Part I: B. Hussein Obama & Kamala Harris Hold Joe Biden Hostage

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

Job Biden’s presidential candidacy is caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. At one end is Barack Obama, and at the other, Kamala Harris.

“Sleep Joe’s” (Hiden) political campaign is decided between them and their supporters as to how far they can go to Bernie Sanders’ socialist Left, and to the Squad’s farthest extreme Left. This dichotomy of extreme support to the Biden campaign can easily be demonstrated, given the ultimate of objective to take over the power once Biden is elected President.

Between these two handclasps that squeezed Joe Biden in between, the Democratic presidential candidate is going through a terrible wringer. It is too tight for Biden to say anything on his own accord. These two controlling factions that hold Biden’s campaign hostage, do not trust Biden on what he would say in public, and that makes Biden more nervous, and as what we saw lately, the pressure makes him stutter and fumble even more.

It is now difficult for (Hiden) Biden to hide much longer in his underground basement where he barricaded himself, virtually hiding from the outside world and just let the Media mob do the battle to defeat President Trump. Confused, Biden could barely say that he is going to debate President Trump. Asked if he will go one-on-one in public against President Trump, with a visibly worried face Biden said he would debate with Trump. He said it with a voice that was hardly audible. His worried face seemed waiting and begging for someone to say anything for him and rescue him from this coming horrific event he could not escape.

And was there anyone who came to Biden’s rescue? Yes, there was – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and right on time. Pelosi announced that Biden should not debate Trump, short of saying that if he debates Trump, he is going to be eaten alive.

But Pelosi has always a slippery excuse to cover up Biden’s weakness and fear of facing Trump in a public debate. Recall that a frightened Biden was once a running prey to that Safari game of Democratic predators during the last 2019 primary debate and in that political Jurassic Park of fighting carnivorous, so to speak, Kamala Harris, now his running mate, was one of those predators who took a big bite of Biden. Up to now Biden’s wound had not healed, out of that big bite Kamala Harris did on Biden’s back. In the campaign trail, Biden is a severely wounded candidate for president. Ironically, the enemy that inflicted that wound on Biden is now his running mate for Vice-President Kamala Harris.

By covering up for Biden, obviously Pelosi foolishly thinks that the American public is that stupid anyway to believe whatever she says. On this public debate issue, Pelosi boldly proclaimed that Biden is a better person than Trump, and it is not necessary for Biden to face Trump in a debate because in her feverish hate-Trump mind she said this “lowly” President of United States is not worth Biden’s time. You may not just rely on what I say. Anyone can easily fact-check what I am saying. It is all over the place.

Of course Pelosi’s public statement to save Biden shocked me as probably millions of Americans were also shocked like me, not because of what she said against President Trump (that is “normal” to Pelosi) but I was badly shaken with this shocking realization of how bad the mental health of the Speaker had deteriorated over the years.

Which brings back to mind something similarly disgusting, traumatic, and sickening. Remember Rep. Adam Schiff’s severe delusional one-man-show in the House of Representatives during President Trump’s impeachment spectacle where Schiff created a dream scenario against President Trump to entertain the American public with his own written script too far removed from reality? The Congressman was talking crazy to himself. But when caught lying, Schiff just smiled. Excuse – it was only a scripted “parody”.

The trauma the American public suffered for what Schiff did was to the Congressman’s mental state which was clearly going downhill, only an entertainment. A Trump supporter reached out to me with a recommendation that to save the country Schiff should see a doctor immediately.

I agreed to that critical medical recommendation also in Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s case. Like Schiff, Pelosi too should make an appointment with the best psychiatrist in town for her own good, and for the good of this country. I stand by this recommendation, with an honest declaration that the suggestion is neither politically motivated nor cynically recommended out of spite.

For, we have to take note of the fact that Pelosi, Schiff and their kind are public officials we elected to office and paid for by our hard-earned tax money. We have this public interest on the state of their mental health. If in their daily attack on Trump they are vetting the President’s mental health to kick in their long-awaited 25th Amendment right to remove him from office, why should the American public not do the same to them to safeguard our public interest of which every American has a stake on it? In safeguarding our public interest or the interest of the commonweal for the good of the country, we should neutralize the height of this hypocrisy and get rid of it which in our wistful tolerance has stayed with us and destroying us for so long, giving this surreal impression that by tolerating it we like to punish ourselves. We should do the same with regards to how the American public should deal with President Obama’s dark legacy.

