PART 1: Politicians Questionnaire & Voters Check List – 2010

No, is the general consensus of most of the outraged American citizen’s – i.e. the Tea Party movement – resisting the dictatorial ruling of the ‘overlord masters’ of the Senate and House of Representatives. That is, of course, the self appointed ‘Mullahs’ (Speakers Pelosi and Reid) of the Congress’s House and Senate respectively; the rest of the two faced swine in both of the Congressional Houses are not without censure. This congress and its leaders are, as far as we can tell, all part of the Progressive Democrats; although they are actually socialists or communists or dictator ‘wanna-be’s’. Whatever the nuance of their dictatorial bent, it is clear that they are inherently against the constitution, which means that they are, at heart, anti-American. This also applies to the capitulating Progressive Republicans.

The bottom line is that they, the politicians, are in fact anti-constitutionalists, who have committed fraud when they took their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Notably, a majority of the politicians in the Congress are lawyers and clearly should know better. ‘We The People’ must teach them all a lesson. These politicians have, in fact, caused the American people and the Nation as a whole, severe injury, by way of their anti-constitutional policies. They must be held criminally accountable for such sinister intent and conduct.

The coming 2010 election will, hopefully, remove the evil louts that are attempting to pass into law many alterations to the United States Constitution which are self evidently repugnant to the Constitution itself as it was intended by its Authors.

The current and previous elected politicians, of any political party, that have failed to stand their Constitutional ground, are liars, thieves, traitors, swindlers, quislings, seditious conspirators and, therefore, enemies of ‘We The People’. Any representative that has thus capitulated to the implementation or advancement of untold numbers of social policies that consume the substance of Americans and are self evidently destructive to the intended good of the Constitution of the United States of America as originally planned for the Legal American Citizen, must be brought to Justice.

Americans have voted and voted and voted again, trying to excise the destructiveness of the previous and the current politicians – all to no avail it seems.

America is faltering because the politicians have caused or exacerbated excessive debt, job loss and corporate failures all due to undue government intrusion and manipulation. The progressives’ mandatory directives regarding ‘sub-prime’ lending meant that the debtor was not able to pay back the loan[s] to the financial institution and thus the politicians caused the housing bubble and economic turmoil. The Government’s unconscionable bottomless spending on unconstitutional social programs and the welcomed invasion of the foreign underclass, a.k.a. illegal aliens, supported by the unconstitutional social program of amnesty for illegal aliens and other criminals has desiccated the body of ‘We the People’ with vampirous efficiency.

Moral Turpitude According To


U.S. Supreme Court


U.S. 223

(a) Crimes in which fraud is an ingredient have always been regarded as involving moral turpitude. Pp. 227-229, 232.

7 Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Rawles Third Revision, defines "moral turpitude" as "An act of baseness, vileness or depravity in the private and social duties which a man owes to his fellow men or to society in general, contrary to the accepted and customary rule of right and duty between man and man."

6 Black's Law Dictionary defines turpitude as: "Inherent baseness or vileness of principle or action; shameful wickedness; depravity."

10 Crimes mala in se, according to Blackstone, are offenses against "those rights then which God and nature have established, and are therefore called natural rights, such as are life and liberty.

The above 'SCOTUS' opinion addresses the U.S. politicians previously and currently one and all, since the Roosevelt 'great society' was used to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. Politicians 'including Roosevelt' must take an Oath to uphold, protect and defend the US Constitution. When as now the politicians, Oath bound, having distorted the clear, concise, plain and ordinary meaning of the words of the US Constitution, the politicians have committed Fraud and are acting in a debased manor under the stench of ‘Moral Turpitude’. That’s our opinion and we are very likely correct!

A Check List For We The Voters

Why do we need a checklist? Three main reasons. First of all, there is a knee-jerk tendency in many dissatisfied people to merely vote against the incumbent or against the opposition party, which means that those people are no longer thinking about the issues and the solutions to real problems, they are voting in blind anger.

Secondly (but no less importantly), we are all familiar with the glossy campaign rhetoric riddled with enchanting promises, visionary goals, and magical possibilities. It is only human to allow ourselves to be seduced by our own hope for change.

And thirdly, we have been groping in the dark for a candidate of substance, character, honour, responsibility and morality, but like thirsty men in the desert, we have only stumbled into the nearest fatal political mirage.

We have not had a questionnaire / checklist to act as anchor for our strategy, and look where it has gotten us. You may add or deduct questions that have more or less relevance for your position in life – this is only a guideline.

