Obama’s – DOJ Sues – Pa – Township For Rejecting Mosque

by Brandi Buchman –

— Editors note: Will the ‘Justice’ Department also investigate the Mosque for Muslim terrorists, weapons and explosives as the German security forces are doing and are finding caches in the Mosques there. —

The Justice Department sued a Pennsylvania town over its municipal board’s denial of a zoning application for a mosque, saying the decision is a clear case of discrimination on the basis of religion. …(link Below)

The government also says there is a profound need for the mosque in the area. At present, members of the Bensalem Masjid must drive 20 minutes to reach the nearest mosque. This is a particular hardship because the faith dictates that prayers must be said five times a day and that those prayers should be led by an imam. …

The government contends forcing members to drive 20 minutes to pray severely curbs their ability to exercise their religious freedom. …

The Justice Department is seeking a court order to compel the township to approve the mosque. Unspecific damages are also being sought.


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