Obama’s – Koranic Islamic Terrorist Jihadist Muslim Bro’s

by Barry Weinstein –

Why does ‘President’ Obama refuse to name the world wide enemy of America, Israel and the rest of the civilized world that are allegedly not Muslims but are the Muslims Islamic Terrorist Jihadist of the Koran?

Lets’ try to look at this logically.

Have any of you heard of any religion, Political party of totalitarian supremacists Like the Nazi Socialist Party, totalitarian supremacist Koranist, anti-American communist or socialist, traitor, Anti-Christian, Anti-Semite, human rights criminal, Muslim terrorist, Jihadist, suicide — or actually homicide — bomber/s, al Qaida member, Black / African Racist, murderer, thief, rapist, corrupt politician, judge or bureaucrat, perjurer, swindler or any other illegal activity being done including but limited to gang members like MS13 from Mexico, or south and central America or like the other terrorists in the Middle East or Africa or here in the America and anywhere else abroad admit to anyone or everyone who they actually are or disclose with whom they are in fact working specifically or who the other members of a gang – like ISIS / ISIL — they are operationally involved with or philosophically supportive of, before they are captured or killed?

My answer is no! I have not had or heard of any of the above types of bad actors admit to their targets exactly what they are up to. Only by their actions, which are more accurate within reality than their words, am I aware of their intent. Once a monster!

This is ‘Omerta’! [1]

“They remain silent until caught – a little water boarding might be needed — or killed and then an investigation is undertaken and only then does the truth reveal itself. During their silence they speak well of or wistfully about their collaborators. Their base calumny regarding anyone that might resist their intentions due to suspicions surrounding the seemingly irrational and deceptive explanations, and practiced prestidigitation, regarding the obvious facts within the scope of reality of the self-evident, is the clear ‘sign post’ of any powerful individual covering for the bad actors, take a bow Obama.”

This is B. Hussein Obama, the undocumented, ergo, alleged President of the United States of America today Obama, instead of declaring the murderers and tortures committed by the Mu-d-slim Monsters as Jihadists or terrorists, Obama instead has removed the truth of the words from the FBI Training Manuel and has done so elsewhere such as in the military training,

Obama, by refusing to factually describe the ‘Hebdo’ murderers in Paris, as the Muslim terrorists which they are and then the kosher stores murders of the Jews there, as the anti-Semitic Islamist Muslim terrorists, Obama is giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America and all the western civilizations but mostly the enemies of Israel, specifically Iran.

Obama, by refusing to acknowledge that the self-named “ISIS” or “Islamic State in Syria” is Islamic, is itself an overt lie and effort to give aid and comfort to the self-described ISIS, murderers, rapists, torturers, human rights criminals, happy and delighted amidst chants of death to America. are all Enemies of Americans, this gentlemen and ladies is Treason according to The United States Constitution.

Obama, at every opportunity protects and covers up the villainous actions and intentions of the Koran based Islamic Muslim population that have reemerged again in their usual world domination efforts, as history clearly points out.

I could go on and on. If you are unaware of this you need to pay attention to Obama and also review some history.

Obama, instead of using the proper term ‘terrorists’, as to the Koran based Islamic Muslims, instead has his former head of the Homeland Security Agency, Janet Napolitano, declare the American Military returning from the war against the Koran based Islamic Muslim countries as potential ‘terrorists’ in America. Yes! Obama and his henchmen consider Judeo-Christian Americans as terrorists. That is not to mention all of the white Americans are allegedly supremacists and therefore designated as terrorists as well or as Racists.

Obama, it is therefore logical to conclude, is actively bound by the omerta concept as it relates to all of the Koran based Islamic Muslim population also known as terrorists and a human rights crime syndicate, Obama is a terrorist denier and human rights crime denier as well.

Or as in the Obama case of Omerta, the destruction of America and the western civilization which is now under way, by their own actions.

As an aside, I think that the ‘progressive, leftists, liberals’ actually Democrat leaders especially if not the voting population oppose water boarding because they are worried their intent for America is inimical to its survival as intended by the Founding Authors and so worry that they might be on the eventual water boarding list, done for truth and thus safety of all in that the rest of the Americans who would then learn the truth of the Democrats insurrection or actually treason.

OH-bama, Your Highness! The Mahdi himself as well as all of the helpful Gerbils: Omission supports and indemnifies Commission!

Post Note Warning: Should ISIS succeed at taking full control of the Koran / Islam, as it seems very possible and it will if America and the West do nothing, then Islam, the Muslims now therein — that Obama claims is not ISIS – will become the dominant strain of the Koran / Islam and so all of the Muslims will become ISIS. Remember The Hitler and The Nazi’s.

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[1] www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=omerta

“Key to the concept of Omerta is that any member of the organization must maintain absolute silence when questioned by law enforcement on the subject of alleged illegal activities by other members of the organization. This can result in one member “taking the fall” for others, facing criminal contempt of court charges or even taking sole responsibility for a crime that others committed. He does this with the assurance that he and his family will be supported by the organization during and after his imprisonment.” |2.16.2015

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