Orlando Imam Pleads Guilty To Felony Gun Charge

Orlando Imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson plead guilty to, “…knowingly possess in and affecting interstate and foreign commerce a firearm (.45 caliber) and ammunition, and did knowingly receive a firearm and ammunition which had been shipped and transported in interstate and foreign commerce possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon. Link here to the original Criminal Complaint

Robertson’s lawyer Donald R. West from the Office of the Federal Defender, Orlando, FL concurred with his clients wish to offer a guilty plea on the felony gun charge.

Assistant United States Attorney, Roger B. Handberg, prosecuted the case on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Office.

The Honorable Gregory A. Presnell presided over the “Change of Plea” hearing Case# 6:11-CR-002770GAP-GJK-1

USA v. Marcus Dwayne Robertson.

What was not brought up at the “Change of Plea” hearing was Case No. 6:11-mj-1380

USA v. Marcus Dwayne Robertson filed on

August 24, 2011. This case is a “Notice of Intent to use Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Information (FISA). FISA identifies two categories of potential targets for surveillance. The first category is a foreign power. The Second category are “agents of foreign powers.” FISA has been a productive tool in combatting foreign governments intelligence gathering efforts but has since expanded to terrorism related cases involving foreign governments.

A poster at the Internet Hagganah website makes a well researched guess as to why Imam Richardson may have plead guilty to the felony gun charge. (Source)



NY during the early 90s, Abu Taubah and a group of young Muslims executed a number of postal office and bank robberies under the direction of Abu Taubah, who used his military expertise to plan the armed robberies. When the young men and a sister were finally apprehended by authorities, Abu Taubah (Dwayne Richardson) turned to a federal witness testifying against the very Muslims he trained to commit crimes.

This is public record and here is a link to court document pertaining to this case. Type Ctrl+F then enter Abu Taubah's name Roberson and you will see public record of him snitching.

In aiding the prosecution, Abu Taubah received a mere 4 year sentence in prison. The Muslims, his friends, who he testified against are mostly all still in prison and will never be released.

Darryl Board release date 2041. Sentenced to 56 years in prison because of Abu Taubah's testimony.

Craig Williams release date unknown. Sentenced 160 years in prison

and there are others who are currently still in prison for participating in criminal activity WITH ABU TAUBAH.

His arrest is well-deserved. Perhaps the government wanted him to work for them AGAIN and he turned them down?

And now Imam Richardson may have flipped again by changing his not guilty plea to guilty.

We may never know the exact reason Marcus Dwayne Richardson aka Imam Abu Taubah changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. Perhaps these revelations may surface publicly before Imam Richardson’s

March 26, 2012 sentencing hearing.

The rest of the story involves polygamy, Shariah Compliance, and what Robertson had to admit to in order for Judge Presnell to accept Robertson’s guilty plea.

At 12:55 PM on 1/5 Marcus Dwayne Robertson entered the United States District Court, Orlando Division, wearing a red prison jumpsuit, Kufi, and feet shackles clanking loudly as he walked into the silent courtroom. Robertson sat down at the defense table, quickly pouring himself a cup of water, and talking in whispers with his attorney Donald King.

Judge Presnell lays out the charges against Robertson.

• One Count Felony Possession of a .45 Caliber handgun with ammunition

• three predicate offenses with the primary cases

Robertson then takes the oath to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. Robertson answers, “Yes mam.”

Judge Presnell explains that he will decide on accepting or denying the defendants plea based on these facts. Robertson knows the change of plea is voluntary, he is thinking clearly on all matters affecting his decision, mental status is good, and no outside coercion relevant to the change of plea . Robertson answers in the affirmative he understands everything the Judge is saying.

Next Judge Presnell explains what the government must prove if the case should go to trial. The Judge states the government must prove Robertson knowingly possessed a firearm, was involved in interstate commerce with said firearm, that possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a felony possession, and that all the previous 1994 and 1995 charges are accurate and ok. Robertson answers “yes” to all questions.

The Judge then asks these series of questions directly to Robertson:

Are you satisfied with your representation – “Yes”

Have you been fully informed on all aspects of the case – “Yes”

Were there any threats of coercion – “No sir”

Do you admit your guilt – “Yes sir”

The Judge next asks Robertson to explain how he as a previously convicted felon came into possession of the firearm. Robertson responds, “ A friend of mine gave me the weapon for family protection.”

