Obamacare Today: “Obamagas Tomorrow”???

by George Weir –

Now that the Obama Administration has cornered one sixth of the nations economy through the Affordable Health Care Act, which is commonly known as (Obama care), will this be enough to curb their appetite toward the goal of a total socialist state?

There are other avenues that haven’t been tapped as of yet, although they are already under heavy hand of the Federal Government in some form or fashion, but as of today, they are still able to operate under the flag of “Supply and Demand”. Another great catch for President Obama would be the energy sector of America’s Oil, Gas, and Coal.

It’s seems rather obvious that President Obama doesn’t like the smell of either. Billions of dollars have been flushed down the toilet with his obsession to the clean energy program, which as of today hasn’t put a dent in the amount of energy this nations needs in order to keep us free from imported oil from countries that are in no way friendly , and wish our demise.

As of today the Health care of Americans are under the control of the Internal Revenue Service, (IRS), if one cannot pay the premiums which will come due soon enough, they will be subjected to fines levied by the IRS, until this law is repelled, it is the law.

The taking over of the energy industry would be a horse of a different color altogether, the IRS will have their hands full running between the insurance company’s, hospital administration, doctors, and nurses, and on one hand handing out fines, and on the other cutting checks, and at the same time watching for fraud, which will be running rampant, there will have to be another agency to regulate the nations energy.

Yes, you guessed it The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They are already entrenched in the regulating of the energy sector of America, and it’s seems clear that they would like to have controlling interest in a law called (Obamagas).

As we all know, it’s easy spending others peoples money, especially if it’s (Taxpayers Money), and without any doubt the EPA doesn’t look at the cost to Americans Consumers, but the contrary, when they are involved in making policy,( it cost).

Some of these costly regulations may be looking at Americans in 2014. In an article by Rep. Lamar Smith, R. Texas, in the Wall street Journal, Smith said, “The EPA is moving forward with strict new limits on ozone that by its own estimates will cost taxpayers $90 billion per year, which would make the regulation the most costly in history”. “Other examples include a Mercury and Air Toxics Standard for power plants (previously known as “Utility MACT”) that the EPA estimates could cost up to $10 billion a year. “Yet more than 99% of the EPA’s health-based (justification for the rule) are derived from scientific research that the EPA won’t reveal.

“Taxpayers are supposed to take on faith that EPA policy is backed by good advice”.

Does this sound familiar? During President Obama quest for government control of heath care, he said (Trust us, if you wish to keep your present insurance, you can, if you want to keep your doctor, you can). Also this Affordable health Care will save you about $2,500, “Try It, You will like it”.

Just as the facts about affordable heath care was not based on any reliable source if information, the same can be said about the loose information that is being floated by the EPA.

The EPA has developed an anti- energy policy which is not in the best interest of the Oil Gas and Coal industry, but instead they have long dreamed of (green energy) which is solar, wind, geothermal, and geodesic substitutes which will take America away from fossil fuel which is and will be a stable source of energy far into the future.

No matter what President Obama and the Green Power Lobby claims, oil will still be the energy of growth. The developing countries will ever become more demanding for energy: according to some estimates this will spur the demand from 90 millions barrels per day 120 billion by mid-century. By curbing the outlandish and outdated intrusive policies by the EPA North America could become the largest exporter of fossil energy.

The future of America’s energy should be left in the capable hands of those that provided America with the safest, and the most affordable source of energy in the world. Sure, the school is still out concerning the Affordable Health care, we may wake up someday and say, “Hey, It’s working or we may see that it was Obama’s biggest flop”.

Surly the energy industry is just one of many areas that the Obama Administration could claim into the great scheme of things. But hopefully the day will never come when we the consumers will pull into a service station and say “ Fill er up with some of that Obama gas, but hurry, I need to call the IRS about a doctors appointment”.

For sure this Administrations central philosophical idea is the ever increasing power and scope of the federal government. This administration seems to have no problem in skirting around the constitution in order to gain control, and the President seems to have no problem issuing executive privilege in order to skirt around going to congress, because he believes he knows best, and to heck with the constitution and the truths of its wording.

The future of this “Great Republic” will never be found in offices that are under great domes with steeples at the very top, but in the board rooms of industry, and the citizens that gather at city halls around our nation, and the parents that attend the school PTA meetings. The greatest decisions that this nation will ever encounter will be solved at the kitchen tables where parents and their children discuss the issues of the day, and the gravest of all decisions will be decided in our houses of worship, this is where wisdom is found and acted upon.

“We The People” have been given the authority through our constitution to determine our own destiny, not the powers that be in high office.

Our health care must be put back in the hands of the citizens, they are the only ones that can make those decisions for themselves, and as far as (Obamagas) never!

George T. Weir

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