Part II: Kamala Harris Is Fake …

Edwin A. Sumcad –

… But Media Mob Makes Her Look Real

When the Media mob tries really hard to make it shines like gold, it means it is not gold. Bombarded by Media’s fraudulent snake oil sales talks, you could end up buying something bogus or phony, something valuable that looks genuine but it is really fake.

That is Kamala Harris running for Vice-President of United States the rogue Media network is selling hard in the electoral market fair that opens to the public this November 3, 2020.

I might as well issue a warning, in fact I am ringing the bell in the belfry atop the alarm-tower of national concern for a nationwide alert — that once you fall for the Media’s elaborate marketing of Kamala Harris, they got you.

And to give away your vote or lose your keeps dear to you in this manner has a serious implication. We should not take lightly this innocent-like marketing of fake commodity – in fact, this electoral shenanigan, if you may — because the negative effect is far worse than we expect. It is horrifying when you lose your way of life as you live it. You do not just lose your money in a swindle, or in this case lose your vote in a heist, but worst, you lose your country and your American way of life before you even know it.

For, Kamala Harris whom you make a fatal mistake of voting into office as Vice-President of United States is part of a shadowy power group – the radical extreme Left – who will take your country away from you. They will destroy it first then change it and create their own Socialist-Marxist way of life under a government that controls everything, in the way you think, and the way you do.

The first reference of Kamala Harris as a fake VP candidate came right on the first day Joe Biden announced the Democratic Senator from California as his running mate.

During the announcement, the “camarillas” and the “Mafiosos” in the Media gangland clapped their hands in standing ovation, and in a synchronized action falsified Harris’ public image with fake headline stories announcing her candidacy as a pragmatic moderate. This political branding of Harris as a liberal-progressive candidate was tweeted full blast all over social media outlets. It is all over the place. It is opposite to the uglier truth of what Kamala Harris really is.

With this impropriety, the Media mob i.e., the print media, CNN and MSMBC and their kind in social media, actually betrayed the American people’s public trust after violating the First Amendment rights.

What the Media mob is attempting to do is connect Harris’ far-left ideological identity with the American people’s way of life, ordinary Americans like you and me who felt threatened by her own radical leftish-socialist agenda.

In general, of course the American population hate the prospect of their American capitalist country being transformed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris into Marxist-Socialism. The American people’s outrage has that similar if not greater intensity of hatred the Left and the Deep State had on President Trump for beating them in the draw every time Trump is challenged to some kind of political shootouts, O.K. Corral style. Trump’s mental acuity is sharper, more accurate and quicker in the draw that the Left shooters challenging him needed a caretaker on their side ready to pick up their dead bodies before the shootout begins. They couldn’t win, and they usually end up dead, so to speak.

Anything positive the public see or read in the social media about the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris is bogus, a fraud, not true or just a sham, because on records, Harris is exactly the opposite of what the Media “camarillas” are spinning over to cover her up, i.e., that she is a pragmatic moderate. The truth is, she is one of the most radical socialist revolutionaries that in comparison have no rivals except one of the Left’s most ubiquitous extreme activists Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her notorious Squad in Congress.

For example, in the Senate, Sen. Kamala Harris was co-sponsor of Ocasio-Cortez’ most radical Left’s original Marxist-Socialist Green New Deal resolution offered by U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA). It aims among others, “to bring U.S. greenhouse gas emissions down to net-zero and meet 100% of power demand in the country through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources by 2030.”

This extremely leftish radical plan that would change the face of the nation and alter the American way of life was criticized as “an impossible dream” and badly labelled as a “dream of all dreams”.

In Congress, cynical opponents of the Green New Deal considered “the deal” as a bad joke. This is published and aired in Fox News on February 7, 2019. Strong opponents claim that the Green New Deal would “permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military”. It was also alleged that Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal aims to make air travel obsolete, and also bad because it gives aid and free resources to those unwilling to work. denied that this report was true.

However, reading other reports like The Facts on the Green New Deal, a well-written editorial published by Jessica McDonald on February 15, 2019, the reported conclusion that when implemented the Green New Deal would “permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military”, which also appeared in Fox News on February 7, 2019, was undeniably true.

