Obama: Destroying America with Speed, Arrogance and Outrageous “Audacity”

*Making his first telephone call to a Middle East terrorist leader

*Conduct his first interview on Al-Arabiya TV apologizing FOR America

*Adopted the Saudi policy towards our long time ally Israel

*Announced we are no longer a Christian nation

*Announced the elimination of our anti-ballistic missile program

*Announced the reduction of our nuclear arsenal by 75 per cent

*Announced a drastic military budget cut

*Placed extreme liberals and tax evaders in key cabinet positions

*Reneged on expanding our nuclear energy development

*Announced the development of a form of brown shirt youth army

*Made concerted overtures to change the 2nd Amendment

*Blocked off-shore drilling and coal production expansion

*Bankrolled terrorist Hamas with $920.3 million U.S. dollars

*Dismissed charges against Muslim terrorist prisoners

*Announced his first summit would be an Islamic summit

and while the Queen was rocking to her new iPod and Obama and company were chomping-down some St. Louis pizza at around $200.00 a slice,

*Cut the F-22 project resulting in 90,000 lost American jobs.

Does this sound like an American President or a foreign plant eager to destroy our foundations?

Not since the days of the Civil War has the word “Rebellion” crept-across America as it has today. Americans are becoming sorely disappointed and deeply concerned by the policies being pursued by our White House regarding several fronts.

A large number of Americans are more than deeply concerned about President Barack Hussein Obama (the name he asked to be introduced by while visiting Turkey) becoming unduly influenced by the counsels, representatives and menaces of Islam. We expect, from our Commander in Chief, an unconditional loyalty to the sovereign United States and not to the Nations of Islam. We consider it an act of treason to proclaim “America is no longer a Christian nation,” as we well consider it treasonous and a blatant lie to proclaim America is a nation of Christians and Muslims. We are not, and someone who “proclaims” to be Christian would never have made that statement. We are a nation of Judeo/Christian values, regardless of your personal wishes. To publicly “bash” The United States to foreign audiences

while abroad is the utmost act of disloyalty; words “just words” of malignant hatred that cut-deep into the hearts of Americans and their families who have shed blood or made the supreme sacrifice to keep our nation free.

The present needs of this Republic require a loyal American at our helm; not someone so eager to toss us, our heritage, and our 233 year history aside under the banner of “change.” Obama was voted into office by Americans, not French, Germans, Turks, or Arabs. His paychecks are stamped “The United States Treasury,” a fact he should consider the next time he feels arrogant enough to disrespect Americans in front of our sworn enemies; the Nations of Islam. Why these persistent, malignant murdering Islamists should be treated with tenderness by our President, to the prejudice of America and our loyal citizenry, we cannot conceive. We find a policy of bribing those who wish our extinction, is both a childish and unrealistic HOPE they will disarm their causeless hostility. We do not wish to forfeit our self-respect, to Europe, to Asia, and certainly not to Islam. For Obama and his fossil lackeys to dispel the affected apprehensions of being disarmed is to invite not only insult, but to encourage our downfall.

The timid counsel of Homeland Security and our other “defense” organizations has been defanged, a perilous move that should prove disastrous. We cannot afford to temporize with enemies, nor with traitors. The defense and law enforcement arms of The United States have been reduced to appeasers driven by political correctness instead of citizen security.

The carefully woven fabric of Mr. Obama’s past and his intentions is beginning to unravel to reveal a Marxist conspired plot to divide and destroy our country. Whatever strengths fortify this nation are being dissolved, from a drastically reduced military capability, to preventing offshore drilling and placing restrictive clamps on our coal industry to make us energy independent from OPEC, an obvious truth is emerging: To as rapidly as possible reduce our nation from it sovereign rule and station among nations of the world and shrink our endeavors into the “global community” and bitter bondage of Islam.

Real Americans are repulsed at the deception and lies of the Democrat Party, hereafter known as the American Socialist Party, to lay-us-bare on a global platform ran and operated by “globalists,” which are ran and operated by Islam. Appeasing cowards are surrendering America and telling the rest of us we should like it while ignoring our questions, concerns and despair.

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