Before "The Messiah" of the Left will turn the fluoridated water in the District of Criminals into Kool Aid, he will repay the political IOU‘s that accumulate in any campaign.

Let's just look around the campaign landscape to see who is holding Obama's markers.

As a player in

Chicago politics,


Obama has always had an ally in Nation of Islam leader


Farrakhan. Farrakhan's cult of reverse racism spreads the notion that the white race is evil.


Farrakhan, who has been welcomed in such foreign lands as

Iran and

Libya, is noted for his Million Man March and for his praise of


Hitler. Farrakhan’s description of Judaism as a “gutter religion” has not exactly endeared him to this writer.



Wright, the radical pastor of


Obama's church, has been a good friend of


Farrakhan and his cult. Farrakhan is a frequent guest at the church.

But the Farrakhan cult, which includes flying saucer stories and a belief that the white race was a part of an ancient experiment that went haywire, is ingrained in Democratic machine politics. The Clinton Administration gave a Farrakhan connected business a contract to establish private police patrols in housing projects.

I am trying to think of what Farrakhan's folks will get from an Obama Administration.

While you ponder that unsettling thought, you can also wonder how he will repay the alumni of the Weather Underground for their contributions.


Obama clearly gets his some of inspiration and ideas from Bill Ayers and


Dohrn. For those of you don't know, Dohrn and Ayers were the leaders of what was known in 1969 as the Weather Underground. This movement was a violent splinter faction of Students For a Democratic Society and avowedly communist. The group had numerous bombings to its credit.

Like many New Left radicals of the sixties and seventies, Ayers and Dohrn were born into elite, upper class families. Though they were underground for 11 years believing they would face long jail terms if they surfaced, competent legal representation preserved their liberty when they finally faced the court system. But there is no denying that they were domestic terrorists who sympathized with this nation's communist enemies.

Now that the Weather folks have abandoned violent revolution,

Chicago's Democratic Party became the new forum for their wisdom. Politician on the make Obama socialized with these former terrorists, participated on civic boards with them, and received campaign contributions from them.

We can anticipate that the Obama administration will adopt policies that reflect their input, and that many sixties radicals will find employment in an Obama government.

It gets worse.

The Palestinian cause was dear to Obama before he became a candidate for the Senate and then the Presidency. While running for president he shrewdly panders to the more numerous supporters of the Israeli side of the conflict. However a huge trail of evidence indicates that Obama can be expected to be supportive of those whose contributions to humanity include bombing school buses, crushing the skulls of infants and sending suicide bombers into discos and pizza parlors.


Abunimah publishes a

Chicago based web site called “The Electronic Intifada." He gushes praise on Obama and tells folks that he knows Obama well, and the candidate has reportedly confided in him that he cannot speak his mind on the

Middle East, for obvious reasons, but that his sympathies are with the Palestinians. The Arab community is raising significant amounts of money for Obama.


Middle East advisors are almost uniformly pro-Arab, being mostly warmed over relics from the Carter Administration. The handwriting is on the wall.

If you are worried about the purchasing power of the dollar, Obama can be expected to make matters worse. His relationship with billionaire Democratic fundraiser


Soros is one of many reasons. Soros has accumulated his fortune betting against the value of currencies. He single handedly inflicted grievous damage to several foreign economies by short selling their currencies.



Soros arrogantly announces he is betting against the American dollar. His economic treason should make him anathema to all Americans. But he is the bankroller of numerous ultra-liberal causes and the prime mover behind the Obama candidacy.

Obama will owe him plenty if elected. Any advice he gives or favors he asks for will no doubt be self serving and not in the country's political or economic interest.

Those who foolishly buy into the media hype and glitter about Obama must think twice about putting a man with such dangerous associations into the White House.

The author is Chairman of the Republican Town Committee in


Massachusetts. He publishes the Cambridge Sterling Letter, which comments on political matters. A free copy of the newsletter can be obtained by sending a SASE to the Cambridge Sterling Society,

Box 390979,

Cambridge, MA 02139

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