Our Beloved America

How magnificent you were! There were no obstacles that you could not overcome. There were no enemies that you could not defeat! You were

victorious in battle. You were noble in victory. Your commitment to honor

served as a beacon to all! You were generous to the needy you were steadfast in your Faith.

Then you were afflicted by terrible cancer from within. Virulent, Insidious .You were under assault by your own opportunistic treacherous politicians and corrupt insiders who were making a huge sum of money converting vital farm crops into ethanol at tremendous cost to the powerless citizenry. This was reflected in increased food prices due to the lack of crops for food. The greed and arrogance of these men was beyond belief.

They sacrificed the stability of the world to satisfy their lust for obscene profits.

Even more, Beloved America, the spurious global warming fraud was creating a worldwide panic situation leading again to overwhelming hardship for your citizenry. Vast amounts of money was being made by speculators lead by the sanctimonious fraud, Gore, along with GE and other worldwide corporations, who achieved windfall profits at the expense of, once again, your powerless citizenry. These shameless perpetrators listed above should be tried for TREASON and made to pay the ultimate price.

Lastly, Beloved America, you had within your borders vast reserves of oil, which was untapped. Reserves were not being exploited because of the powerful conservation lobby which owned the political base. Nuclear power, a Godsend to European countries, was not utilized due to even more self-serving powerful lobbies.

Your chance for survival is slim. Your working, middle class citizens must take to the streets to fight their own corrupt political and financial leaders. It is doubtful that this will occur.

Never have you been in so much peril.

I weep for you.



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