Part 3: “Dirtiest Bomb” Yet To Explode

When the “dirtiest bomb” yet to explode blasts this nation with a blinding light, America would no longer be what it used to be. The country is recreated and survivors live in a gay and Godless society.

The radiation of cultural change starts with the alteration of our society’s DNA – the mutation of family through the hideous cloning of our institution of marriage. edwin a. sumcad/05/08/08.


Notice first that what you are reading now is the final sequel of Part 1: Bleeding The Institution Of Marriage To Death and Part 2: The Price Of Being Politically Correct Is A “Dirty Bomb” seen in NWS headlines.

Detonating this “dirtiest bomb” ever in America is much easier to do, than what the murderous terrorists believed they are tasked to do [supra to this running editorial expose’ — Parts 1 & 2]. All the radical Left has to do is alter our society’s DNA, and presto! … the enemy of the state gets the most heinous change they want for a recreated America – a society that is gay not in a God blessed but in a Godless America.

I normally review the files of State of the Union Address delivered by presidents as point of reference. All of them conclude with “God bless America…!” Talking about mutation, this will become “Hail, Godless America …!”

Our politically infested judiciary had already started America’s makeover to become culture-wise, the ugliest Godless America in the Western Hemisphere. It took away God from the classroom. In school, children are reprimanded or threatened expulsion if they invoke Christ or fight for their belief in Christ, sing religious songs, quote the Bible in class, or even think let alone argue that there is God.

The Lord’s Prayers sacred to our Christian belief, and the “In God We Trust” motif of our Judeo-Christian faith, are forbidden in public funded functionaries, as violations of the freedom of religion. Through the court of law, atheists dictate their Godlessness over the will of the religious majority.

The magistrates of the high court had decreed that gays and homosexuals are free to marry each other. The U.S. Supreme Court had legalized sodomy and similar deviant sexual behaviors as a matter of privacy right. States are warned not to infringe this gay and homosexual right to privacy.

Our society has been altered by changing the institution of marriage that creates a family – the foundation of our democratic society.

By bastardizing the institution of marriage and creating a new generation of agnostics whose gospel is preached by an army of anti-Christ doctrinaires that comb the countryside for converts, as well as our radically liberal justice system legalizing sodomy and the practice of other deviant sexual behaviors that open the gate to legal molestation of minors as a matter of homosexual right, we are sentenced to live in a gay society of Godless America – one of the Left’s socialist dreams in America and the world over.

The problems we are going to face under this new societal configuration are enormous. Extreme leftist ideologues are normally by their very nature, poorly doctrinal and to say the least, philosophically blinkered. Their vision is bile-pigmented and prone to disengage reality, thus cynically insular. They argue in public with a sonar hindsight of a winged beast that flies from the dark of the cave of ignorance to the open light of knowledge, hence totally blind as the proverbial bat.

For example, the argument presented by the left-leaning editorial staff of a notorious liberal online network that gay couples raise children through adoption as good as normal parents do if not better, is not entirely true. This very rare exception is probably even thinner than a tiny drop of saliva in the bucket. For the Left to spread this falsehood is a cheap-shot in the dark. Studies show that more than 60 % of normal children raised by gay couples turned out to be either gay or sexual deviant. This is a strong proof supporting the impeccable conclusion of a self-initiated research and study that radical socialism does not only intend to create a Godless society but also a gay society in America.

When homosexuals marry, the children they raised are harmed. This disturbing revelation comes from the results of studies conducted by the Family Research Institute that alarmed the nation. FRI chairman Paul Cameron reported that “[H]omosexuals are much more apt to molest foster and adoptive children …” especially those under their charge.

Cameron announced that “the first empirical study of this issue had been published.” It showed “homosexual foster parents were much more apt to get sexually involved with their charges.”

The disclosure of this behavioral anomaly based on scientific study is worse than discovering a terrorist’s “dirty bomb” because this sexual abnormality does not only destroy and kill like all “dirty bombs” do but also at the same time breaks up American values, wrecks the traditional concept of marriage and family, and finally obliterates America that we used to know.

