Part 2: Smart or Intelligent – Politicians

Will someone that gets to ask, Mr. B. Hussein O., a question please ask him what the long term consequences of his stated plans have, on the future for all of the American’s and America in general. This I conclude is the way to select a politician. Any politician that refuses to answer should not be elected. Any answer that sounds as if you are being bought off with some near future prize such as free food, healthcare, a Volkswagen in every garage and a chicken in every pot is a liar and should not be voted for. The last politician that promised everyone a Volkswagen started World War II. More below!

Without foresight there is no common sense!

Attorney Obama, Barrack Hussein, U.S. Senator – I note here – is devoid of the critical human ability which is obvious in all of the historically recognized Great leaders / Presidents. That is to say the exemplary ability of foresight; folks, — that is the essential component of the three dimensional [3D] mind — foresight or any other word meaning the same thing, of this I am convinced. This guy could never be a Jet Fighter Pilot, since one that is needs to predict the future from moment to moment of the others and things involved; this is “active foresight”. Examples will follow. This segment is based upon the definitions presented in the first segment of smart or intelligent. [1 – link below]

As I pointed out in the first part of this ongoing analysis, politicians who are elected from the democrat (Locust) party, “they” are the self styled “liberal or progressive” politicians that are noticeably “magnets for disaster”. This is especially factual when they are in charge of America’s cities, at the very least. In the previous presentation New Orleans, Southern California cities and Minneapolis Minnesota as examples, they have all been struck by some preventable disaster while under the total control of the “liberal or progressive” politicians, the democrats. These incompetent –shortsighted — politicians were in fact elected by a population possessed with the very same handicap as their selected leaders, which handicap is self evidently a lack of foresight. The politicians and there supporters are, in accordance with this analysis operating in two dimensional [2D] minds, which is limited only to the immediate here and now. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger and where is the next cheeseburger, this is typical of “static foresight”. Everything is about here and now or soon and repetitious, until disaster strikes. Again, they all may very well be “smart” but they are not “intelligent” as my previous segment outlined.

Right now, as you all know well, there is an energy crisis, but only in the USA, I believe. I do not speak here of third world countries. American’s pockets are being looted by the “No drilling for oil, No way, No how, “magnets for disaster”, democrat / locust party and their Presidential foresight blind candidate, Mr. B. Hussein O.

While B. Hussein O. claims he is not a Muslim — at least for now — the beneficiaries of the “No drilling for oil, No way, No how in America” are clearly the Dictator and Muslim run countries, is there a difference, I think not. This folks makes me wonder about the truth of the words behind the curtain of words spouted by all these democrat mental cripples — oops, did I say that? — I must mean “mentally handicapped” politicians. Of course there are Republican magnets for disaster, just not as many. Remember the FBI always says when they are investigating the mafia, terrorists, corrupt politicians or others, “follow the money”.

There are many unanswered questions regarding the U.S. Presidential wannabe representative of the “Locust” party, Mr. B. Hussein O. I will try to resolve them based upon the smart or intelligent concept.

Here is my take on a number of answers to questions about his guy.

Why would B. Hussein O. “swami” say that the, white American, blue collar hard working people living in Pennsylvania are essentially: “bitter, clinging to their Bibles and Guns and dislike people that are different than they are”?

Notably, this statement was made when B. Hussein "Obummer" lost that, democrat / locust party, Pa. primary to the now vanquished Ms. H. R. Clinton. This guy Obummer was at a fund raiser for himself of course, in the very venal heart of degenerate human decadence and deviant human behavior, it is an epicenter for that disgraceful type of character in this country, and it is San Francisco of course. Notably that is where Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi comes from, that is of course to say that N. Pelosi is elected by those with the San Francisco values.

Evidently, being “smart” only goes so far Mr. B. Hussein O. It is limited to the here and now temporal plain, wise guy! Oh yes, sorry, that’s Mr. Wise Guy to you. Since you are at a complete loss and so are many others as to what the Bible, guns and caution with strangers not like themselves have in common. I will generously explain it to you ‘Sir’. But only once, this time.

First, they are not “bitter’ Mr. B. Hussein O. No they are in fact “Intelligent”.

Certainly Mr. Obama you and your wife Michelle Obama are the very ones that are bitter. You sir, have yourself stated publicly that you oppose the cessation of “affirmative action”. This Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama is the talk of a Black Supremacist at their core, just like your “Spiritual Leaders” described above and below. This is what a Black Supremacist teaches their children just as you and you wife do now. Sir! This, Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama, is the bitterness of the soul that you carry deep in your heart and mind, which you deny and then project it onto others. Affirmative action is discrimination. It is in fact both Human Rights Violations and Crimes by definition, which you support and is historically and currently it is being viciously carried out against those that are completely innocent, young white and probably Asian men. They are 'guilty' of having Never committed an act of racism. You Senator B. Hussein O., on the other hand, are in fact guilty of supporting Race Discrimination at the very least and are thus a malevolent creature, Sir.

