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Svetlana Shusterman, a Bucks County implant best known for her roles on MTV’s ”The Real World: Key West” and ”Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: The Duel,” contacted the management team at Indaglo in October and enlisted them to organize the ultimate 21st birthday bash for her in December.

The plans oozed such extravagance and drama, MTV wanted to be invited. The network sent photographers to film for a spinoff of their series, ”My Super Sweet 16.”

Shusterman’s episode, called ”My Super Sweet 21,” airs tonight on MTV.

It begins with Shusterman meeting with the Indaglo team Walik Goshorn, Willie Green and cousins Matt and Jerry Deiferat their downtown



Unlike ”My Super Sweet 16” episodes, the segment features more notorious nightclubs and alcohol.

Indaglo gets a fair amount of camera time, says Jerry Deifer, 25. When MTV wasn’t shooting Shusterman shopping for fancy dresses, it caught the Indaglo crew up to their eyeballs in party plans.

The event began at Jet Mirage Nightclub in

Las Vegas

on Dec. 1. After partying all night, Shusterman, her entourage and Indaglo boarded a plane to



6 a.m.

on Dec. 2. The party picked up again that night at Mansion nightclub in



and went until early Sunday.

To pull off a flawless fiesta, Indaglo organized plane rides, limousine services, hotel stays, Lamborghini, Ferrari and yacht rentals, red carpet entrances, a balloon drop, a Roc-A-Wear fashion show, appearances by Kid Rock and Miami Heat ballers and $7,000 cakes in the shape of blackjack cards.

”She’s very spoiled,” says Jerry Deifer. ”It was insanenonstop party, nonstop chaos, nonstop drama for 24 hours.”

”She was like, ‘My party has to be this and my party has to be that’,” says Deifer. ”We were able to deliver on all her must-haves, except for the yacht, which broke down right before the party in



When Shusterman didn’t get her way, Deifer says she ”freaked out.” ”You’ll see on the show that we have our differences.”

The event cost roughly half a million dollars. Indaglo, Shusterman’s family and sponsors such as Roc-A-Wear and the nightclubs footed the bill.

Besides costing Indaglo lots of dough, it left them exhausted. ”I flew on more planes in two weeks than I had in my entire life, and then I had Svetlana to deal with,” says Deifer.

Deifer is hopeful the hard work will pay off in more ways.

”I think the TV exposure will enable our business to pick up in the



. We’ve been doing major things around here, but we want to gain more respect and help with the rehabilitation of









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