Palin Derangement Syndrome

… the rest of them are in conscious pursuit of total destruction.

The latest abomination in the illegal war against the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin is a mountain of legal briefs that rival the sheer enormity of the American Left’s communist manifesto better known as the Stimulus package. Page upon page of frivolous, unfounded and petty complaints continue to be filed against the Governor by the usual suspects; many of which have already been dismissed. The dramatically uncivilized nature of big government’s obedient media and their constant barrage of personal attacks on the Palin Family, is incessant in nature and endless in scope.

Facing down a storm so merciless that it rivals the beating of an Alaskan blizzard on the Artic coast is former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Her ability to deal squarely with every threatening storm on the tundra’s horizon is why we love her and exactly why the Left hates her, fears her and will not stop attacking her.

Spurred on by a dangerous collaboration with socialist elected officials, the outrageously biased media peddles propaganda in place of journalism while participating in a malicious vendetta against the public image and the character of Governor Sarah Palin. These leftist malcontents and their crystal goblet kool-aid sipping buddies from

Hollywood remind us of Kim Yong-il in their cruel indecency and apparent insanity. While a percentage of these snarling lefties suffer rather publicly from Palin Derangement Syndrome, the rest of them are in conscious pursuit of total destruction.

Due to the incontrovertible evidence or dare I say “settled science” that actual journalists are an endangered species and rumored as extinct in the landscape of American Media, there is no way you can count on hearing more than a quarter of the whole truth; if any truth at all. Case in point: consider Alaskan resident and complainant, Kim Chatham. Chatman filed an ethics complaint against Palin claiming that the legal defense fund formed to assist the Palins with their mounting legal fees, is on its face, an ethics violation.

Talk about tedious, petty and typical of litigation obsessed leftists! I doubt seriously that the Governor would bother with a legal defense fund if she wasn’t hounded by a blood thirsty media beside itself over the cost of her wardrobe for the campaign trail. Let’s be honest, isn’t that what some of these

Hollywood starlets spend in the course of an afternoon? By the way, that case was dismissed. What the media has failed to point out is that for Chatman, this isn’t the only legal action she’s taken; in addition, Chatman is a co-plaintiff in a Federal Lawsuit against the Governor for her alleged “snubbing” of the 2007 Alaskan Juneteenth celebration. To bring some levity to the lawsuit-assailed Governor, some of her critics have actually questioned the validity of these complaints.

In a statement to the

Press, Sharon Leighow, spokeswoman for the Governor, said: “As we’ve been saying, of the number of ethics complaints filed against the Governor and her staff – as well as the tortured logic they contain – continues to constitute the most disturbing trend in

Alaska politics. It’s obvious the intent with this unprecedented action against the Governor is to see her administration paralyzed and for her to declare personal bankruptcy.” (AP)

The Left is attacking Sarah Palin on multiple fronts simultaneously and clearly, is not above going after the Governor personally; including the outrageous public display of all but dismissing the creepy, sexually maladjusted comments of David Letterman. We all know exactly what would have happened if Letterman had said that Michelle Obama dressed like a “slutty flight attendant”.

Los Angeles-based, KGIL Radio Talk Show Host, John Ziegler went above and beyond the call of duty in proving media bias in general and against Governor Palin specifically, with the 2009 release of his documentary Media Malpractice. If you have yet to view this film, I urge you to order a copy and become enlightened as to depth of the dishonesty practiced daily by this arm of the Democrat party. A few months ago, Ziegler was on the campus of USC with the express purpose of speaking to people regarding the occasion of Katie Couric receiving the Walter Cronkite award in journalism for her hit piece and sabotage interview of then Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin. Ziegler ended up being arrested, roughed up and escorted away from the award ceremony and off the campus.

There are so many things wrong with this incident that it’s hard to know where to begin. Journalism officially died that day in my opinion. Bestowing an award for journalism on Katie Couric for that interview was almost as unbelievable and repugnant as global warming profiteer, Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize over Irene Sendler who literally risked her life saving thousands of children from the evil of the Holacaust. Believe me, the last thing the shiny, happy people wanted was Ziegler out there on the USC campus challenging truth and reality. He proved media bias by daring to engage in actual journalism.

Then there’s the interview Ziegler did on MSNBC with Contessa Brewer in the aftermath of Lettermen’s creepy smear on both Willow Palin and the Governor. Brewer was echoing the leftist female assessment of the situation which was basically that Palin brought this on herself. Ziegler’s attempt to challenge Brewer on media bias and the ongoing double standard aimed at Conservatives ended with Brewer shutting off Ziegler’s microphone. It was the most biased, unprofessional interview I have yet to endure from that troubled network. This soulless attack of accusing the victim as having brought it upon herself is the same smear Hilary Clinton employed during operation “bimbo eruption”.

Unlike crazed, climate alarmists, who, in midst of their hysteria, are wrongly claiming that the “science is settled” in regards to global warming; the obvious and well-founded claim that the media is biased and ruthlessly employs a double standard has been proven over and over again. To state that the Government’s propaganda tool has crossed the line inadequately describes the corrupt behavior by the Obama hope doped media.

This all-out attack on Governor Palin by the entire fake media is unprecedented in the long history of what used to be American Journalism. Palin’s fatal mistake according to Leftists which is apparently why she brought this on herself is that she is a strong, capable, conservative public official not afraid to call out corruption in her own party and stand up for what she believes in, while handling tough, strategic situations.

While the sophist media is playing lap dog for the Obama administration, Palin has to deal with the fact that

Alaska is within range of

North Korea’s long-range missiles. As if this situation wasn’t fraught with enough grave concern, Palin must also cope with the lack of competent leadership by this President as evidenced by Obama’s decision to cut funding for the missile interceptor launch facilities at

Fort Greely,

Alaska. It goes without saying that the media is failing to perform. If so-called journalists don’t get off the malicious gossip track they’re on and start doing their job by holding the President accountable, God Help us all.

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