Obama’s State Of Mind Is In Question: …

… at ground-zero. The shrill sound in the air is not only so annoying but also gritty it punctures eardrums.

This nationwide protest is about the construction of a mosque in ground-zero honoring Muslims’ Islam religion among petty or other trivial reasons in the guise of serving the community. Actually, it is a monument marking Islamic triumph of terror in America. In time, the 13-storey edifice will not only stand as a grave insult to injury but also morally, it is a serious affront to all right-thinking Americans being treated like they were Obama’s monotheistic herds.

Millions think that lately the deterioration of Obama’s state of mind had advanced rapidly when he declared that the construction of the mosque right in the place where Americans were slaughtered without mercy by terrorists in the name of their Islam religion is an admirable exercise of freedom of worship. How screwed up is this state of mind is not only extremely mind-boggling but also very insulting to me if not an abuse of the intelligence of the great majority of the credulous but flabbergasted American public.

But let us know and understand why there is such a nationwide madness of protest to construct this mosque. Let’s start first by stating that objection was overwhelming, bordering from the philosophically complicit and the explicitly murderous.

Very angry protesters think that the idea is a sacrilegious disrespect of the more than six thousand dead buried under the rubbles of the 911 Islamic terrorist attacks. Thus erecting the mosque of terror in the heart of this New York tragedy to glorify Islam is considered deliberately rubbing salt to the painful wounds of the still grieving families of thousands of victims.

Ground-zero should be a shrine for Islam’s victims of terrorism. It should never be a place to construct the first Muslim monument marking the success of Islamic terror attacks in America. That would be a terrible mistake of the mind that obviously needs help.

Sponsors of this weird project– the Cordoba Initiative and American Society for Muslim Advancement — claim the mosque symbolizes peace and harmony that once more would bring together Muslims and non-Muslims residents divided by the occurrence of 911. But definitely ground-zero is not the right place. In fact at this writing, ground-zero is now a war zone of clashing pro and con mosque demonstrators kicking ass and bashing each other’s skulls. How can Obama be so wrong, while Muslim apologists that so stupendously dim-witted?

I do not only agree wholeheartedly with this voice of disapproval but most of all share the accompanying resentment. I suggest Muslim sponsors should build their mezquita and spread the "goodness" of Islam they said they want to propagate, somewhere in any of the depressed areas of New York where gang wars and homelessness are part of the ghetto life there, and who knows, it might reduce the rising rate of crime in those areas which the approving Community Board of Lower Manhattan should be thankful for. It would serve Islamofascists’ advertised "noble" purpose – not their hidden agenda of Jihad in America – under the cover of religious freedom.

But look how Obama bulldozed the feelings of the people traumatized by the 911 terrorist attacks who are vehemently opposed to the idea. I want to be sure that I quote him correctly.

Obama said: "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country … That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan … This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable."

But this constitutional oratory has nothing to do with the raging issue in this controversy. The issue is this callousness and insensitivity to the feelings, trauma and painful memory of those who suffered Islam’s Al Qaeda 911 attacks.

911 was an infamy worse than that of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii because the enemy struck inland right in the heart of America. But the same treachery brought us to WWII’s Pacific War and eventually led us to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Insensitivity to the nation’s sufferings under these treacherous invasions is treason.

White House spokesman Bill Burton sung hallelujah to Obama’s lecture on religious freedom: "… it is his [Obama’s] responsibility to stand up for the constitutional principle of religious freedom and equal treatment for all Americans… If a church, a synagogue or a Hindu temple can be built on a site, you simply cannot deny that right to those who want to build a mosque."

This is the official public posturing of the Obama government showing it does not have any religious preference whatsoever and that Obama is impartial to any religion.

In short, with his soliloquy on equal treatment of religions, Obama was showing that he was distancing himself from the Muslim religion. But only last August 14, 2010, he contradicted himself. He used tax money in hosting a White House Iftar dinner for Mohammed’s religion to mark Muslims’ Ramadan. That he is a Muslim by childhood upbringing is even a worse excuse. If this is not an outpouring of a split personality or a ton of public lying [take your pick], at least it is not a pretty picture of a government that stupidly claims it is staying away from religion.

The truth of the matter is that this elaborate presidential sermon on religious freedom is just an extravagant waste of saliva. Who was talking about curtailing the freedom to erect a mosque as a free practice of religion guaranteed under the Constitution? Who was denying the right of religion to Muslims? I went over and over again, examining those voices of protest written, videotaped and published nationwide. Not a single instance did I come across any religious-based objection that denies Muslims the right to erect a mosque under the First Amendment’s right to freedom of religion. It was just that the ground-zero in New York is just the wrong place [!], that simple!

