Obama Creating Stealth Climate Change Laws In Every State!

… A staggering $65 billion dollars has been transferred from the private sector to fund the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI.) RGGI is a government tax dollar embezzlement scheme created to combat "global warming." RGGI is rotten to the core. The bloated bureaucracy is hiking up energy prices, funding environmental extremists and making RGGI is our nation's first cap and trade regulating entity. Obama and his Liberal wing-nuts used Chicago-style politics to coerce 10 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States to sign up for RGGI. The environmental police give each state a limit on the amount of carbon emissions they can produce. If a state exceeds their allocated limit they are forced to "buy" more permits. A permit is Obama's way of saying tax. Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont are all participating in this stealth energy tax program.

RGGI has certainly succeeded in their taxation mission. The secret Cap & Tax organization has raised energy prices by 1% since its founding. RGGI is a perfect Liberal scheme to gobble up more of our hard earned tax dollars. This bogus taxation entity is rewarding states with big bucks from taxpayers suffering through the Recession.


New Jersey raked in $10 million dollars

Massachusetts received $9.6 million dollars

Rhode Island walked away with $960,000

Maine got a fat check for $1.7 million dollars

Taxpayers are coughing up the dough to funda science that is as real asa Unicorn. The pro-global warming pro-tax nuts must have enjoyed playing make believe as kids, because they are 'still playing the game'. For years, this group of Liberal extremists, led by the ethics challenged Al Gore, along with the machinations of the fomer Nazi Jew murderer, cum pseudo-American, George Soros, have been trying to extract dollars from everyone in the world in the form of "green taxes" "green trading" and "green initiatives." I guess they still haven't bothered to read thereal scientific data that proves global warming does not exist.

The environmental extremists will stop at nothing to succeed in their agenda to tax the world dry. They coerced scientists to lie and manipulate data in the name of global warming, and will occasionally kill people or hold them hostage to help "save" our country from the threat of global warming. So far the Obama-backed extremists at RGGI have tossed away $729 million dollars.

This phony science will make Obama cult members multi-millionaires, and in some cases billionaires. Has anyone ever asked you if you wanted to be a millionaire? If you answered yes, I would suggest you apply for a job at RGGI. RGGI Chief, Jonathan Schrag is living like a movie star. In June, Schrag and his wife Kristen purchased a $2.2 million dollar loft in Manhattan. Schrag's posh condo is 2,000 square feet and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a nice view of the Manhattan skyline. Schrag's luxurious residence is only a five block walk to the RGGI headquarters. I guess he didn't want to risk creating a carbon foot print by driving to work.

Washington corruption and corporate cronyism is business as usual at RGGI. All the scam artists behind RGGI have refused to disclose how much they make. They even worked out a sweet deal with the IRS to make sure their tax documents aren't released to the public. Something smells fishy here.

It's Chicago-style business as usual at RGGI. In order to receive funding from RGGI it's pretty much a requirement you have a cozy relationship with someone who works at the organization or with one of the Beltway bureaucrats.

LighTec, an energy company from New Hampshire was given a walloping $316,000 to install energy efficient lighting in schools and city buildings. LighTec is a private company that makes profits. It is outrageous that our tax dollars continue to be used to write paychecks for OTHER PEOPLE!

The CEO, James Grady just happened to have a seat at the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board in New Hampshire. The board was created by the state government and meddles with private sector energy companies.

Another board member, Dick Henry of the Jordan Institute was given a grant worth more than $1 million from RGGI. The Jordan Institute builds energy efficient buildings.

The bottom line is that the Liberal elite be allowed to expand RGGI into every state. If you think RGGI's business practices are slimy now, imagine how much slimier they will become when the organization gets further reaching tentacles.

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