Obama’s Eligibility: Our Line In The Sand

… local churches, and filling every bit of our spare time pursuing hobbies, donating time to community organizations, and wondering what it would be like just to sleep in once in awhile. During that fifty years, a comparatively small stealth group has been very busy as well – our federal government. Like an insidious cancer, it has been expending its energy metastasizing, using our resources to bolster its own power, and ever reaching for that tipping point, where it becomes self-sufficient, and inoculated from the will of the people.

Our founders equipped the federal government with a proverbial gun to protect us from our enemies, foreign and domestic, but Washington has chosen rather to point that gun at us. We are left now to consider how that happened, and to figure out how to reclaim the power that Washington has stolen.

Rather than honoring their oaths of office with integrity, and for our best interests, career politicians see re-election to be their chief duty, for that is the only way they can sustain what they have crafted to be lifelong lucrative careers, rather than positions of service, as they were originally intended. And, their vested interest in so doing is easily ascertainable. Just read this.[1]

To guarantee their golden eggs, a plan had to be devised to insure that, regardless of the political destruction they inflicted upon our nation, they would, nonetheless, continue to be voted into office. Once upon a time, the American people would have easily seen through such a ruse, so Washington’s agenda had to be both clandestine and widespread.

To transform our constitutional republic into their personal bank account, they craftily used us against ourselves through the doctrines of political correctness, multiculturalism, and self esteem, all preached from the pulpit of entitlements. Political correctness has choked our common sense, multiculturalism has vilified our sense of national pride and exceptionalism, and self esteem has stilted the virtue of personal achievement, and has relegated public discourse to the lowest common denominator. In other words, our government has purposely dumbed down the citizenry in an attempt to make us more politically malleable.

However, to pacify us while neutering us, they anesthetized us with monetary prizes, until they were able to reach the goal of sufficient numbers of our population who were reliant on government for their very existence—all the while preaching their cultist message that such a subsistence is not only desirable, but actually the American way. This certainly didn’t happen overnight, but one need look no further than the fact that roughly half of our population pays no federal income tax, and that nearly 40 million Americans receive food stamps, to understand the depths to which we have sunk. For the most part, these are the people who guarantee the miscreants in Washington their luxurious livelihoods. Not only have they been fashioned not to know any better, their political ignorance is fueled with public money.

But, what does this have to do with Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility?

While we have been out here carving out lives for ourselves, we have also had a sense of misdirected trust in our political system that made us complacent. Most of us have never been political activists; to be sure, we do possess a sense of who we are politically, and we vote those ideologies every chance we get; but, we have become complacent in our roles as watchdogs of the Constitution that our founders bequeathed to us. We are either pleased or displeased over whether our team is currently in power, and tend to believe that the voting cycle is sufficient to maintain our system of checks and balances. But, without our noticing, that entire system of checks and balances has disappeared.

In 2008, the left head of our corrupt political monster foisted upon this country a presidential candidate who was clearly ineligible to hold the office, both by constitutional standards, and also by his offering nothing more than a forged computer-generated image he falsely claimed was a document of government identification. The right head of that monster simply acquiesced to the crime. When a few of the astute realized the constitutional error that was in the offing, they immediately went to work to sound the alarm.

Those of us who had been napping, politically speaking, heard the alarm, and swiftly reacquainted ourselves with the constitutional requirements to be president, for we needed to assure ourselves that the alarm that had been sounded was valid.

Once armed with a reborn expertise in those requirements, we were suddenly assaulted by a regiment of liberal operatives using disinformation as its weapon of choice. They were the foot soldiers of those political elites, whose main purpose was to obfuscate historical fact. Like maggots attacking a newborn animal, they used ridicule, twisted logic, and outright lies to cloud the very clear intentions of our Founding Fathers. To that end, they have even proffered the ludicrous notion that, if one could not immediately cite, with authority, the historically verifiable meaning of, and the various reasons for, the “natural born Citizen” requirement of the Constitution before 2008, then it is unacceptable for one to embrace that truth now. In a convoluted attempt to intimidate us further from proclaiming the truth, they venomously and gratuitously labeled us as racists (remember their doctrine of political correctness?).

