Open Letter To: Mr. Bill O’Reilly – “The Spin Stops Here”

by George Wilson –

Dear Mr. O’Reilly, –

I was both shocked and pleased when you touched on the truth last evening, 27.August. 2015. Here is some gun legislation that will work. Pass a law putting prayer and the teachings of Jesus Christ back into our schools, because it’s not what’s in your hand that makes you a killer, it’s what’s in your heart. After all, those were the underpinnings of our nation. Today’s kids are raised under the YOLO principle (You Only Live Once). We can’t mention God in our schools. Therefore, we teach our kids that they are just animals. Then we are shocked when they behave like it.

I am 66 years old. Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, everyone had guns. We were even encouraged to bring them to school on special occasions. My point is that I do not know of a single instance or even ever hearing of anyone of my generation using a gun to do anything wrong. But we read from the Bible every day and in a public school and were taught that human life is sacred. The recent nightmare with Planned Parenthood just goes to prove that is no longer true in America.

With regard to Mr, John Stossel, please pass this thought along the next time you see him. John recently stated: “What difference does Jesus make?” Please ask Mr. Stossel this question: Would you feel ill at ease if you found yourself in an inner city alleyway, late at night, with five large young men headed toward you?. Now, would it make any difference if you were to discover that those young men were on their way home from a Bible study?

We do not have a political or economic problem in America. The problem is that we have strayed from the faith of our founders, specifically, faith and belief in the teachings and moral principals of Jesus Christ. No amount of legislation can ever replace that. Our founders knew that. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
The truth is, the only hope for America is Jesus!
Shalom, (May the peace of God be with you!)

George Wilson

PS I don’t agree with the idea that ISIS lacks “spirituality”. Satan is a spirit!

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