Our Judicial System Is Corrupt

… threats against three federal judges, it is time to open a dialogue on the federal and state judiciaries and begin to investigate the courts for their out-of-control behavior. Apparently, Turner and a lot of other people in this country are totally dissatisfied with the current state of the judiciary. Federal courts have turned into political courts issuing rulings that are anti-American. State courts are nothing short of Star-Chamber proceedings. Family courts are kangaroo courts. And on and on it goes.

Many people complain incessantly about the judiciary and lawyers in this country. It's time to set up citizen-review panels on judges and lawyers. It is also time to go back to using the grand juries for what they were designed for: controlling political corruption, controlling the judiciary and controlling the county and local budgets. Beginning in 1946, grand juries were usurped by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and prosecutors' associations. Prosecutors claimed that grand juries were being abused because they were targeting political corruption. In other words, prosecutors, judges and politicians were worrying about their own hides the public be damned. Grand juries have become prosecutors' play toys where "grand juries can indict ham sandwiches." There is too much judicial corruption and prosecutorial misconduct going on in this country right now. Before it gets further out of hand and we end up having Nazi-type courts, it's time to reevaluate our corrupt judicial system.

Bruce Eden

Wayne, N.J. – The writer is director of Dads Against Discrimination.

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