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United Kingdom,






Canada and elsewhere—you cannot wonder who dreamed up the concept of ‘multiculturalism’. Did they take into account human nature? Anthropological realities? Different tribes? Antagonistic cultures?

Immigrant citizens now bomb subways in

England, trains in

Spain, riots in

Sweden and create growing slums in


Given enough time, every human tribe attempts to become dominant. By sheer numbers, cultures work toward power. Notice that major religions like Catholics attempt to become dominant. You may observe Mormons sending their kids out across the world for two years to add more numbers. Muslims invaded

Europe centuries ago, but suffered defeat. Today,

Libya’s Kaddafi said, “Allah smiles upon us in that we do not need to bomb or conquer

Europe. Islam will become the dominant culture by mid century by peaceful immigration.”

Sweden, called the most successful society on this planet, recently suffered horrific clashes from its growing Muslim population that hates Jews. Instead of enjoying a tennis match with

Israel in


Sweden, Swedish-Muslims firebombed and threatened to kill the Jews. You may see the results of multiculturalism:

If not for those Muslim immigrants, the tennis matched would have been enjoyed by all Swedes! With 70 percent unemployment among Muslims, crime exploded, rapes tripled–but the local Islam imam said, “The best Islamic state in the world is


If you look into British society, you find two distinct and separate sections of once peaceful

England. Muslims don’t like the British and the British tolerate the Muslims.

The same separation occurs in

France. A French reader, Brigitte, said. “I believe the unfettered immigration into the

USA is but one aspect of the "divide and conquer" rule of imperialism. As long as immigrants from all over the world are permitted to remain in the

US, the "living space" (Lebensraum of the Nazis) they occupy–is denied English-speaking

U.S. citizens.

“The multiculturalism that is being promoted creates resentment in the Anglo-Americans, which they dare not voice because it's not politically correct to do so. It exists nevertheless and is building pressure and could one day find expression in brutality, perhaps mass slaughter, towards all aliens.

“Meanwhile the Puerto Rican Day parade is only one of a great number, each country having its own day and parade to display nationalistic and cultural pride in their country of origin and woe to whoever grumbles.

“This two-part policy is effective in feeding resentment on the part of the Anglo-Americans, contempt for the Anglos on the part of the immigrants, and thus the success in keeping all people of different origins estranged from one another is achieved.

“As long as Anglo-Americans are kept down by the multicultural ideology, they will not find common ground with the aliens, or alien-looking people. So the unity that would give strength to the people (united we stand) will never happen and imperialism will flourish. Here in

France it's just the same.”

My Mexican antagonist, Subcommandante Pedro read my latest column. He responded:



Colorado, where I formerly taught school-rich, white, liberal mothers, driving $50,000 SUVs, sported bumper stickers that read, "Celebrate Diversity". However, they drove their kids to all white schools away from legal immigrant enclaves that overwhelmed area schools."

Stupid, racist, lazy white cows!It is because of idiots like this that La Raza will emerge victorious. These are the dumbasses that voted our beloved Obama in on a landslide. Don't worry Mr.

Frosty, when the time comes these will be the first to go. They'll probably still be talking about the "joys of tolerance"as the guillotine drops. Dumb stupid honkeys! God Bless America LMFMAO (Second "M" stands for "Mexican")!” Cordially, SubComandante Pedro, MeCHA Brown Berets Infiltration Brigades, LA, Alta CA, Aztlan

Another reader said, “In my view until we speak from our historical voice as the founding Nation of this country we do not have the standing that is necessary to even be listened to let alone have any power and influence. Especially concerning the all important policy of immigration! We are now the only community that has no name and no standing in the current environment of radical transformation of the

U.S.! We are under a savage assault in every sector that determines a peoples’ identity and past! It is led by our own institutions and leaders. The ideology and game plan is one crafted by these transnational ethnic/religious elites.

“Now we have the parent of our Democratic Republic,

England, trying to stamp out the capacity of the native English to defend their country, civilization, identity, and past against the assault meant to destroy all of these Nation building and preservation dynamics and values!”

This reader wrote, “Your efforts and the knowledge you give to people is very appreciated. There arenot many honest men as you left anymore it seems–not on the subject of the illegals–since the profits are so vast and so enticing.

“I am a student at one of the biggest illegals running factories probably in the nation. Theschool is Metropolitan State College of Denver. I have been sworn at in online classes, and insulted. The professors are so in the agenda of the college that they allow even profane comments to be made to students who say anything even remotely against their agenda for the illegals. If you are a Caucasian–you better be prepared to denounce your ethnicity in order to survive at Metro and get that precious little degree.

“Everyone who is 'White" at Metro is terrorized–they are all frightened to be put out of the college if they don't say what is demanded. You know, how the "Whites' have caused untold suffering to minorities since the beginning of time–and now we must understand and accept our new incoming people–the onslaught of the illegals for the profiteering, looters and robber capitalists.

“Metro's clumsy president, Stephen Jordan is allowing me to be attacked by other students and the professors in each of my classes– for several semesters now–that it is more and more looking like that they have an axe to grind with me! Essentially I am being discriminated against over my race–and their preference in folks of another race–and those others are, of course, the illegals.

“It is absolutely a take-over with this college undermining our nation–my people, my culture and my countrymen.

“Title IV Federal financial aid, specifically prohibits racial discrimination in order for a college or university to participate in Title IV programs. The CFR's are specific on that–but the U.S. Department of Education doesn't care about Federal Regulations–because actually, in fact ED is just as much involved in the illegals business as the college!

“Offices of civil rights in education, only deal with minorities complaints— never Caucasiancomplaints.What a horrific mess–to be terrorized over this and have my degree on the line!”

A reader in

Canada said, “We have booths for different cultures up here in

Montreal at our fairs. But, very few visit the Canadian booth. One immigrant said, “

Canada is not a country any more. We are all immigrants to this multicultural society.””

If mass immigration continues adding 200,000 more people from disparate cultures from around the world into the

USA monthly and well over 2.4 million annually—they will displace our national language, our culture and our way of life.


United States speeds toward becoming a dysfunctional, unstable and hopelessly multicultural civilization. The metaphor of the

Tower of

Babel explains our plight.

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