Obama Eligibility? Now Is The Time For Grand Jury Investigation

… release his birth certificate is obstruction of justice and official misconduct–both Federal felonies. If he has nothing to hide, what does he gain by willfully refusing to allow the press and public to see his real birth certificate? He wrote in his book that he has it, and that he was born in Kenya!

His spending of upwards of $2 Million in taxpayers' moniesfor legal fees to block us from seeing his locked up birth certificate in Hawaii, and other documents bearing on his citizenship is taxpayer fraud and waste. The contention by Obama's half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, that he was born in a particular Hawaii hospital, only to claim it was a different hospital several years later, belies the claim that Obama is a "natural born" American citizen. The posting of law enforcement personnel at the two hospitals in Honolulu mentioned by Ms. Soetoro-Ng, in an effort to block the press and the public from discovering the truth about his birth certificate, is a waste and fraud of taxpayer monies, obstruction of government process/justice, and official misconduct–again, all felonies.

The so-called "certificate of live birth" posted on the Obama campaign site, and spread out over the Internet, and other liberal sites, is not the real birth certificate.It was constructed by laser printer off of a computer. Since Obama was born in 1961, long before laser printers and office computers, his original, true birth certificate would be typewritten–unlike the laser printed "copy" purported to be genuine.

The vast majority of Obama's school records have been sealed, denying public scrutiny, and keeping hidden the truth regarding his possible admission to college as a foreign student. Also, after the Kapi'olani Medical Center in Honolulu posted a congratulatory letter from Obama–which he claimed the hospital was his place of birth–it was suspiciously scrubbed from the hospital's website when reporters began asking if that was really true.

If Obama is not a "natural born" American, and hence, not President, but, in reality, a usurper illegally wielding the power of the Oval Office, every action that he has taken, legislation signed, appointments to the Supreme Court and countless other positions including his czars, executive orders issued, is null and void and constitutes a massive criminal fraud.

The "lamestream" state-controlled media agrees that citizenship of a presidential candidate must be determined before he runs for President of the United States. The "lamestream" media chastised candidate John McCain for this because he was born on a military base in Panama. Yet, the state-controlled media gave Obama a pass and never investigated him. Instead, the "lamestream" media mocks those questioning and challenging Obama's eligibility as "birthers" and "wingnuts", howling in disdain, while simultaneously throwing the U.S. Constitution in the trash. The state-controlled media, all of a sudden, claims that this eligibility provision in the Constitution is an outdated rule discriminating against Obama because of his "race".

That is why every American needs to start sending sworn, notarized affidavit-style letters to every Attorney General in every State to take action NOW to determine if Obama committed perjury in every State, when he claimed he was eligible to run for and serve as President on the forms that were filed to allow him to run for President in the States. Americans need to file these letter-affidavits in the thousands, if not millions, in each State. Americans must demand that their State Attorneys General, whoare supposed to protect, represent, and work for the people of their States inquire, via the empanelling of Grand Juries, to investigate and open up all of Obama's records, including his valid, real birth certificate being kept hidden in Hawaii from public scrutiny, and to determine the eligibility and legality of Barack Obama. If it is found that Obama perjured himself on sworn documents, committed fraud in each state, and then lied and obstructed investigation of it, he should be immediately impeached and tried for crimes,treason and seditionagainst the Constitution and We the People.

Everyone must become pro-active, instead of reacting to his agenda and administration. As many Americans as possible need to take this pro-active stance NOW, or we may lose this country to deceitful, criminal and treasonous enemies of the state–known as Barack Obama and the socialist/communist Democrat contingency in the Congress.

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