Open Letter To: The Secretary Of State John Kerry – Et. Al.

by GW –

I would like to say this to John Kerry!

Mr. Kerry,

So, now we are suffering from “climate change”. My, my! Wasn’t it just a while ago that Al Gore, (who made big bucks selling out to Al Jazeera oil interests) was telling us that: “The planet has a fever”. Oh yes, that quote is best repeated as robotically as possible, for proper effect.

Now, you sir, are telling us that we are suffering from “climate change”. And your solution no doubt, is to pass more regulations and to institute more government control. Have you looked out your window lately? The great lakes are frozen over, no? Oh, I know, you can’t judge climate change by a single winter or believe your lying eyes, right? Well I will tell you this; I would rather trust my lying eyes than some lying politician. Why, no, I’m not accusing you of lying. The good people of America have, I believe, already come to that conclusion.

The TRUTH is that “climate change” has always been with us since the creation of this planet. And do you know what causes global warming? The Sun! That’s right, you know, that big yellow ball in the sky on cloudless days. Of course, if you declare the “fact” of climate change, you can always use it as a ruse to kill our economy and our energy resources, can’t you? And I’m certain that you and our so called president have a huge bag of regulations that the American people neither voted for or want, all ready to foist upon us. And by the way, why don’t you and your climate change mafia ever tell the truth? Why don’t you admit to America and the world that 95% of your, so called, greenhouse gases are water vapor and that CO­2 is just a fraction of the gasses that trap the earth’s heat? But then again, if you did that you and the likes of Al Gore wouldn’t be able to run around the world (spewing all that CO2 out the back of your jets) claiming that the sky is falling.

Mr. Kerry, I do not believe you. I do not trust you. You say that “climate deniers” are like the flat earth society. Clever name! Isn’t that right out of the Saul Alinsky play book? You know, hang a negative pejorative name on those you don’t like, as you’ve done with the Tea Party, until the unknowing and ignorant align themselves with your views. Well, let me see. What name could I give to you and the “climate mafia”? I have one, but I am too much of a gentlemen to print it. Just imagine the worst? If you ask me, I think the Botox has gone to your brain! I think you are either duped and ignorant or evil. Either way I wish you and your ilk would just get off the backs of the American people, stop bothering us and just go away.

Trust you! Trust you?!!! Well, I don’t really know you. So I think I will just defer to the Swift Boat guys that you served with. Oh wait! I don’t have to. I seem to remember that they have already weighed in. You see, I don’t take Botox, so my memory is fine.

One more thing: I tried to send this message to your office, but it seems your web site is AWOL.


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