Obama Should Be The First To Know …

… instead of encouraged and protected.

To survive, this Nation has a standing policy – a standing legacy, if you may — to fight terror. It has the world’s most effective way to handle threats to national security, which unfortunately radicals and liberal opportunists, crazy Libertarians in the lunatic fringe and their accomplices … those cavalier coddlers of terrorist rights to kill waving the banner of Liberty as they march down the street, do not and cannot understand, refuse to understand, and therefore will NEVER understand.

The Patriot Act, as amended from year-to-year, the strictly enforced TSA screening in the airport, and over a dozen more national security laws so far passed by Congress, including the latest, the NDAA, have but only one specific purpose in mind: TO DEPRIVE TERRORISTS OF THEIR LIBERTY TO KILL US, AND TO DENY THEM OF THEIR FREEDOM TO DESTROY US.

Those laws for national survival against terrorist attacks are constantly challenged as infringement of individual liberty and freedom. Taken out of context, it becomes worrisome and dangerous, especially when those legal challenges no longer distinguish between the constitutional liberty and freedom of the ordinary individual, and the liberty and freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy.

Whether we like it or not, George W. Bush will go down in history as the most determined U.S. President with the most effective anti-terrorist policy that denied Al Qaeda terrorists, as well as domestic American citizen terrorists, their freedom to destroy us … deprived them of their liberty to kill us while he was the nation’s Commander-In-Chief.

On the other hand, whether we like or not Barack Obama will go down in history as the most reckless and the most dangerous U.S. President ever who protected the liberty and freedom of Muslim terrorists, thereby providing them the greatest opportunity to kill and destroy us.

This grave insecurity continues to exist while Obama is president. As a terrorist coddler, there is no doubt that this apathy is even more alarming to contemplate, and yet most Americans are critically unaware, if not totally indifferent even when the door of our national security is left ajar to terrorist attacks.

And where the danger lies is not that difficult to point out with the highest degree of certainty possible. Obama is the only U.S. President who was reportedly baptized as a disciple of Islam when he was a Muslim school boy in

Indonesia – and therefore the only President who had embraced the Faith of Islam. Thus, on record, he is the only U.S. President in history that bowed down to the Muslim King of

Saudi Arabia, his senior in the higher hierarchy of the world’s Islam Faith.

Also on record, Obama had encouraged and defended the construction of a Muslim Mosque for terrorists and their local anti-Government sympathizers, to honor and celebrate Al Qaeda’s successful 911 attacks of the

United States. It was right there in the heart of

New York, on the very spot where the 911 infamy and the imagined triumph of Islam’s attacks against us, was supposed to be worshiped and forever monumentalized.

In this regard, Obama and GOP presidential nominee aspirant Ron Paul [unfortunately for Ron Paul because of how his radical thinking protects terrorists] have almost the same belief in protecting the “constitutional rights” of every citizen in this country, including that of terrorists, which they hold equal to that of the innocent Americans citizens they murdered.

By the way, to hunt down Osama bin Laden like an animal he deserved, and to kill the “Fox”, has nothing to do with President Obama. It was President George W. Bush’s declaration to the world to hunt down Osama bin Laden wherever he was hiding, and to bring him to justice.

President Obama has no such declared policy on bin Laden. In fact while he was still a Senator fighting Bush in every way he could, he was very much against Bush’s declaration of war against terror, including the invasion of

Iraq which Congress approved, specifically against Bush’s declared policy to hunt down bin Laden like an animal he deserved. In that Bush declaration, any country that hides or harbors bin Laden and Al Qaeda terrorists is an enemy of the

United States. Saddam Hussein did not only harbor but also provided a sanctuary and training ground in Iraq, for Al Qaeda terrorists and Muslim terrorists that target Americans and the United States. The invasion of

Iraq and the subsequent hanging of Saddam Hussein which followed that dangerous development of events in the

Middle East, are now in the pages of history.

The important point I want to bring out to the attention of the American public is that it is just incidental that Obama happens to be Commander-In-Chief when the opportunity to kill bin Laden presented itself. It was Bush’s standing declaration of war against terror – not Obama’s – particularly his still existing policy on national security to go after bin Laden and Al Qaeda that the special military forces had carried out all those years, which led to the killing of bin Laden.

Depriving terrorists of their liberty to kill us and denying them of their freedom to destroy us, is a Bush legacy that stands firm, to this day and the days onward! Although severely criticized, legally, President’s Bush’s stand against the denial of this liberty to kill and the freedom of the enemy within and without, to destroy this nation, is well protected.

Make no mistake about it – “In a time of threat to national security, even the constitutional rights of American citizens to due process – let alone that of terrorists or the enemy of the

United States – can be denied. This is enshrined in the landmark ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court … i.e., Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944), 18 Dec. 1944.”

If there is anyone in this country who should know first and foremost that the freedom to destroy and the liberty to kill can be denied, that person should be President Obama.

Sadly, this is what terrorists coddlers are protesting against, or don't want our Homeland Security to do to terrorists whether

U.S. citizen or Al Qaeda. On top of this objection is President Obama himself who mistakes the freedom to kill and destroy as freedom that cannot be denied.

It makes you and I so vulnerable when our national security is gravely compromised.

Aside from prayers I can offer, all I can say for now is just brace yourself. You can lose your life and limb any day while Obama is still president. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 08, 2012.

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