In considering that you left the Muslim Supremacist religion for the bigger or better opportunities of the American Black Supremacist religion and now you are getting close to being the next President, G-D forbid! Everyone in America should “arm” themselves, now. That’s 'clinging' to their Guns' in your lexicon, Sir!

Guns generally protect ones family and themselves from your democrat / locust party constituents, the criminal element, such as illegal aliens, inner city gangs, roaming murderers, rapists, child molesters, Muslim terrorists, MS13 and of course your very own home boys, the Black Supremacists scattered here and there. The last on the list the Black Supremacists are a significant presence in your home town of Chicago, are they not. That’s of course where the anti-American snake oil salesmen Father Pfleger and Reverend, the rabid Jeremiah Wright are located. They were both your spiritual leaders, according to your own statements, for the last 20 years.

Evidently, when a “smart” person those without foresight such as B. Hussein Obummer, is exposed to “intelligent” people, like those in Pennsylvania, confusion sets in for the “smart” individual.

The Bible, it provides guidance to those with the gift of foresight. Based upon that guidance in conjunction with foresight intelligent people manage and conduct their lives.

The merely smart person [2D] is seemingly repelled, confused and makes unsupported ad-homonum attacks, such as the one that B. Hussein Obummer made above and below, in order to rationalize their myopia. I say that it is all that they can comprehend, period. Analyzing — intellectually UP — is not possible, I believe. The teachings within the Bible have brought this the Greatest Nation, America, ever to exist into existence. It is the foundation today of all things good.

Now, as to the simpler issue of “Caution where Strangers” are concerned. Throughout the history of mankind dangerous enemies most likely looked, spoke, dressed and were decorated differently than you and all those in your village or town. Thus, to be cautious and wary of strangers that look differently than those in your area was to stay out of harms way. I believe that it still applies today. There are violent areas of the country, Washington D.C. for instance, where the kill rate is very high per capita and those people living there dress and look differently than rural and suburban parts of the country. I believe that this is the start of discrimination and is a living / active instinctive archetype that permeates mankind. Just look around the world yourself for confirmation.

Let’s review once again the last 20 years during which he,Mr. B. Hussein Obummer, attended the Black Supremacist sermons of the anti-American Reverend, the very rabid, Jeremiah Wright whose close friend and Hero is the local Muslim Supremacist Lewis Farrakhan. This Muslim Supremacist, Farrakhan, was given an award — a lifetime achievement of being an outspoken Anti-Semite or Anti-American and Anti-Caucasian hate monger, "Obama: I payed little attention for 20 years" — by the spiritual leader / mentor of Senator B. Hussein Obama, Jeremiah Wright.

The radio and television talk shows have raised questions about the life time background conduct of B. Hussein O. Of course this includes his long term associations, with whom, what and why. The first to do so I believe was Mr. Sean Hannity. Very well done Mr. Hannity! Then this very important character evaluation of a Presidential Candidate was followed up by Mr. Bill O’Reilly, Mr. Mark Levin, Speaker Newt Gingrich came to agree that there is an association of person to person problem for B. Hussein O. since he wants to be the President of the U.S.A. Yet, these erudite media leaders are at a loss as to why such controversial associations — see above and below — are in fact the norm for Senator B. Hussein O. Gentlemen, please see my explanation above and below. The short of it is: until it hits him directly in the head the future is invisible.

Mr. Hannity the term hypocrite does not apply to someone that only perceives everything in the here and now, that is their world en Toto. There must be the perception through foresight that such things matter as a point of honor, character and personal self respect. A child cannot for this same reason be considered a hypocrite. These folks are merely smart perhaps, not intelligent.

The absence of foresight explains, at least to me, why Mr. B. Hussein O. participated for 20 years in association with the, self evidently, Black Supremacist “church” and the other questionable associations haunting both him now and his evidently bitter wife Michelle Obama as well.

Clearly, to me, racist hate sermons satisfied their innermost, spiritual, beliefs at the that time, for all of those hate filled 20 years of their spiritual leader Jeremiah Wright. They could see no possible problem as to how the future might develop around it, as it has right now.

However, Mr. B. Hussein O., made the correct decision for his future, it seems to me, when he abandoned his Muslim Supremacist roots.When? After, the public evidence fell upon him that it was necessary in order to secure his status for Affirmative Action discrimination, committed on his behalf, so that he could push the white young man out of his well earned reward of getting into Harvard, honestly. I say that if this is the type of limited minds accessing Harvard and the other Ivy League schools, that is to say those without foresight that are the predominant affirmative action enrollee, then this generation is in for more trouble than that of the preventable New Orleans disaster. I just wonder how many scalps of Caucasian young men the couple, the Obama's, have hanging in their hate room, adorning their walls.

By the way, I believe that Lawyers for the most part have “passive” foresight. That is, they know where the books are that they need to do their research. Lawyers and specifically Mr. B. Hussein O., do not have the “active” foresight that Great American General, David H. Petraeus, exhibited when he recommended and then fought the now successful surge in Iraq. Nor, does, his self declared Highness Obama have the active foresight that President Ronald Reagan exhibited when he proceeded to confront the Soviet Union with an arms buildup that brought down that Communist Empire of evil.

