Obamacare: Death Sentence For The Elderly

… was to avoid discussion on the inclusion of health-care policy stealthily inserted into this reckless bill that has failed utterly at jump-starting the economy.

These policies were written in with the help of Tom Daschle whose book on healthcare, Critical: What We Can Do About The Health-Care Crisis, advocates the practice of sacrifice to be forced on Seniors. Among the openly socialistic and callous measures outlined in this book, Daschle advises that Seniors be categorically denied treatment so that resources can be spent on the young and the able. Daschle further specifies that Seniors who receive a “hopeless diagnosis” need to accept their condition and not seek treatment for it. In other words, even though Seniors have paid into the system their entire lives they will be viewed henceforth as useless burdens to the State and treated accordingly.

The economically ruinous Stimulus bill has created the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, a new bureaucracy that will monitor Doctors on the basis of appropriate treatments and cost-effective practices. A complete nationalization of our health care system will spread the poison of this new bureaucracy by putting into effect draconian practices dampening the advancement of medical technology to treat disease while promoting cost-effectiveness, uniformity and a more European approach which is to accept a “hopeless diagnosis” for the good of the collective.

A healthcare bill authored by Socialists in the Senate will justify the severe rationing of care to the elderly as nothing more than a defensible, cost-effective measure. What else would you expect from proponents of the culture of death? Democrats led by head executioner, Obama, have already declared war on the unborn and are equally anxious to declare medical care for Seniors as inexcusable and irresponsible. Assisted suicide won’t be considered so much as a possible option as it will be a State sponsored course of treatment. The Democrats will candy coat this health care nightmare that they’re boiling up in Pelosi’s cauldron while purposely ignoring the Congressional Budget Office findings. Instead, they’ll arrogantly invent a table of ‘pie in the sky’ cost figures thrown together while on a smoke break with Obama as they mendaciously market this one way ticket to hell. Every ‘New Democrat’ (code for Socialist) is out there wildly overestimating the number of uninsured while ignorantly and incorrectly referring to health care as a Constitutional right. They want to drum up support with lies and sensationalism because the Socialists know that they can’t tell the truth if they want their rotten to the core policies to fly under the radar and be passed into law.

It’s high time that Democrats change their party mascot from the ass to an ostrich with its head in the sand. Congressional Democrats refuse to allow any discussion on the fact that socialized medicine will destroy the most advanced health care system in the world. Is our health care system in need of reform? Absolutely! However, the solution is found in the free market and not in additional government intervention. Democrats have no recourse except to lie about what will happen if our nation goes down the road of socialized medicine. Even though the failures of socialized medicine are well documented, Democrats refuse to come clean because their ultimate agenda is not about some imagined right to health care. The cold, hard fact is that this policy is directed to erase the American notion of the individual and their inalienable rights as defended by our Constitution. Democrats believe that as wards of the state, we’ll be much easier to control, as well as investing them with more fraudulent authority to steal our private property.

The nightmare that is socialized medicine will be the conduit of power and control coveted most by the elitist majority in the government. God knows they, the corrupt yet unaccountable government elites, won’t be subject to this sub-standard health care. In Europe, in Canada, in single-payer systems world-wide Seniors are subjected to long, grueling, painful wait times for procedures like hip replacements, cataract surgery and treatment for macular degeneration to name a few procedures. In addition, there is a growing hostility against Seniors in socialized nations due to resources spent on medications and treatments to alleviate illnesses associated with advanced age. “It’s hell getting old” is an imminent threat considering the acute lack of compassionate care that awaits all of us under a socialized system of medicine.

If you’re not young, healthy and disease-free my advice would be to steer clear of Obamacare hospitals or keep one eye open while you sleep to avoid a middle of the night mercy killing. If you think I sound like an alarmist think again and stop being so naïve. Statists are obsessed with youth, image and celebrity. The entire Obama campaign was founded upon marketing an image and society’s shallow obsession with youth. Gone are the days when society revered its elderly and took loving care of them in their advanced years. Instead, they’re hidden away in retirement homes and forgotten so why would any Socialist waste medical dollars on a human being they consider to be useless, parasitic and hopelessly un-hip?

What will the Democrats do during the 2010 election? Never again can they regurgitate the deceitful campaign practice and consummate lie that not voting for Democrats will result in old people being starved, homeless and neglected until death. Actually, the Democrats will be responsible for countless deaths as they have penned legislative language authorizing and imposing a ‘death to the elderly’ recommendation for health care policy. Obamacare is a death sentence for the elderly and next on the corrupt, anti-Constitutionalist slate for Democrats will probably be a movement to remove the right to vote for the elderly and pass it on to illegal immigrants. Democrats just can’t abide someone voting who has no stake in the Big Government entitlement/enslavement game.

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