Terrorists’ plots to destroy and kill are much easier to discover and prevent than to discover and expose the child molesters’ sexual perversion that hides behind the pall of legal adoption. Getting the elbow this way indicts a system that has been legally designed for the comfort of child molesters let alone the protection of sex predators who wantonly destroy life, an aberration which we as a permissive society, in our much publicized but actually worthless vigilance, is in fact embarrassingly caught napping.

Studies further revealed that “[W]hile it is likely not even as many as 3 percent of foster-parents are homosexual, homosexuals were responsible for 34 percent and 60 percent of the molestations [shown] in the datasets.”

Child molestation should be addressed “within the context of sexual mores …” as well as “reassessment of ‘the values underpinning society’ ” Pope Benedict XVI decried in a speech during his U.S. visit recently. The radical Left that promotes lesbianism and homosexuality is changing those values not only to fit their sexual orientation but also to propagate an abnormal sexual behavior such as the practice of sodomy which the U.S. Supreme Court has recently legalized [supra].

Splinters of the broken truth about gay parenthood and pandemic homosexuality as well as today’s growing number of child predators, can no longer be swept under the rug: The country braces for the scourge of pedophilia and other forms of child molestations.

The most hideous form of predatory violations of children [sexual abuses] occurs in a mutant “family” formed by same sex marriages as those mentioned studies pointed out. Adopted children growing up in the homes of marrying lesbians and homosexuals that posed as “parents” for societal approval, usually turn into sexual deviants themselves. The sexuality they grow up with is “unhealthy”, and their perception of marriage and marital relationship is pretty much screwed up. The Pope condemned this sexual deflowering of our youth that turned them into what they are not supposed to be.

"Children deserve to grow up with a healthy understanding of sexuality and its proper place in human relationships. They should be spared the degrading manifestations and the crude manipulation of sexuality so prevalent today…" the Pope at The Pope’s concerns were particularly directed to sexual abuses in the clergy that alarmed Vatican.

The lighter side of this shocking disclosure is simply anecdotal.

A gay marriage which lesbians and homosexuals consider a contract for purposes of spousal rights to communal property or in taxation for purposes of claiming tax credit for every adopted child raised, are delusional, and their celebration of marriage in public is fictional. It is even hilarious at some point.

In a mass marriage civil ceremony of same sexes in California [supra in Part 1], Ms. Flirt said “I do” to Ms. Sexy, and Mr. Flak said “I do” to Mr. Raccoon [fictitious names], and the marriage-administering authority ended the nuptial rite with “I now pronounce you Man and Wife”.

Which one is “Man” or “Wife” is of course delusional. Anyone who writes down this anecdote and recites the script before an audience could win the television award on the Comic Last Standing.

And to the marrying studs, and to the marrying tomboys, priests, ministers of faith and some persons of authority wearing a ceremonial robe usually conclude the marriage ceremony by addressing the couple with “You may now kiss the bride [? *!]”

Where is the bride? If there is, which one is it?

What purports to be the bride or the groom in this ceremonial farce, is an illusion … a joke that leaves a funny taste in the mouth.

As usual, the liberal argument that explains why same-sex marriages should be encouraged is that the kind of love that binds gays and homosexuals in a holy matrimony till death do they part, is eternal – a celebration of that kind of love that is beyond the understanding of our time, so it is claimed. It is therefore proudly argued in public that their union is profoundly sublime, which means that it is not just about sex.

This sounds fake to me … fictional at least if not a learning disability. From the day we were born, we learned that anyone’s love for grandma and grandpa, Mom, Dad, blood brothers and sisters, is not about sex but about love that is divinely spiritual. Yet the reason why they do not marry each other is obvious. Our advance civilization and social mores that translate into civil and moral laws inhibit us from marrying our immediate blood relations in the direct line of consanguinity.

We do not anymore live in the cave like we did before when dinosaurs once roamed the earth, where we “marry” any man or woman who sleeps by our side the whole night till dawn just before the hunt begins.

To anyone who studies and reads more literatures the likes of Don Quixote and the windmill written by fictionists, the hard realities of life become more easily understandable in real life. In the real world, the contrast between what is real and what is not becomes sharper to see and separate with almost unmistakable certainty.