The fact is, in our lifetimes, we have never been faced with an ineligible occupant of the White House, so many of us allowed our understanding of the Article II requirements to be pushed to the far recesses of our knowledge; however, according to these anti-American operatives, one may never openly state something that one never before publicly proclaimed—and, if one does, then one is a racist. We can readily understand the sheer folly of such sentiments, but we must examine and identify exactly what it is—evil. Evil will always do its best to keep one from the truth, and, in this arena, we have looked evil in the face on a daily basis.

So, in 2008, we everyday Americans, some of us for the very first time, took it upon ourselves to make certain that our elected officials were aware that the Constitution forbade them from verifying an ineligible person to be president; and we assumed that, upon hearing from the people, those officials would step back from their actions, and rectify their constitutional misstep. Imagine our outright shock when they ignored us—for we had always believed that was how a constitutional republic worked, that those who were elected to represent us, actually regarded the will of their constituents as the entire basis of their service. But, for nearly three years, we have shouted, ever louder, for those officials to hear us, and they have repeatedly made it clear that they consider themselves to be above the will of the people.

And, this is the salient fact in the eligibility issue to which every American, professed Birther or not, should be paying very close attention!

When the historic evidence was combined with the forensic evidence in this specific case, the very least that Congress should have done in response to the massive outcry from the people would have been to launch an independent, non-partisan investigation into the matter, even though the prima facie evidence was already enough for Obama to be removed from office immediately. However, not only did they ignore the substance of the people’s cry, they responded with lies and deception aimed at keeping themselves unaccountable to the people.

One can only imagine the horror experienced by parents of a violent teen who goes on a homicidal rampage. “How did we ever let him get that way?” must be a thought that haunts them the rest of their lives. Well, many of us Americans have recognized that our federal government has been allowed to become just such an arrogant adolescent, and its murderous rampage is aimed at the America our parents and grandparents knew. It is time for us to rein in their foolishness before we wake up one day and ask ourselves the same question that haunts those previously mentioned parents. And, like any parent who realizes that limits to objectionable behavior must be set, we are all familiar with the “line in the sand” concept.

Barack Obama’s ineligibility is our line in the sand. It is that action for which we have stood up and said, “No, we will not allow you to get away with this.” It is the hill on which we are willing to die, but it is merely a symptom of a much more sinister disease; and, as with any disease, one must not only address the symptoms, but also eradicate the underlying sickness. Barack Obama is the symptom of a diseased federal government, and the disease is corruption.

Regardless of one’s political bent, how one feels about Barack Obama as a person, or one’s beliefs about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, this debacle should make one thing very clear: that Congress has positioned itself outside of its constitutional role and purpose, and is not only governing against the will of the people, it refuses even to acknowledge the people at all. Allowing this nefarious band of reprobates to continue refusing to properly resolve this constitutional catastrophe they created will be the death knell of America. Their next assault on our Constitution and heritage will be that much harder, if not impossible, to stop.

For that reason, every American citizen who is opposed to the current overthrow and destruction of the America we have known and loved should consider the current eligibility scandal to be a crucial moment in our history, and should understand that Birthers are not the lunatic conspiracy theorists the political left and its ancillary national media have painted us to be. We are merely Americans who have drawn a line in the sand, and are telling Congress that we are no longer going to accept its criminal assault on our Constitution and way of life.

To be sure, we in the eligibility movement will continue our efforts to remove this symptom of the underlying disease—a constitutionally ineligible usurper in the White House; however, every American should stand with us and support our work to eradicate the disease itself—a federal government operating outside the will of the people, and bent on the destruction of our constitutional republic form of government.

If you don’t want to see the actions of our corrupt political system further chip away at the Constitution, while those politicians believe they have successfully insulated themselves from the portion of America that still pays taxes and is not wholly reliant on handouts from the government for a semblance of an existence, then you are at least a Birther sympathizer, for we all see and believe the same things about this runaway form of government, and our line in the sand should be yours as well. If this line continues to be crossed with impunity, it is likely the last line we’ll even be able to draw.

The Birther Summit is traditional, historic America reclaiming her foundation, ridding herself of rampant corruption in Washington, and removing an illegal occupant of the White House. We are Americans. We are the Birther Summit.[2]

July 17, 2011

By Dean C. Haskins

© 2011 The Birther Summit

Dean C. Haskins is Executive Director of the Birther Summit, and can be reached at dean@birthersummit.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[1] http://www.opensecrets.org/news/2010/11/congressional-


[2] www.birthersummit.org

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