Paladino The NY Cowboy Gets My Vote

… the progressives, democrats, and liberals – the Marxists. Such politicians are intent on scalping “We The People” of our freedom and liberty, not to mention our damaged prosperity.

Remember Cuomo & Obama are Siamese twins, and both were born attached to your wallet.

Andrew Cuomo is clearly a duplicitous, polished ‘city slicker’ just like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, they are the Rustlers. All of these swindlers were responsible for the banking and housing crash as well as an untold number of lost jobs and so destroyed livs, they are all without honor, discipline or wholesome character. Cuomo speaks and appears to be “domesticated” to a cultured population’s expectation: or at least that of the New Yorkers. Yet, his actual constituents are dumpster-divers, deviants, uninformed or educated, brutish, lazy freeloaders who demand that their ‘Governor’ – Cuomo, in this case — tax (i.e. steal) from the working citizens of the State of

New York and spend every looted penny on the hand-outs these bottom-feeders demand.

On the other hand we have Carl Paladino. Paladino is self-evidently sophisticated; he is well educated a lawyer and a very successful businessman who has created and maintains 450 + + jobs.

However, Carl Paladino comes across as feral, more at a cowboy that won the Wild West. Dressed like a suited politician, yet he is a rogue to the herd mentality, a vigilante type cowboy who will restore justice to NY despite his unpolished and unfamiliar style.

Paladino says what he means and means what he says even to the point of a Gunfight or today’s baseball bat. Paladino is welcome at my home while Cuomo is not welcome ever. A vote for Cuomo is a cowards vote!

This is why I voted for Carl Paladino.

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