But Obama who in his childhood as a Muslim was raised under the teachings of Quoran, joined by his Islam followers view this whole mosque protestation as a violation of religious freedom. I am appalled, to say the least, to discover that they are actually like very sick dogs barking at the wrong tree, as if having an elephant-thick skin and grossly insensitive to those who have suffered terrorist attacks was not already more than enough!

Nobody from the protesting side was talking about infringement of religious freedom. Just move the malicious construction of the mosque away from ground-zero. That is the only freaking bone of contention that these guys missed by a mile.

But again the truth is, the clandestine purpose of erecting the objectionable $1.0 million Muslim religious center – to glorify the success of the 911 terrorist attacks — must have a convenient excuse to fool the American public. And this excuse is hurting people.

Furthermore, this pretext of violating religious freedom if the construction is not allowed, encourages suspicions that Obama is in a conspiracy with radical Muslims — terrorists and sympathizers — to commemorate this 911 Jihad victory against America, a nation that he vowed has to be changed because thinking as a Muslim, this country is no good and that the United States should be converted to a nation of Islam.

It is publicly known that since childhood Obama was raised to believe that life under the teachings of the Quoran is not only more Godlike but also eternally peaceful to the restless soul of what leftist-liberal country-bashers called the "greedy capitalist America". The mosque erected right where Osama bin Laden’s Jihad attacks on America which the clandestine terrorist leadership in the Command Hierarchy of International Terrorism considered a resounding success assures the eternal celebration of the victorious campaign of terror against the United States.

It is along this line that not only Obama’s loyalty to America but also his mental health exhibiting a rapidly failing credibility, are being held in doubt.

This phenomenon is easily accepted because in many public appearances, Obama was contradicting himself without even knowing it. He appears having a hard time concealing his dual personalities, i.e., that of being a Muslim and a die-hard Islam follower, and a disguised Christian moralist spewing hatred internally, as a result of his life’s exposure to Jeremiah Wright’s racial rebellion.

Wright was Obama’s Pastor for twenty years preaching racial hatred and segregation across the country. Obama’s married life began when the Pastor not only married him and Michelle but also baptized their children. That was how the Pastor became an important cog to Obama’s family, a mentor of his moral, spiritual and political life. Search the Web and find out who Jeremiah Wright was to Obama. When you finally learn that this close relationship was exposed, don’t be surprise to know how Obama betrayed his Pastor by denouncing him in public. Clever, huh …

Obama is spokesman first of his socially and economically disadvantaged colored race before he is of the affluent white and all other minorities under his watch. When the political wind changes, he will choose first the side of Muslims before others, this he made clear in one of his racial speeches.

In Cairo and Turkey, President Barack Obama declared to the whole world what he thinks of Americans and the United States. "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation.  "We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values." 

And this is where Obama’s other politically correct person in him was shockingly wrong.

We Americans believe in God, not like this other Obama split person within himself who is agnostic or Godless in the company of atheist ideologues similar to Kremlin’s hardcore Socialists. This explains why we are on our way down the road to perdition … down the road to Communal Socialism, a deathblow to Capitalism.

Examine the Preambles of the Constitution of every State in America Almost if not all of them implore the guidance of Divine Providence, the Almighty God, the Supreme Ruler, the Ultimate Being, etc. America is never Godless that the other Obama’s half person miserably thinks it is! This other Obama talking is from another planet. To think that we have a ruler who is not of this land is not just pretty scary … it’s a frightening nightmare! Is Obama aware of what his other half was saying? No, not at all!

"America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam" – Obama said at the iftar dinner White House hosted August 14, 2010 marking Ramadan. But this is a split-personality lie just repeating itself. He is not aware that in fact Islam is already at war with America. No need to declare war against Islam. What he was saying about America "will never be at war with Islam" was only a political flowering in pursuit of a tinseled peace initiative he is good at when he appeared before his audiences [Islam followers] in his recent tour of the Middle East.

911 was Islam’s war against America, so are the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our enemies in those wars called these armed conflicts and paramilitary hostilities their religious war against capitalist America Osama bin Laden was no more eloquent than the ineloquent, stuttering Vice President Joe Biden in describing this United States war on terror – a borderless no-holds-bar confrontation between the United States leading the West, and Al Qaeda for Islam or the Islam world. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, is a battleground.

Due to either lapsus linguae or lapses of memory, Obama has to be reminded that Osama bin Laden had declared war against America, and we are fighting back. We are engaged in the battlefields where combatants see no brake-light flashing at the end of the tunnel. We also call these armed hostilities a protracted war of the mind, determination and endurance, of nerves and resources. These eternal religious wars with Islam had begun since time immemorial. In recent days Obama has been asking Congress to fund these wars, including the insatiable funding of billions of dollar for defense against threats to our national security. I see no other religion as deeply involved in war as that of Islamic Jihad.

And yet, judging from what Obama is saying, as if he doesn’t know.

Now you get the picture, didn’t you?

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS August 22, 2010.

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