PART 2: – The Jews That Failed

… in the Arabian peninsula , it is a land of mountains, hills, deserts and a rather primitive people, living, well, primitively, in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape that almost nobody visits because visitors can very easily be kidnapped and never heard from again.

Yemen is the homeland of the Bin Laden family, and Osama Bin Laden’s whacked out terrorist cult has a lot of support there.

Jews have lived in

Yemen since the days of King Solomon’s liaison with the Queen of Sheba, who is believed to have traveled to

Jerusalem 3000 years ago from


They worked as merchants and tradesmen and endured significant persecution from the followers of the “religion of peace ".


Israel was formed, that nation organized an airlift and flew 30,000 Jews out of

Yemen. But some had property they couldn’t sell. Others were old. Yet others were just attached to


Staying behind, perhaps 1000 Jews “enjoyed" the status of a barely tolerated minority from their Muslim neighbors. They had to pay a special Jew tax, and played a marginal role in the country’s life.

Lately, Jews in

Yemen have been turning up dead or missing, believed kidnapped.

Almost all have left the country in the past few days.

The government of

Yemen had literally moved an entire Jewish neighborhood to another part of the country because they admitted they couldn’t protect them. International relief organizations have stepped in and now

Yemen’s Jewish community is believed to number 30.

But the latest exodus was too late to help Layyah Al Naeti and her husband.

The Jewish couple was married this July in

Yemen. Neighboring members of the "religion of peace’ kidnapped the girl, broke into the husband’s home, stole his money and jewelry, and forced the girl to convert to Islam and married her off to some Yemenite Muslim, even though she is already married to a Jew.

The tiny Jewish community marshaled 64 people to picket government offices demanding protection, but to no avail. They insist the girl acted voluntarily.

The fate of

Yemen’s Jews is consistent with the fate of almost every Jewish community in the world, at one time or another.

So why do I write an essay with the caption “the Jews That Failed."

After all, minorities are always at risk of being victims. That’s why Jews came to


Eastern Europe, because the experience was like

Yemen. in the early 1900's by the hundreds of thousands from

And those who remained in

Eastern Europe experienced the Holocaust.

The communities around the world failed because they never formed an International Jewish Legion for the purposes of self -defense.

Israel’s army is not able to protect Jews from a mob of vicious blacks in

Brooklyn or a tribe of marauding Arabs in

Yemen, or North African thugs in

Lyon or


The historical failing of Jews was weakness. The emphasis on scholarship and commence, or religion or professions is fine, but the avoidance of creating an international Jewish force was just plain stupid. The Japanese had their Ninja. The English had their knights. The Chinese had the kung fu fighters.

And the Jews had their bookkeepers and Torah scholars. And their corpses!

Would it have been impossible to build up Jewish security with an international military force throughout the centuries? The Knights of Malta secured a territory and defended it. With the wealth and power Jews had from time to time over the centuries surely somebody could have organized a Jewish army. But none did. The murders and pogroms and rapes and forced conversions and kidnappings went on…even until this summer in


Of course, in 1968 Rabbi Meir Kahane tried to create such a force, the International Jewish Defense League. Kahane understood the problem, and tried to do something about it.

And the Jewish establishment denounced him as an irresponsible hoodlum, complained about him to the IRS, the FBI, and anybody else who would listen.

He died, murdered by an Arab with Al Qaeda connections, in service to his people, in 1988.

Today the Jews rely on a fool named Obama for their deliverance, a man incapable of an original thought whose loyalties are to Islam and socialism.

The Jews continue to fail.

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