Orly Taitz: Ambushed By Lunatic Fringe Leftist Joy Behar

… quickly deteriorated tothe reality that Dr. Taitz had been set up for an another Behar ambush. (view entire clip on www.orlytaitzesq.com)

Dr. Taitz presented a composed and dignified persona in the face ofBehar's unrelenting attempts to discredit her with a barrage ofscathing and condescending personal attacks. When Behar realized that herstaff had provided her withfalse or non-factually based information to use against Dr. Taitz she resorted to anti-Semitic andethnic slurs against Dr. Taitz. Anyone who is familiar with Behar's interviewstyle of using far left

ad homonem insultswon't be surprisedto watchher callous and underhanded ambush of Dr. Taitz last night.

For those unfamiliar with HNL it is a CNN sister broadcast station. In the broadcastwas a pop up window in the lower right corner of the screen which read "Lunatic Fringe." After Behar's astonishing weak, ignorant, anduninformed attempts to support her own indefensible position I can understand HNL'slabeling ofthe show as"Lunatic Fringe."Behar's most revealingsubconsciousdeclarationof the interview was, "I can't accept that you're right!"Thisimpulsive admissionrevealedthe far left's and her'sfulminating, gut wrenching fear thatDr. Taitz not only has a strong case before Judge David O. Carterbut has a soundpima fascia case in the matter of Barnett v. Obama.

The ease in which Dr. Taitz controlled and directed Behar was admirable. She is used to the lunatic fringe left's efforts to dissuade her from pursuing the legitimate basis of the Obama presidency.Her tenacity and wherewithal, as she assaults ahuge task, have earned her my respect and support.

Behar's lunacyreminded me of theadage, "Oh the wicked web of lies we weave when those we set out to deceive!"Theleft winglunatic fringe's increasing agitation comes directly from the reality that Obama's candidacy is predicated on a series of lies and deceptions. One lie has to be manufactured in order to supportthe previous lie and the cycle goes on.Inevitably the entire loosely stitched string of lieswill beunraveled andI expect thatwill occur on or about the

Jan. 26, 2010 trial date.

Please join me in furthering your support of Dr. Taitz whether that be financially, by email expressions of encouragement,personal telephone calls, or byadamantly defending her in yourcommunities.She needs to know of our standing by her, for her, and with her. Labels such as "Birther" aside, we knowwhat drives her and that isprecisely her profound respect for the United States Constitution and the Constitutional basis for the Office of the President of the

United States.

It's such an irony that a Russian born, Israeli educated naturalized AmericanJew, who has overcome tremendous personal hardships in life, wouldharbor this conviction whileso many natural born Americans are taking their best shot at destroying the Constitution.

You can count Joy Behar among them.

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