Open Letter To Senator Rand Paul

Dear Senator Paul,

I am again writing in support of your efforts and in particular, with regard to a recent hearing with Dr. Kathleen Hogan – Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency.

I wish I could tell her my concerns face to face. But that isn’t possible, as she would no doubt insulate herself from anyone who is just a common American citizen and taxpayer, and therein lies the problem.

It seems that these regulators never consider or realize the pain, difficulty and monetary loss that they force on us. To that end I would like to offer yet another example of how the EPA’s Draconian policies affect the people of America.

I can’t buy a decent gas can! We get gas discounts here in PA called “perks”. For instance the more groceries you buy the greater your gas discount is at selected fueling stations. The problem is that you can only redeem the discount, thirty (30) gallons at a time and our vehicles only hold ten to twenty gallons. This forces us to either loose a large part of the discount or carry the balance in gas cans. My daughter chose the latter.

She purchased four of the EPA approved plastic containers recently. In order to prevent any VOCs (funes) from escaping into the atmosphere, the cans have no vent!

My daughter stored the cans in her garage on a rather cool day. The next day she noticed strong gasoline fumes coming from her garage. Because the temperature had risen, the cans swelled up from the pressure and looked as if they were about to burst. She quickly unscrewed the spouts and vented the cans. But this produced dangerous levels of gasoline vapor and could have led to an explosion and fire. In this case the intentions of the EPA in sealing the cans had the exact opposite effect of their stated intent and could have led to loss of live.

Furthermore, when my daughter tried to fill her vehicle from the cans, she encountered a very clumsy release mechanism that is there to open the pour spout. Even when she did get the can to pour, it trickled out in a glug, glug, fashion, because it has no vent! She does not have the strength, and I doubt the Ms. Hogan would have either, strength to hold the can while the fuel trickles out. Factor in the time you would have to stand there on a cold day and I think you can appreciate the problem. At one point she dropped the can, spilling fuel. Where is the environmental savings when that happens? I am a fairly strong man, and it taxes me to use these terrible cans. I hate them!

I believe that some people like Ms. Hogan may think they have good intent, but I also think that they tend to swallow the Al Gore line that, “The planet has a fever) and we (humans) are responsible for it. Not that it stopped Al from prostituting himself when it came to the Arab oil dollars.

Thank you for listening. I will continue to support you in your commen sense efforts to reign in an out of control government, whenever I can. !

Shalom,(May the Peace of God be with YOU!)
George Wilson

PS I am really proud for not cursing in revealing my feelings toward the government bureaucrats who continually and increasingly ruin our lives. But I’d sure like to tell Ms. Hogan off.

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