Records show that as the first black American President of United States, Obama had destroyed the country through racial division and hostility, a destruction which President Trump is currently repairing and rebuilding to make the broken nation not only whole again but also great again, precisely what the American public wanted him to do.

Rebuilding the broken nation Obama left behind was already an Herculean task for President Trump to undertake and care for. To President Trump, mending the broken system, healing the ailing economy and out of it recreated an unprecedented economic growth with the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded in U.S. history was to say the least, phenomenal. Given the pandemic that wrought havoc across the land, violence, anarchy and racial turmoil in the street with civil society at a breaking point while the dark forces continue to attack President Trump 24/7 without let up – and notwithstanding all these — what this President is doing to save and protect this racially divided nation is incomparable which no President has ever done since the Great American Civil War of 1861-1865 when President Abraham Lincoln saved the Union.

In the midst of this extraordinary out-of-this-world challenges President Trump has to face and survive, so far how is Trump faring in his daily task of managing this troubled nation?

This is the simple question that hangs in the minds of ordinary Americans who in about two months from now are going to cast their votes, which will determine what this greatest nation on the planet is going to be – to change and perish on its name the world had ever known which means elect the leftish-socialist agenda of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden — or to carry on, fulfill its destiny and bring its glory to a new height, which means reelect President Trump to a second term in office. I repeat that it is really that simple, and yet the result of this choice is alarmingly profound, overwhelmingly pervasive and deeply life-changing. To top it all, the result of this November 3, 2020 election will impact on the American way of life and change the world.

For me, what is about to take place is a once-in-a-lifetime story to write about. It is writing about my American life story – your American life story too – a story of a nation whose greatness had reached out beyond its border, over-reaching the frontiers of time and space, a story of freedom which over the years has so long endured. My book Leading A Divided Nation and President Trump currently at, tells it all. Read it and know what is foretold, and what is yet to come.

After serving his 8-year term in office, Obama had widened the great racial divide pitting colored American minorities against the white majority, and the nation descending into turmoil and chaos. Radicals like Black Lives Matter, anarchists, and other violent protesters, i.e., ANTIFA, thugs, rioters, arsonists, and murderers, were in control of the streets. The dark forces which Americans may either elect to power or prevent from taking over the power, come November 3, 2020, will once again restate the destiny of this greatest nation on the planet.

Kamala Harris is a Stealthy Opportunist with a Fork-Tongue, a Politician with a “Split” Personality – A Red Flag To The Nation

Background check reveals that Kamala Harris is a leftish-socialist politicians that cannot be trusted because she can either be a dye-in-the-wool chancer, or a stealthy opportunist.

The kindest definition I could choose from the book to describe Kamala Harris as an authentic or incontrovertible opportunist is “a slick, shady, amoral” person “who has only one desire: to get through life without a day of labor”.

But even with this most civil and cordial attribution accorded to Kamala Harris as a matter of courtesy, still it is hard to put the electorates’ trust into this kind of politician who is running for the second highest office of the land come November 3, 2020. What is disturbing is that in her website she claims to be Afro-American. To excite black voters to join her campaign, Kamala Harris calls herself a “black American” with African heritage connected to black slavery.

It surprised me to know that she is not any of those she claims herself to be. Her mother originally came from India, and her father is Jamaican. Her origin has no connection to blacks from Africa who were bought, hunted, captured, and forcibly brought to this country as slaves against their will. It is a long story that breaks the heart of humanity.

My other surprise finding was that nobody I know – or maybe there are out there that escaped my notice — is calling out Kamala Harris for “stealing” the political identity of millions of genuine black Americans, and appropriated it to herself, for political expediency. And according to the book — probably you too must have read it — that is really “slick, shady” and well, definitely “amoral”.

Which actually gave Kamala Harris a “free pass” in the campaign trail to clandestinely and surreptitiously “champion” the cause of black Americans and to speak for Afro-American issues as a usurper of racial identity.

Perhaps the most “shameless” usurpation of Afro-American identity politics is when Kamala Harris considered herself as the “voice” of all blacks and for all Black Lives Matter marching down the street demanding “reparation” for the suffering of black slaves in this country more than 400 years ago.

