On Race, Racism And Profiling.

Some Anthropologists will tell you there are 4 races: Red, like the North American Indian; Yellow like the Mongols or Asians; Black like the tribes of Negroes in

Africa; White, like the Caucasian, or Anglo/European.

Others will tell you there are 7 or more. But, any more than 4 are composed of splitting one of the original 4 into sub sets of 1 of the 4 main races.

Some sub sets of races are: The Australian bush man; The Indian of Southern

India; The American Indian; the Central American Indian; The Mediterranean or Iberian; The North African Dark Whites or Brunets; The Nordic; The Alpine.

They talk about skull shapes, like dolichocephalic or brachycephalic they talk about more hair on the body or less. They talk about Straight, Curley, or Naturally Frizzy hair. They will talk about Hair in clumps on the scalp or all over the head. They will talk about lips, like naturally pouted, plump, or injected like Angelina Jolie to look sexy.—I was kidding– . You can’t create a race artificially. Well… it seems… sometimes you can, or some people think it is politically advantageous to want to…

They talk about the Caucasian race being divided into two, or three sub sets: Blonds, North African Dark Whites or Brunets, or Alpine – not necessarily Swiss.

The Anthropologist experts are not talking about a Hispanic Race; a Muslim Race

or an Afro-American Race.

It is the Iberian, a sub set of the Caucasian race that distinguishes itself by speaking Spanish which they brought to the “New” world of Central and

South America.

They mingled with the Central American Indian Race, and are called, Meztiso, or Mixed race, but, no one is complaining about Racially profiling Meztisos…

So, now we come to Modern times and the question of Racial Profiling.

It seems that every time a new law goes into effect there is concern that the “Wrong” people will be caught. This is most often the argument by the “Wrong” people themselves trying to evade the law.

Is that a confusing sentence?

Well, back to “1984”* for a check up: “Wrong” is “Right” – the second wrong is right too – ah… I mean the people who would most often get caught by the new law, as would be the case in

Arizona in July when the law actually goes into effect… would be…. The Right people getting caught. Those people themselves are the ones screaming, “The Cops are racially profiling us… That’s not Fair!” Why wait so long?

If Farmer Brown had a fence up around his farm with a “No Trespassing” sign in plain view, and you decided you needed a few apples, so you breached his fence and were in the act of picking the apples when he caught you and called the cops and accused you of trespassing, would you think it was fair? … well… it would depend a lot on your upbringing and attitude about Farmer Brown and his apples.

What if, by the time the cops got to Farmer Brown’s, you were running down the street, And the cop couldn’t see you? Farmer Brown would tell the Cop, Well, officer, he’s about average build, Blond Hair, Blue eyes and the cop put out an all points bulletin with that description.

Would the other cops stop women with black hair? Would they stop tall men with brown eyes? Would they stop Negro men? Even if they were moving rather quickly and had bunches of apples in their hands?

Cops do profile. Its part of good police work. If you were Farmer John, in this case, would you want the cops to stop everyone with a bunch of apples in their hands – let’s say it was Apple Day in that town, and a lot of people were at the apple fair and a lot of them were coming back with a bunch of apples in their hands.

A high school in Chicago would not let the girl’s team go to Arizona; The state of CA government is trying to reneg on contracts with Arizona; The Presidents of The United States and Mexico agree that something must be done to Arizona because their new law, which hasn’t even been tested in the field yet to see how the cops would operate and choose their Illegal Alien Suspects, is planning to racially profile the Hispanic race, rather than stop white people too in the search for Illegal Aliens.

Hispanic race? Huh??? Kind of reminds me of the Islamo-fascist terrorists complaining that airport inspectors would be racially profiling the Muslim Race, if they concentrated on North African Dark Whites who seemed to be 19 – 23 yrs old and wearing heavy beards. Well… maybe they were wrong, now that we have a stupid looking English kid who was caught trying to burn his sneakers, and a Negro trying to burn his underpants… Nothing’s perfect…

It also reminds me of Afro-American young men caught for speeding, complaining about the “new law” called, “Being arrested because you were Afro-American.”

It seems it’s always the “Wrong” people that are being racially profiled… ??

Nowhere in my studies could I find a “Hispanic” race. Nor, for that matter, could I find a race defined as, Afro-American or Muslim. I did, however, find a race defined as North American, but theses were Red, not White.

Do you suppose all these protests in Arizona, California, Washington D.C. and elsewhere about the new law in Arizona that hasn’t even taken effect yet… could be instigated by the “Wrong” people, and trying to make the “Right” people seem “Wrong”? Is that Right?

Well, if it is Wrong to do the Right thing and, finally, at least at the state level DO SOMETHING about the burgeoning problem of Illegal Aliens swarming across our border; Robbing, Raping, Murdering and Drug Running, people smuggling and other violent acts, under the guise of, “We’re here to only do the jobs that Americans won’t do…” and we don’t want you to pick us up and harass us just because we look Hispanic… ???? …

… Then, why are 17 other states clamoring to be the second state in The Union to have the same law for Their State?

Could The President of The United States, The President of Mexico, The Governor of California, The City Council of San Diego, The High School Principal in

Chicago, and all the others who vilify

Arizona and its police forces be right? Or is liberalism a mental disorder? (As Dr. Michael Savage espouses.)

I guess we’ll all just have to wait until August or September, when all the statistics will be in and see how many of the “Wrong” people get caught in the dragnet to capture people of predominately the… “Hispanic”… Race…

Bill Ascherfeld served in Third Armored Division in

Germany, 1956-57. He went to


University and graduated with a BA degree in Political Science, Economics, and History from San Diego State College.

Bill is now a Real Estate Broker in

San Diego,

CA and can be reached at his E-mail address: teambldr@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*a book written byGeorge Orwell, published in 1949, novel about the totalitarian regime of the Party and “political Correctness” gone wild.


May21 2010;

11:35 PM

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