Part 9 of 15:Overpopulation In America ‹ Plastic Onslaught In An Ocean Of Grief

by Frosty Wooldridge –

Plastics will prove the worst, most insidious invention of humanity. Plastics kill everything and anything in their path on all four corners of the planet. Plastics kill without violence, without warning and without provocation. Plastics float, sink and never break down. Of all of humanity¹s folly on this green planet, plastics take the trophy for man¹s inhumanity to all other life on Earth.

Part 9 of this series cannot help but sicken your sense of humanity¹s moral and ethical decay on this planet. Not to mention its outright denial of reality. This plastic onslaught stands alone as the worst invasion ever perpetrated on all other creatures on Earth. While I respond to many religiously righteous people and many people who think they know what they talk about‹I am chagrined at the arrogance of those who defend unlimited human growth in the face of our accelerating carnage, slaughter and butchery of the natural world around the planet.

Marco Torres, March 26, 2013, wrote in :

³Overpopulation is a radical and dangerous myth promoted by elite and international societies. The unproven notion, as Malthus believed, that higher wages and welfare should be withheld from the great unwashed because he believed that these two factors would allow the poor to survive and exponentially breed, thus compounding the overpopulation problem.

³Overpopulation is a misnomer. A problem that exists only in dramatically erroneous theories that are not mathematically based. It is simply one of the most flawed concepts right up there with global warming. The theories are based on myths, not science or accurate statistical correlations or causation principles.²

In reality, Malthus said, ³³The power of population is so superior to the power of earth to produce subsistence to humanity that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.²

Those of us that possess greater understanding can only shake our heads at the insanity of humanity¹s folly. To take Malthus several steps further into the accelerating nightmare of overpopulation on this planet‹let us address the 80,000 human made chemicals our species injects into the land, air and water 24/7. How does Torres speak to that nasty reality? Answer: he ignores it. How about the most insidious aspect of humanity¹s inventions‹plastics? Torres ducks out along with all pro-growth advocates. They never deal with the undercurrent of human devastation on this planet.

(Trillions of pieces of plastic float or sink in all the oceans of the world. Those pieces of plastic may be the size of a pin head (nurdles) or the length of a football field as in drift nets. They kill when eaten or they kill when fed to youngsters. They kill with no mercy and they kill 24/7. The invention of plastics will prove humanity¹s greatest curse upon the natural world.) Photography by Greenpeace

This Part 9 of the series may sicken you even more than usual. The 10 minute video below illustrates the deadly reach of humanity as its plastics attack the bird life on Midway Island, seemingly so far away from human encroachment, that such an onslaught of human-made rubbish couldn¹t reach it. But it does, and the avian and marine life suffer excruciating deaths from having their guts loaded with every form of plastic tossed out into the oceans without any responsibility whatsoever.

Now that you¹ve seen this sickening video of our disregard of the natural world, how do we account for ourselves as a species? How do we change this ugly, nasty and deadly assault on Mother Nature?

You saw the lethal plastics invading the guts of the birds, but what about below the ocean waters? Let me tell you with my 50 years of scuba diving around the planet, it¹s even more deadly. We kill off 100 million sharks annually for the past 25 years‹documented by Julia Whitty in OneEarth Magazine. The carnage below the water equals anything and more above the water.

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