to destroy America, the Evil Empire.

It is a critical time to pay heed to this ringing bell of alarm: Anti-U.S. Sandinista terror President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua had declared unitarily the union of Central America, specifically mentioning Guatemala, Costa Rico, Honduras, El Salvador and others whose people are working together to put an end to the American empire. At least rhetorical celebration of this union had begun.

“We all got together, united so we could defeat the expansionist policy of the United States,” Ortega announced to the world in his anti-American Summit speech.

President Hugo Chavez of oil-rich Venezuela, known to be one of the United States’ relentless vicious leftist tormentors, repeatedly beat his breast also in announcing to the world that the United States is satanic. Chavez’ radical rhetoric catches fire because the language he uses is street-friendly and inflammable. To those who hated the United States worse than their mothers-in-law or spite the national flag more than that ugly face in the mirror, he was music to the ears when he speechified that the U.S. dollar is falling, and so is this “deviant US imperialism”. He lights their fire.

I think I don’t need anyone to authenticate my position when I dare say that it is dangerously foolish for Obama and his ring bearers and crown polishers to take lightly this leftist threat coming from countries in the Western Hemisphere. For instance, Obama should never think for a moment that Chavez’ threat is a stupid joke.

Chavez had millions of die-hard supporters cheering with tremendous enthusiasm when in a nationwide television and radio broadcast he made an assurance that 'The US Empire is coming down …'

The point I want to stress without a shadow of doubt is that at least in Venezuela there is a surge of anti-U.S. feeling. It is highly imprudent for anyone to interpret this national outrage merely as Chavez’ personal war with the United States. For, we have seen this mind control of the masses in Germany immediately prior to World War II. Chavez’ Venezuela looks similar to the entire German nation snapping their boots in front of Hitler. They raised their right hand 90 degrees perpendicular to their body saying “Hi, Hitler”. In the street fully armed human machines march down in cadence with the beat of the drums amidst the roaring crowd waving Hitler’s Swastika for war.

In 2007, Chavez had a one-day visit to Iran to inform terror President Ahmoud Ahmadinejad who vowed to wipe Israel off the map, that he came to Iran to declare and document his pledge “to stand by Iran against any US action …” that Washington would take against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Again to read this as a joke is harakiri. While Ahmadinejad is preparing his nuclear arsenal against Israel and Osama bin Laden is perfecting his plan for a nuclear 911 against the United States, Chavez’ MS-13 gangsters in tens of thousands are reported to be already strategically positioned in more than 3,500 cities in U.S. ready to pull a covert invasion at his command. This time when terrorists go nuclear, death and destruction would make 911 look like kid stuffs.

In case you only heard of MS-13 or read it for the first time in this website’s editorial, it is an abbreviation of Mara Salvatrucha, a criminal gang founded in Los Angeles that spread to Central America. Chavez had reportedly organized his MS-13 for his domestic and international wars, real or imagined. Lately, he had threatened to unleash his operatives to destroy America [WND: Chavez threatens to 'unleash operatives' already in U.S.].

It is not a compliment but a grave insult when Chavez gave Obama a book to read to make him understand what U.S. imperialism means. The book is “Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent”. It is “a manifesto decrying centuries of imperialism in the region.”

But to my surprise, Obama shrugged this insult directed to the President of the United States like dandruff off his shoulder. What knocked me off with total disbelief was that either Obama is indifferent to the accusation or believes that accusing the United of States of centuries of imperialism, was really nice.

"I thought it was a nice gesture to give me that book. I'm a reader,” Obama chuckled, but nobody laughed silly with him. Nobody in his/her right mind sniggers when the President of the United States who is supposedly the “star” of the gathering of heads of states is insulted by Central America’s foulmouthed reneged like Chavez. He calls President Bush “El Diablo”.

But here’s where the political savvy of Chavez lies. Chavez made a fool out of the Summit when his book insult of the President of the United States had obviously damaged the seriousness and importance of the international conference.

In subsequent interviews, Chavez made a laughing stock of Obama when he proposed a personal business between the two of them. Chavez: "So I said, Obama, let's go into a business. We'll promote books — I'll give you one, you give me another.” This time it was Chavez who made people laugh. Laughter always attracts television ads, especially when Chavez posed with Obama shaking his hands kicking off a lasting personal friendship.

In this business proposal, books Chavez prefers to market to Obama are about centuries of pillage of the United States of Latin America. Since in exchange it would be hard for Obama to find a book about Venezuelans looting and plundering the United States, it might prove much easier for Obama to write a book for Chavez about how he admits that the United States is a plunderer and that Chavez should accept his regrets and apology!

Then they are in what the Chinese call chop-chop business. But to cynics, it could be a profitable proposition founded on friendship between two emerging socialist leaders who wanted to carve their name in the headstone of history when the U.S. Empire is dead and with it Capitalism slowly dies of asphyxiation. Nonetheless, to realize this dream, this sort of friendship hopes to last until this planet stops to spin or till hell freezes over, whichever comes first.

For, this acknowledgment of a remorseful president that the United States has done the world a horrible wrong was deeply profound. Obama wrote it in stone. He said: “The United States will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made…"

It is this Obamania for change now spinning out of control – in this case the radical shift of our foreign policy towards a tacit admission of our guilt as a wicked empire – that makes our epitaph even look uglier than death itself. Described not an asset but a liability as a “passionate man of literature and letters”, I felt “compelled” to write this curse on the gravestones of those who would die in shame for the public to read as follows: Obama is right … here we rest not in peace for our sins that make us lovers of freedom our own enemy.

It is not RIP [rest in peace] but RSIAWTH [restless soul in agony worse than hell] – the shame that would haunt us in our final rest six feet below the ground. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS May 12, 2009.

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