The Harvard trained lawyer, Mr. B. Hussein O. swami, could not comprehend that the surge in Iraq would work — a common abnormality amongst his 'party'. Why? Because that perception is based upon “active” not “passive” foresight. In addition, Mr. B. Hussein O. swami cannot see that preventing America from being energy independent is a “magnet for disaster”. This personal blindness of his, is just like the rest of the other democrat caused preventable disasters, that happened before. And then, once again, when a preventable disaster strikes, I regularly observe, the mentally handicapped democrat leaders blame everyone else, just as they did in New Orleans.

Now, President George Bush is blamed for the energy crisis when in fact it is the democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the democrat Majority leader of the Senate, Harry Reid, they are both in fact currently responsible. Of course their democrat predecessors policies of no domestic drilling, no new oil refineries be built and no new nuclear power plants be built, for the last 30 years. Now yes, let’s not forget democrat Senator B. Hussein O. and his suicidal policies for America. These are the three, plus, blind mice of their very own, “best laid plans of mice, men and now woman”.

Another, very deeply disturbing matter lingering before Mr. B. Hussein O. swamis’ myopia and America is Iran and their relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons.

North Korea has nuclear weapons. Why and How? The former democrat President, William J. Clinton, was at the helm of this country at the time. “Slick Willy”, as he was called then, was of the famished opinion and certain in his own, blind, mind that just talking to the N. Koreans and buying them off with hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars would be more than enough to buy the friendship and honesty of the dictator there, Kim Jong IL. Wrong again!

The Secretary of State was Ms. Madeline “halfwit” Albright appointed at that time by “Slick Willy” for the Diplomatic negotiations. President “Slick Willy” was lauded by the [2D] “mainstream” media as him being very likely the best public and influential speaker ever. Obviously they, the democrats once again failed American's miserably; for they do not comprehend a North Korean [3D] mind committed to a future goal. Then, as we al are aware of, I believe, there was the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. President Bill, arrested a blind guy for driving a truck into the WT Center then, essentially he — Bill Clinton — effectively did nothing. Of course that is not to mention all of the other attacks and declarations of war against the United States and during which the — 'great' — democrat President Clinton, who is, I tell you all, is evidently missing foresight did nothing. When, shortly after the contested 2000 election and 911 – 2001 attack on America at the World Trade Center II happened the [2D] two dimensional minded democrats blamed everyone else for there own longstanding inability to foresee the consequences. The democrats controlled the Congressional Intelligence Committees at the time. Is B.H. Obama one of them? Yes!

According to a friend of mine John J. both former President Bill J. Clinton and Mr. B. Hussein O. have very similar traits. Clinton, John J. says, “could talk a cat off a wagon full of fish”. However, John J. goes on to say that Obummer “can talk 2 cats off of a fish wagon”. It sounds like an aphorism to me.

Clinton, got us all into a fine kettle of fish, arrogantly believing he could convince the N. Korean dictator to acquiesce in his “reckless” wants for a nuclear weapon. Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the narcissistic and feverishly egotistical, B. Hussein O., swami planning to repeat history. Now the plan is to negotiate with suicidal Muslim Iranians instead, this time.

The other day I could not believe my eyes when I saw the former Secretary of State, Ms. Madeline “halfwit” Albright, sitting next to Mr. B. Hussein O. swami on television. She seems to be an advisor for the inexperienced, goofy politician, Obummer. That’s just great! They will try to talk Iran’s Muslim psycho dictator Ahmadinjad out of his national pursuit of nuclear weapons. This is the Obama policy, in spite of his years of failed “Diplomatic” negotiations with the European nations, which in case you haven’t paid attention to, it just “aint” working folks. Perhaps B. Hussein O., is planning to bring the New Age crystals to the dictator in order to improve his ying or is it yang or che and then sweet talk him into giving up? Perhaps! Yeah perhaps!

Mr. B. Hussein O. is the scariest person to come along in these super weapons times ever. The world as we know it can end in seconds under a mushroom cloud, militarized disease or poison gas.

Evidently, at least to me, Mr. B. Hussein O. swami, is having an extramarital love affair, with himself of course.

Finally, have you noticed that when humans reach the terrible two’s all of the electrical sockets must be plugged in order to protect them from themselves. They will stick their fingers into the socket and no amount of warnings will suffice to prevent it. Well, that terrible two’s state of mind is still running rampant in the democrats, they have not matured. They need firsthand experience in order to refrain from sticking their fingers into the electrical sockets. If at first you don’t succeeded try, try again it seems for them and when something works they must try something else.

At this juncture, I will leave this here. It’s long enough and I believe that you comprehend the idea here.

One last thingy though. I just might be over stating some of the democrat foresight problems, a bit. Why? Well, I recently heard that the Leaders of the majority party, the democrats, have taken a democrat only private room in Congress for their “finger pulling” surprise predictions. I hear it’s a gas!

Hear No Future, See no future and Speak no future, which is the liberal, progressive, left, democrat wielding national and local power today.


The next part 3 of this ongoing observational study will take look at the other side, the Republican Presidential candidate



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