Of course the document does not state this conclusion, but when implemented – and by the way the odds are zero to none or zero to minus zero that it will be or it can be implemented, or the Plan if proposed will even be approved by Congress – it would definitely “eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military, permanently” as previously published.

Proofs of public disapproval of Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate are as follows: That she has always been a transparently fork-tongue politician and today she is described as a double-talk politician wanting to become Vice President of United States. This harsh criticism is bannered in national newspapers, aired in television talk shows and plugged-in nationwide broadcast or radio networks in both the dark side and bright side of the talking Media.

One of the most vicious attacks against Kamala Harris is about her double personality. During the First 2019 Democratic Debate, one of her other personality attacked Joe Biden on stage — then her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination — as a racist.

The other Kamala Harris personality praised Joe Biden as a unifier of different races. I discussed details of this double personality syndrome in Part I recently run by NWS.

Based on what we already knew during the 2019 Democratic presidential debate, the Liberal American public rejected Harris’ ambition to run for President. She was considered not fit to run for that office after showing less than 2% of Americans who were supposed to support her ambition. Zero from Conservative Republicans, and Less than 2 out of 10 Democrat-Liberals think she qualifies to run for President.

Some security buffs are suggesting – and I think it is funny when it is intended as a joke – that when Biden is elected President, again God forbids (!), he should sleep with one eye closed and the other open, if he is sharing his presidential power with an ambitious woman like Kamala Harris. Add to this “be-careful-advice” the fact that to be successful in life, Harris had encouraged women to be ambitious. Meaning whatever she does to Biden – grab power from a weak and inutile President Biden — is justifiable because she is proud to announce that she is a woman with ambition. To her a woman without ambition seems second rate or a woman who stagnates and cannot move forward in life.

But the alarming backlash to this disturbing possibility of conflict of interest within a person is that as Vice President-Elect, and once again God forbids (!), Harris would be viewed as too ambitious for President Biden to trust, and she is just but a heartbeat away from the presidency. The sparkle of glow and glee in Kamala Harris’ eyes when she is interviewed while campaigning for Biden to become President show that she can hardly wait to sit at the Oval Office as President. That is my take and info-offering at this point in time, in the altar of public opinion about Kamala Harris whom Americans are about to decide to reject or elect Vice President of United States.

Now that Kamala Harris has this great opportunity to get elected Vice President and finally as planned her perilous journey on the long road to power that could finally end up at the White House as the first black woman President of United States, negative attributes, justified or merely contrived, will continue to burn the wire. If by any freak accident Kamala Harris becomes President, she would be described as a mean-spirited and vengeful President. As President she had reportedly vowed vengeance on Trump and his millions of followers once the Left captured the White House.

The following Harris’ planned retributions were published at It also “appeared on dozens of Facebook pages” and read by millions.

This ominous, dark and frightening Harris retributions targeting supporters of the President after Trump leaves office, runs as follows: In a June 18 speech, quoted was what was said about Trump and his supporters: “And once he’s gone (Trump) and we have regained our rightful place in the White House, look out if you supported him (President Trump) and endorsed his actions, because we’ll be coming for you next. You will feel the vengeance of a nation. No stone will be left unturned as we seek you out in every corner of this great nation. For it is you who have betrayed us.”

Then after it was read by millions and angry Trump supporters responded with their own swear words against Harris and the Biden campaign, issued a retraction. It was first explained that is only a satirical website. Then it was declared that the reported post at was fake – a joke. It was meant to entertain only. Result: The public was confused what to believe.

But what was undisputed is the fact that the final scrutiny of Kamala Harris’ Attorney-General background as a prosecuting attorney was a litany of a never-ending amateurish mediocrity. As AG, she was compared to Associate Deputy Attorney-General Rudy Giuliani. But unlike Giuliani, she never prosecuted any criminal or indictable bigwigs or catch any big fish with intimidating powers like what former prosecutor Rudy Giuliani did, that could fight back and defeat her because she was not a smart prosecutor. Her record was reportedly mediocre, unimpressive, and to a certain point, dismal due to the following reasons:

1. According to former Associate Deputy Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Harris shied away from going after big criminals under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law otherwise known as RICO or racketeering law, for fear of retribution when she loses to any of those powerful criminal organizations. Giuliani described Harris as a “horrible prosecutor”. He compared Harris’ entire record to his record as US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. That exemplary record states that “Giuliani spearheaded the effort to jail drug dealers, fight organized crime, break the web of corruption in government, and prosecute white-collar criminals. Few US Attorneys in history can match his record of 4,152 big convictions with only 25 reversals.”

