Open Letter To Senator Alexander Regarding Gibson Guitars

… the LACEY ACT. A news report last evening said that you, a fellow Republican of all people, were heavily involved.

I was born into a poor family and put myself through school playing a guitar with a rosewood fret board.I don’t know where it came from, but it may well have been from

India. Now, at 62 I use that God-given talent in my church and to pass on to my friends and fellow employees.

You see, the acts you perform in

Washington, while perhaps well meaning, have consequences that a handful of politicians, no matter how smart, cannot anticipate. You can’t manage the whole country, your best work should be to allow others to apply their talent, their gifts, and then get out of the way.

Senator, you may have thought you were stopping illegal transfer of wood and other products.In fact you and your friends are about to cripple an industry at a time when we all need to get the American economy moving positively again.This latest episode with Gibson is total crap and it really ticks me off!

Q: How can a small group of people, even if they all had IQs of 180+, in Washington ever hope to trump the collective intelligence and talent of all of Americans combined?

A: No way! THEY CAN’T!

Please, stop making more and more “laws” that only serve to shackle this nation and its people. Frankly, I will be doing all I can to vote people who write such laws out of office. It’s the American way!

Oh yes! And please do all you can to get the government boot off of Gibson’s and our necks.


G. Wilson

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