Why a questionnaire? If you are unable to pose these questions directly to the candidates, you can mail them to their respective offices. No response is also a response. This questionnaire is meant as a guideline for electing those who will truly re-establish our fundamental God given constitutional protected rights and freedoms, uphold

America’s original conservative principles, and fight on our behalf for the TRUTH. We think it is representative of the itinerary for our successful return to the values and the spirit of the Founding Fathers. For long enough the politicians on campaign have been in control of our political trajectory. They have drowned out our voices with the drivel of impossible dreams. They talk and talk to numb our minds and lull our ire, they bribe us with false hope, they swindle us then beg us with sham sincerity to sustain them in their positions.

If a politician refuses to answer the questionnaire please let NWS know about it and we will publish the name of the recalcitrant traitor.

A Check List For We The Voters

The issues raised in the check list and the questionnaire are not necessarily in any order of importance. That is because they are all important; and what maybe of great import to me or you, may not have the same level of concern to the next person involved in this restoration of

America in the coming elections.


[I]. Money / Government Spending Past and Present / Deficits / Borrowing


Do you agree to adhere to the limitations upon the government as specified by the Constitution of the United States of America, as was intended by the authors of the document: and do you agree to seek out the actual intent of the Founding Fathers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution through researching their ideas in the relevant documents and correspondence?

Every Question posed is automatically prefaced with “TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITIES AND TO THE EXTENT OF YOUR POWER”…

1. Do you agree to make every effort upon your election to make an effort and to vote for an end to welfare in that there shall be no more added person or persons to the welfare roles?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

2. In addition, do you agree to a congressional investigation of all currently enrolled welfare recipients, specifically including eliminating ALL illegal aliens and unnecessary beneficiaries?

Checklist: hem haw _____ yes _____ no _____

3. Furthermore, will you agree to enforce all criminal laws associated with welfare fraud?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

4. Do you agree to investigate SEIU, the unions, and Acorn for criminal misconduct and gangster (RICO – racketeer influenced corrupt organisation) activities?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

5. Do you agree to freeze ALL of the assets of these two organisations, because they have exhibited election fraud, conspiracy, and other violations of federal and constitutional law over the last several years?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

6. Do you agree to freeze ALL deficit spending, and the cutting of social programmes as of your election?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

7. Do you agree to investigate domestic and foreign political donations for the last election, and if necessary, prosecute or impeach the offenders for any violations of election law?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

8. Do you agree to make every effort to balance the federal budget, regardless of the cuts in programmes necessary to do so?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

9. Do you agree to undo all of the financial damages and deficit spending that the members of the last congress have legislated?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

10. Do you agree to eliminate the “slush fund” known as the Stimulus package, and investigate and, if necessary, prosecute and or impeach anyone and everyone involved in any unconstitutional or fraudulent conduct?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

11. Do you agree to investigate the TARP money – who got it, and where did it go? – and prosecute or impeach anyone and everyone involved in any unconstitutional or fraudulent conduct?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

12. Do you agree to return, to the rightful owners, the car company known as General Motors and Chrysler, and any bank or other institution that the previous congress has unconstitutionally seized?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

13. Do you agree to disintegrate the union known as SEIU for corrupt practices and their involvement in the unconstitutional seizure of GM and Chrysler?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

14. Do you agree to audit and investigate the Federal Reserve for any and all unconstitutional conduct in the manipulation of the

U.S. currency?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

15. Do you agree to restore the congress as the controller of the purse strings in that the congress shall set any interest rates by and thru the treasury as was intended by the founding fathers?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

16. Do you agree that according to — “Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution ‘To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof ’”, — the U.S. Treasury Department shall be responsible for the making of the U.S. currency and that there shall be no other organization that is not authorized as clearly contained within the U.S. Constitution?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

17. Do you agree to prevent any raises for the members of the congress or the government at large while there is a deficit?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

18. Do you agree to prevent any and all earmarks?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

19. Do you agree to eliminate PBS funding and all other socialist public forums funded by taxpayer dollars?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

20. Do you agree to eliminate Social Security Insurance for illegal aliens and other unnecessary beneficiaries?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

21. Do you agree to ascertain where the Social Security money has seemingly disappeared to and who is responsible and undertake asset forfeitures of those responsible for the Missing money allegedly contained in the LOCK BOX? [See Presidential Candidate Al Gore –]

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

22. Do you as an elected official agree to put yourself on the same medical plan as the rest of us and further agree that you will make no law that doesn't apply equally to you as it does to the rest of the population?

Checklist: hem haw____ yes _____ no _____

We here at NWS are inviting each and every patriot concerned about the future of

America to submit suggestions and amendments for this questionnaire and checklist.

Furthermore, the above is the introduction of this matter. We, at NWS consider this to be Part I of a growing list of initiatives to be sought in the next election. The following updates, including your contributions, will be published in consecutive issues at NWS. We already have an additional list of 31 topics that we will cover, including national defence, fraud by politicians, oaths, size of the federal government, family rights, border control, educational sedition, terrorism, manufacturing, the judicial branch and more….

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