2. Kamala Harris just focused on petty criminals she could safely prosecute and even reportedly bully, like prosecuting suspects in simple marijuana cases. Harris had reportedly “put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations” then laughed about it when asked if she ever tried marijuana or drugs. She answered affirmatively then hysterically laughed about her experience. Hawaii Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard attacked Harris, “in reference to an interview Harris did with New York’s Breakfast Club morning radio program in February 2019, in which interview Harris admitted smoking marijuana. Sen. Kamala Harris’s Jamaican father has vigorously disavowed his daughter’s comments regarding marijuana, accusing her of fraudulently stereotyping Jamaicans and pursuing identity politics.” That was an unexpected blow on Kamala Harris coming from nowhere.

3. In defense of Harris’ published record regardless if it is true or not, I am citing the Washington Free Beacon report that says “in California at least 127,000 blacks and Hispanics criminals were sent to prison when she was Attorney-General for 6 years before becoming a U.S. Senator, including her previous records as San Francisco’s district attorney.” She did not prosecute all these cases. Those cases were reportedly “prosecuted by state attorneys who were reporting to her”, Free Beacon pointed out.

However, this seemingly impressive records were marred with wrongful prosecutions and corruption. We have this case on record of a 29-year-old Jamal Trulove who was framed by the police and was convicted for the murder of the 29-year-old Seu Kuka based on the testimony of a lone witness, when Harris was San Francisco’s district attorney.

Here is the summary of the dispositive portion of this report of Kamala Harris’ prosecutorial incompetence and corruption: “After Trulove was sentenced to 50 years in prison, Harris praised the brave eyewitness for the conviction — but failed to mention that this woman witness had been paid over $60,000 by the prosecution and given new housing under the witness protection program. An appeals court later overturned the verdict (against the accused) after finding that prosecutors, working under Harris at the district attorney’s office, misrepresented the witness to the jury. In March, Trulove was awarded a $13 million settlement from the city due to allegations of police misconduct, including manipulating the witness and fabricating evidence.” If Harris denies this published report, then she is suffering a terrible amnesia.

During the last month of the Democratic debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard “slammed Harris for blocking a DNA testing that could have exonerated death row inmate Kevin Cooper while she was district attorney of San Francisco.”

Cooper’s attorneys were relying on and fighting for DNA evidence that would exonerate their client. Kamala Harris denied this critical DNA request. When this anomaly was publicized and exposed in New York Times, “Harris backtracked and told the paper that she felt awful about it and now supports the DNA testing, but did not explain what prompted her change of heart.”

Records show that she did not really have a change of heart, just a change of strategy to cover up the mess she created. No, she was not benevolent at all in granting the request for DNA evidence. Obviously, she was mean and was caught bullying a fraudulently convicted innocent criminal.

Trapped between the Left’s celebrated radical extremists Obama at one end and Harris at the other end of the rope that tied them together, Biden is indeed a hostage candidate for President. Either way, to elect Biden President is to the nation, a terminal losing proposition.

For, losing the country to Biden and the Socialist-Marxist radical Left is losing the American way of life too.

And that is too high a price to pay.

Generally, by their nature, Americans are fair-minded. They do not only love their country to death – meaning they will not only go to war anytime for their country — but they also adore and proud of their American way of life that they are ready to protect it with their own life when threatened.

As a repeat of 2016, the Media mob, and this time not the defeated Democrat-Liberals of the Clinton notoriety four years ago but the challenging 2020 radical Left of Socialism-Marxism, their fake news, fake polls and Deep State accomplices will lose not necessarily to President Trump but to the American people who will not allow the invasion and destruction of their American life to succeed and prevail. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS September 7, 2020.

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