I do that. It's a release. Carry-on about one thing such that a Molehill becomes my own personal Mountain Range. Hopefully the excerize makes people think a little. It doesnt matter who is right or wrong really, but that the issue at hand is somehow given it's 15 minutes of fame.

My favorite Rant is about incomplete reasoning. People that think they have considered the situation fully, when ( from my humble perspective ) they have only begun the process are are not done yet. Its the classic "The Road to hell is paved with the good intentions of …." kind of stuff where the next point of failure is obvious to me but oblivious to the rest.

Whatever the case may be (It doesnt even have to be in good english orproper grammar ) it has to be emphatic to really be a great Rant. I just like a good solid RANT. Its the emotion of the thing that gets me.

Side Note

Wehave addeda Podcast engine and you will be able rant with that – cool.Click play


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