Obama’s Illegal Immigration Action: What The Republicans Should Do To Stop It

by Yogi –

(Editors Note):[ The Image is of President Eisenhower’s Operation of Removing Millions of Illegal Aliens from America so that the returning Soldiers / Military could get jobs. This was called operation WetBack. It can be done.]

Let me start out by making this point. The congress and the courts are too inept and slow to have any effect on Obama’s immigration action. If we want to stop this we need something that can make a difference right now, not sometime way off in the future.

How to stop dictator Obama’s illegal non-deportation action!

I believe it is up to the republican governors to man up and take a stand against this action. There are 33 states controlled by republican governors. These governors need to make a united rejection of Obama’s amnesty policy.

These governors should call an emergency conference to discuss a “NOT IN OUR STATE” policy!

They should make the point that it is their job to lead and protect their states from illegal federal actions like Obama’s. If Obama pushes this unilateral act on the nation, Republican Governors need to act unilaterally to protect their states.

They need to unite and draft a “not in our states” proclamation that they will do everything in their power to prevent the implementation of Obama’s action.

Organized action plan:

The states need a commission to develop an action plan of policies to stop the federal government’s implementation of its amnesty. They could shut down the federal agencies and programs in their states that are involved in, or contribute to, this action of amnesty. If necessary maybe they should shut off the utilities to such federal agencies. Be creative!!!

The states need to have their own immigration enforcement policy to fill the void left by the federal governments’ failure to perform its lawful duty. Something like Arizona tried some years back.

They should detain Illegals found in their states and deport them! If they can’t send them back to their countries of origin; then they can send them to Washington and drop them off on the White House steps. If more convenient they can deport them to Democrat governed sanctuary states like California. Let these liberal states feel the full effect of and alien invasion.

They should also draft a comprehensive immigration reform outline.

This might include:

Children born in this country to citizens of other countries will be citizens of their parent’s country not the USA.

Local hospitals will not pay for the births of such children. Hospitals will bill the federal government for these expenses. These costs will be charged against federal accounts of foreign aid going to the countries of the parents.

There will be no such concept of anchor babies or children.
Families will be united in their own countries.

All welfare programs will be for US citizens only. All aid recipients foreign and domestic will all be documented with picture identification and finger printing. Foreigners will be subject to deportation.

We will not education non-citizens: The cost of education for such children (if they exist) will either be billed by contract to their parents or billed to the federal government. If local school districts aren’t absorbing these costs then people will be able to see an actual cost amount spent on educating Illegials.

Sanctuary States and cities shall be abolished. Such states with sanctuary cities will be denied federal aid.

There will be a deportation program to send children and illegal parents back to their home countries. Each state can open sections of a closed military base to be used as a staging facility to process the deportations.

If you don’t speak English you will not be granted citizenship.

Declare the US an English-speaking nation and stop using other language on forms etc.

There will be a new very specific guest worker program. Farms and or businesses that contract for guest workers must be licensed and bonded.

We should also cancel the licensing of Spanish language TV and Radio stations. We need to be a united assimilated English language-speaking nation.

It could include a path to citizenship! I am not going to help with that at this point.

We need a border fence!

Illegal aliens caught in this county will be arrested and put into work details (for at least a year or two) before their deportation and they will build our border wall. (I am thinking something along the lines of the Great Wall of China might be a good idea) It could be an effective migration deterrent and also a tourist attraction!

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