Operation Vigilant Shield? Another Faux Front for Fascism

…. Portland, Oregon, is just the next step. You need to know.

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator" -GW Bush 12/18/2000

If you were school age in the 1950s to 1960s you probably remember the frightening experience of cowering under your desk. That threat, screaming from posters and from the media, was nuclear war. Then, children went home to relative security; the economy was booming. Schools were well funded and the future looked bright, despite the once a month drills.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union we now know that Communism was never a threat to America. Again. Communism was never a threat.

Those who used that threat did so to intimidate Americans into accepting a foreign policy that enabled the growth of what President Dwight Eisenhower called the Industrial-Military Complex in the wake of World War II. CIA involvement across the world continued, focused on the rapacious hunger of petroleum companies for a steady supply of oil and customers for munitions.

Those in power always knew this.

Eisenhower biographer, Michael Korda, said that Eisenhower, more a political general that a commander, was well aware of the danger because, “He knew the "military-industrial complex" inside out, he had helped to create it, so he knew what he was talking about, and warning against.”

Presidents change, the Industrial – Military Complex continued. Today we call them by other names, but they are essentially unchanged and they are still driving American foreign policy. They needed a new boogie man. This time they are using 'radical Islamics,' a threat no more real that Communism was in the 50s and 60s.

Today school children in Oregon and elsewhere across the country are facing a very different reality that tells them that the world is frightening, not just because they spend a few minutes under their desks but in so many ways that it is difficult to even comprehend what children are taking in about the world. Those who create that faux reality know exactly what they are doing and why. That reason is simple profit. Their tools are ugly and include torture, psychological manipulation and lies.

PsyOps was originally used as a tool for corporate policy two generations ago. What we experienced in the 50s and 60s was nothing less than that. With the acquisition of the media that tactic has only been extended further into our lives to secure profits. Nuclear annihilation. The Bird Flu. Terror from all sides scream at children today. The bottom line is more money for corporations and government. Less for us. Profit by any means, is the motto followed by those in power.

Programs at schools are being cut. Children have no health care but learn nothing because of the incessant screed of “No Child Left Behind,” that steals their time, replacing learning with rote and indoctrination. Their older siblings are inundated with recruiters paid bounties to get them to enlist. When siblings and other relatives come back from 'serving their country' with problems they are ignored to death. The DU those returning ingested kills them, causes birth defects in their children. Many of these veterans will not even live long enough to end up abandoned on the streets as the economy continues into its death spiral.

Rumors are circulating that Vigilant Shield will be releasing low grade radio active material as part of their 'operation.' Even with this administration that nearly defies belief. But given their record for honesty the threat must be taken seriously. It is a fact that returning Iraqi veterans are not told about treatments that remove the DU from their own systems. The failure to treat then raises a constellation of further issues.

The Americans who are supposedly made 'safer' through these drills could be tazered or shot if they question authority. Protest has become a life threatening activity.

This is reality. Vigilant Shield is part of their implementation.

Many residents of Portland are now either leaving the area for the period of the 'exercise' or have moved far enough away to feel more secure. They are not worried about foreign terrorists, but about the ones from Homeland Security and the police who are pledged to Serve and Protect. Militarized police, chosen to follow orders are now in place, following the orders of those in the Federal government despite the fact this is clearly unconstitutional.

A former Major in the Marine Corp., William Fox, a veteran of military intelligence who spent 2 – 3 years with an interrogation translation team moved 85 miles upwind of Portland last month. Major Fox had learned during his military training that asking questions could side line your career. He raised questions at his first morning's training in classes at the Intelligence School in the early 90s. The response from his instructors, he said, was paranoid.

Asked if he expected something to happen in Portland the Major said, perhaps. If so, that would most likely occur on Tues, Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Monday, he said, would be settling in day.

Major Fox commented that today Americans are controlled in ways that creates a stark contrast with Europeans. Traveling through Switzerland the Major sat next to a Swiss reservist on a train. The man casually placed his heavy machine gun on the rack above. The Swiss practice full preparedness by arming all adult men with machine guns and by supplying them with training and the needed materials to run a decentralized resistance if and when they are ever invaded. The country is well armed and the crime rate, low.

In America gun control is a given for nearly all presidential candidate today. Slowly, America and its people have been boiled alive like that lobster in the pot.

The steps that have brought Americans to this place in time have been used before, on other people. Naomi Wolf, in her article last spring, "Fascist America, in 10 easy steps." made those steps painfully clear. According to Wolf, countries move from open to closed and repressive societies through a manufactured process. It is not accidental. Wolf makes the case that the United States is following the pattern as it played out in Nazi Germany with little variation. The 10 steps are:

Invoking an external and internal threat

Establishing secret prisons

Developing a paramilitary force

Surveiling ordinary citizens

Infiltrating citizens' groups

Arbitrarily detaining and releasing citizens

Targeting key individuals

Restricting the press

Casting criticism as "espionage" and dissent as "treason"

Subverting the rule of law

It is easy to recognize the progression. Next week, October 15 – 20. Those in charge are very unwilling to say. “Vigilant Shield,” (Do they pay third rate science fictions writers to come up with these names?) a training that makes no American more secure, will being in Oregon, Phoenix, Guam and perhaps the Philippines

Oregon, along with every other state government, is desperate for money. The Feds moved to take control of the money through the Reagan Administration in California beginning in the 1960s. It remains true that California foretells the future of America. The Federal government, taking nearly every penny Americans produce, gives back penalties and control.

Yet Homeland Security can pay out big bucks to put children and all of residents through 'scenarios' with less likelihood of occurring that the sighting of a flying saucer. What happened to the security that worked? That takes place locally, handled by the people themselves in their communities and stays there.

Capt Huber from the Yamhill Co Sheriffs office said a drill that took place there yesterdays was funded by Homeland Security. He added that the school children had undergone, “weeks of training before.” In the Boston Herald a report from a parent sent chills through families. Physicians are now forced to ask about drug usage, drinking, possible gun ownership and whether or not Daddy is touching the child inappropriately. The child involved was in for a check up before engaging in sports.

The intention of the Federal government is clear. By imposing pointless and expensive 'drills' on such cities as Portland, Oregon the PsyOps continues; fear becomes endemic. The people are forced to look to 'authority' in fear of their lives. Citizens there and across the country now fear the government far more than they do the unlikely specter of terrorists from elsewhere. The many tazerings and assaults on individuals by those charged to protect have sent that message.

Many fear that the massive deployment in Portland, Phoenix, and Guam, coming on the heels of the still unexplained loss of an armed nuclear bomb just this last summer portends a false flag event, a justification for enacting a martial law that will never end.

Those with experience, observing events, believe that the process is intended to promote a state of perpetual fear that will render citizens compliant, frozen and unable to act in their own defense.

America is bleeding money, its people at risk in every way you can imagine. But Americans remain a people with deep reservoirs of courage. Those who have worked so diligently to cancel the Constitution will find out that it is they who will, in the end, be held accountable. Remember to get their names, those will be needed.

The means for change, and retribution, remain in the hands of the people. The question that those Power Punks should ask themselves is just how lucky they feel.

Hear Captain Eric May, former military intelligence and expert on false flag attempts by the powers that be on The Spiritual Politician this Friday at 4pm on BBSRadio.com You need to get ready.

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