The shocking irony behind this fraudulent demand to compensate a racial suffering that occurred almost half a century ago, had become criminally absurd when after fact-checking Kamala Harris’ original family background, it turned out that her ancestors had never been identified as slaves but on the contrary were in fact slave owners. This proves that definitely Kamala Harris is not what she claims she is.

And yet, like most of Black Lives Matter marching down the street, Kamala Harris represents that she too is a descendant of the nation’s victims of black slavery.

I have no issue with clever and smart operatives lording it out in the political campaign trail (that’s their excuse for being), in fact I do admire them for their adroitness and acuity. However, for Kamala Harris to appropriate the African American culture to herself in her desperate campaign for votes that are hard to come, really amazed me as extremely unethical and wickedly manipulative. I do not only feel sorry for my intellectual black friends in graduate school, but also have this fear of the possibility that this country could have a Vice-President as deviously impious, dissolute, and debauched as this leftish candidate turned herself out to be as somebody’s face that she is not.

Kamala Harris is also known as a fork-tongue vice presidential candidate that cannot be trusted. She earned this negative compliment as a suspect of a double or split personality.

As I mentioned earlier, it is public knowledge that during the First 2019 Democratic Debate she attacked Joe Biden on stage — then her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination — as a racist. The Liberal American public rejected Harris’ ambition to run for President. She was considered not fit to run for that office after showing less than 2% of Americans supporting her campaign. But in that debate, Kamala Harris looked down at Joe Biden as a gutter politician because of his racism that divides the nation.

In that debate, to Kamala Harris Joe Biden did not deserve to run for President because in politics she thinks Biden was far removed from her “American ideals”. That was how her first personality — Kamala Harris 1 – looks at Joe Biden.

The other split person of Kamala Harris is Kamala Harris 2, which is a totally different personality. Kamala Harris 2 now praises the same “gutter” politician Joe Biden in high heavens after “sleepy Joe” picked her as his running mate. She ignored impropriety. Maybe she is just too excited and thankful to Joe Biden for picking her as his running mate, at the same time it confirmed her critics’ allegation that what she was doing was pure opportunism. Clearly it shows that her American ideals are that easily negotiable.

Considering that Kamala Harris owes that much to Biden for choosing her as his running mate, she is now proudly announcing to the whole world that in her own abundant and lavish words, and I quote her overflowing praise for Joe Biden: “Joe Biden can unify the American people because he’s spent his life fighting for us. And as President, he will build an America that lives up to our ideals. I’m honored to join him as our party’s nominee for Vice President, and do what it takes to make him our Commander-in-Chief.” This is now the other personality, Kamala Harris 2, who is saying that as President, Joe Biden is going “to build an America that lives to our ideals”.

What happened to racist Joe Biden who divides the nation?

Well, noboy knows except Kamala Harris. I am not a psychiatrist to know that either. Inside Kamala Harris’ mind are two contending personalities engaged in an internal drama of conflict.

Kamala Harris 1 says Joe Biden is a racial segregationist, or at least worked with segregationists to divide America. Segregationist is another word for racist. But Harris 2 of the same Harris person, disagrees. Joe Biden is a “unifier” of the racially divided Americans. According to Harris 2 Joe Biden can unify – not anymore divide – America.

By the way, Kamala Harris 1 also despised the Joe Biden who touches women inappropriately, throwing her undivided attention and support behind the charges filed against the former Vice President by those disrespected and abused women that as Attorney General of California Harris claimed to be fighting for.

But in contradiction to that moral advocacy to champion the Me-Too Movement of abused women across the country, Kamala Harris 2 vowed that “as the party’s nominee for Vice President”, the same Joe Biden she denigrated as morally unfit to become President should now be understood as morally fit to become President and that she “will do all what it takes to make Joe Biden the nation’s Commander-In-Chief”.

Because of these extraordinary and unique disagreeing and disagreeable dual personalities of Kamala Harris within herself — alarmingly a candidate running for Vice President of United States — I heard some interesting suggestions aired in public – and I know that if I heard it you must have heard it too – for the Democratic Party to open a one-person public debate between Kamala Harris 1 and Kamala Harris 2. It will help American electorates choose which of the two deserving candidates in one person to vote in the November election.

Right now, it is a mess. It confuses and insults the intelligence of the American people. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS August 31, 2020

(Part II – Know who Kamala Harris really is that the public should know. You might be casting your vote on this Vice-Presidential candidate who claims she is, when she is not.)

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