The Judge asks Robertson what his level of education is. Robertson responded, “A high school diploma and a Phd in Arabic studies overseas.”

Judge Presnell explains to Robertson that by changing his plea to guilty he will be waiving a right to a trial of his peers where a unanimous decision would be needed to prove guilt. A guidelines score will be used for imposing sentencing.

The maximum sentence that can be imposed on you are:

• 10 year prison sentence

• $250,000 fine

• supervised release for 3 years

• less gain time of 15% for time served

• you will serve FULL imprisonment term as your gain time is small

• If you violate your supervised release you will go back to prison.

Judge Presnell asks Robertson, “Do you understand?” Robertson responds, “Yes sir” Do you understand that by pleading guilty you will be giving up all those rights, understand that? Robertson responds, “Yes sir, I do.” Do you have any reservations accepting the plea? Robertson answers, “No”.

Judge Presnell set the sentencing hearing for

March 26, 2012.

Mary Nguyen a Channel 9 WFTV reporter asked the three men sitting in front of us what agency they were with. The three unidentified men said, “FBI”. I then asked one of the FBI agents if the government dropped the FISA element of the case in exchange for the change of plea? The FBI agent responded that he could not comment on that. I next asked the same question of the Asst. U.S. Attorney Roger B. Handberg who said, he can not answer that question. We may never know for sure the real reason Imam Robertson originally plead not guilty to felony gun charges and then suddenly changed his plea to guilty.

As interesting as Imam Robertson’s criminal history is – so is his home(s) life.

Imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson freely admits his family life is centered around his polygamist lifestyle and indeterminate number of wives. In a letter Robertson wrote from jail to his followers he thanks his “wives” for their support. The last time I checked polygamy was illegal in the

United States. My colleague J. Mark Campbell called Mary Nguyen to ask her if she knew about the “wives” of Imam Robertson. Ms. Nguyen said she asked the FBI about it and they said they new of Robertson’s wives but there were no multiple marriage certificates therefore they are like his girlfriends who live in separate residences. Ms. Nguyen was called again to corroborate the story and she did.

A 2008 NPR story on polygamy in Islam explains, “Still, Muslims practice polygamy in the

U.S., despite state laws prohibiting it.

Here's how a man gets around the laws: He marries one woman under civil law, and then marries one, two or three others in religious ceremonies that are not recognized by the state. In other cases, men marry women in both

America and abroad.”

One might conclude the authorities should confiscate the Muslim marriage certificates of Imam Robertson’s self declared “wives” and determine if he is in fact marrying multiple women in a Mosque, having children, and not registering those unions with the state. As the spiritual and judicial leader of his Orlando Mosque, Robertson has the power to keep the Islamic marriage contracts signed inside his Mosque hidden from the State of

Florida. Inquiring minds would like to know if Imam Robertson’s wives are on any government assistance and listed as single unwed mothers with dependent children.

Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution states the

United States law shall be the supreme law of the land. The Islamic law Imam Robertson is following says a Muslim man can have up to 4 wives. Imam Robertson chose Islamic marriage law over our secular marriage laws is very troubling and possibly illegal.

Imam Robertson’s revelation of possessing multiple wives puts the spotlight on the cultural and legal issues of when our

U.S. man made laws conflict with Allah’s Shariah Islamiyya or Islamic Law. Codified Islamic texts are very clear that Allah’s laws (Shariah) supersede all man made law including our Constitution.

Several of the women who attended the “change of plea” hearing whom the Judge identified as Robertson’s family were wearing face coverings or Niqabs. All the women, men, and children were dressed in Shariah Compliant dress making a political statement about the degree of their Shariah Compliance to the outside world.

Imam Robertson has shown in the past and present a disregard for respecting American man made laws, the question that naturally follows; What is he teaching his followers?

Imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson is a convicted violent felon who sold out his Muslim partners in crime for a reduced sentence in 1994-95. Robertson is now pleading guilty to a felony gun charge that any good lawyer could have easily gotten him an acquittal in a full trial.

Nothing seems to add up in this case as to why

Orlando’s favorite felon Imam would plead not guilty and then suddenly plead guilty to a felonious gun charge that could net him 10 years in prison, $250,000 fine, and 3 years supervised release.

All roads point back to FISA – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and Imam Marcus Dwayne Richardson’s ties to the country of


Alan Kornman – The United West – Regional Coordinator

alan@theunitedwest.org –


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