Today we see fabled marriages through the eyes of fictionists, in caricatures but only for laughs. For instance, a lampoon satire acted on stage where a son wearing skirt in disguise, married his Dad who missed his dead wife terribly. When Dad kissed his bride and found out it was his son, uncontrollable laughter broke out from the audience that brought down the house.

Ritualistic marriages between cartoon characters portrayed as good and bad models in life are some of the Halloween bedtime stories told and retold to youngsters before lullabies are hummed to lull them to sleep. The characters’ horrifying misdeeds in the story, replicate the horrors of life in the real world.

The “right to marry anything” is not only more funny but also even more dreadful to contemplate. A tourist falls in love with the Sherman Tree in Yosemite Valley – a 3-4 thousand years old wonder of the world. No crazy Judge or even a mad Minister of God would perform a marriage ceremony … the same argument that the attraction between man and plant was spiritual, not just about sex.

This philosophical passion to flaunt the liberty to enter into a gay marriage without any restrictions whatsoever to protect society from its deleterious consequences is not only too controversial but also extremely dangerous. This unbridled freedom to marry anyone or anything, is currently practiced in some remote villages of India where primitive life is too far from today’s modern civilization.

For instance, marrying a cow is claimed to be good luck. The marriage ceremony between man and beast is deemed to be an offering to the gods and therefore considered sacred by primitive villagers in a faraway land of primeval culture and beliefs.

In the Internet, an ailing old woman advertised her cats as heirs to a substantial fortune she wrote down in a will, and the female canines would marry anyone who would take good care of them when she passes away. Some men of unknown background and social standing in certain parts of England responded that they want to marry the cats.

Of course this turned out to be only a joke. However, the principles involved – the belief that anyone is free to marry anyone or anything anytime she or he pleases as the bell of freedom tolls in the amorous spirit and permissive heart of an extremely liberal-minded person – are not only the same but also pointedly dramatized.

After all, to those liberated propagandists of the radical Left, and to their soldiers of morality who do not always make it right when they choose to marry anyone or anything, anywhere anytime as they please, the real truth about marriage under God is to them only delusional.

When we reach that point where man and beast are “normally” joined in holy matrimony for purposes of sharing a communal property and property rights in marriage — because of this supposedly compos mentis argument that we are the freest society on the planet and we can do anything we want — I trust that we should be the better judge of the fate of this nation which is about to be devoured by the hurricane of cultural changes.

In their socio-cultural revolution, the marching Left had already changed the traditional hue of our society into a barking red. Liberated women activists also bleached their cause with a flirting color – a seductive pink – as they wave the banner of protest against the quarry of their disagreement and outrage. Lately, they picketed with verbal abuse sacred burial grounds against soldiers who died in Iraq because in their revolting mind those fallen heroes fought a war that they did not approve.

Their red and pink success in introducing same-sex and sexless marriages while demonizing the institution of marriage between a man and a woman in the altar of public opinion, is outstanding and no doubt had attracted national attention. They particularly attracted opportunist politicians who need their votes badly.

In this November election we are electing a president that would deliver the coup de grace for change, and that is to finalize the radical alteration of our society’s DNA, starting from the distorted cloning of marriage.

Sen. Obama in particular, wants to be elected president on his platform for change. In his public appearances, he electrifies the crowd every time he cries his lungs out for “change …! change …!” His revolutionary battle cry is “Elect me president and together we will change Washington, change America … change… change …!”

At this point in time, it is imperative for every frightened American to recall what former presidential candidate Gary Bauer had warned publicly … that “the laws of our Founding Fathers are being ‘perverted to impose a radical cultural agenda against the will of the American people’.”

We are never short of hellish novelties to self-destruct. We are mesmerized by agents of change that leads us to nowhere. Slashing the throat of our institution of marriage and let it bleed to death [supra, Part 1], jumpstarts the tampering of our society’s structural chemistry.

It is yet the “dirtiest bomb” which the alien Left that found a host in the mind of a revolutionary president – Democrat or Republican — may explode in our midst that would not only completely alter life in America but would also deface America beyond recognition. The cultural damage to society it would create can never be repaired.

In the final analysis, the change we are about to face is so severely life-defining that one day we wake up in the morning only to find ourselves in a strange country … a country which used to be America.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS May 08, 2008.

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