Obama – ‘BirthGate’ – and Congress Control Investigation

The provision, ….which attracted virtually no attention in the debate over the 1,073-page stimulus bill, creates something called the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board ­ the RAT Board, as it’s known by the few insiders who are aware of it. The board would oversee the in-house watchdogs, known as inspectors general, whose job is to independently investigate allegations of wrongdoing at various federal agencies, without fear of interference by political appointees or the White House.

In the name of accountability and transparency, Congress has given the RAT Board the authority to ask “that an inspector general conduct or refrain from conducting an audit or investigation.” If the inspector general doesn’t want to follow the wishes of the RAT Board, he’ll have to write a report explaining his decision to the board, as well as to the head of his agency (from whom he is supposedly independent) and to Congress. In the end, a determined inspector general can probably get his way, but only after jumping through bureaucratic hoops that will inevitably make him hesitate to go forward. ….




The, current, so called President of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama, as you may know has and is refusing to release his Birth Certificate proving that he is in fact a ‘Natural Born Citizen’ thus being Constitutionally eligible to be the President. Instead this guy sitting in the white house is spending a very great deal of money trying to prevent anyone from seeing his birth certificate, college records or anything else that would provide proof of his birth country of origin. On top of that there is evidence, Sworn Affidavits of witnesses that assert that Obama was born outside of the

USA. And yet he is a lawyer sworn to uphold the Constitution.

There is much apprehension, fear, anger and disillusionment amongst the voters about the Voodoo financial misconduct and many other law like policies that the current Democrat controlled, lawyer occupied, Congress and White House are passing on almost a daily basis. This is entirely a violation of the ‘Separation of Powers Clause’ to be seated in two branches of the government, at the same time. This, conflict, madness driven rush of passed yet unread laws is in the long term an abscess that is destroying the American law of the land. That is of course the United States Constitution which is the law of the land and is clarified and supported by the Constitutions of the several States. This will itself destroy the nation itself.

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None of the laws made by Congress — since there is no quorum of Constitutionally qualified member of the House Or senate — or signed by a President, who is an illegal alien and a usurper of the Office of the President of the United States, matter anyway. None of the laws signed by Obama are valid. They are null & void. Obama willfully refuses to show his birth certificate, his college records and his medical records. The reason for the delays and obfuscations by the courts and Obama's legal teams obstructing the process is so they can formulate a birth certificate that is a forgery. The delays and obstructions are unequivocal evidence Obama's covering up his fraudulent status that he is not a Natural Born American citizen, essentially, nor was he ever born in the United States (or its territories), as required by the United States Constitution in order to become President.

Today Mr. Byron York authored an article regarding a newly established policy board that will be able to prevent any further investigation into, Obama BirthGate, the issue of his own viability, under the Constitution of the

USA, to remain the President. Here below the

York article, and NWS editorializing, are some very relevant existing Court Decisions and State Constitution – verbatim – which supports and clarifies the vicious violation of the separation of powers. This gentlemen and ladies will render the current legislative and executive branch treachery, null and void, as you yourself can determine the News worthy factually of our writings here at NWS.

The Constitution of the State of New Jersey is the clearest of all, here it is.

New Jersey is one of the original 13 colonies.



Updated Through Amendments Adopted in November 2003



The powers of the government shall be divided among three distinct branches, the legislative, executive, and judicial. No person or persons belonging to or constituting one branch shall exercise any of the powers properly belonging to either of the others, except as expressly provided in this Constitution.”


Pursuant to

United States v. Tweel and

United States v. Prudden, both cases held that silence is an admission of fraud or guilt.

U.S. v. Tweel, 550 F. 2d. 297, 299, 300 (5th Cir. 1977); U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d. 1021, 1032 (5th Cir. 1970), cert. denied, 400 U.S. 831, 91 S. Ct. 62, 27 L. Ed. 2d 62 (1970) (Silence can only be equated with fraud when there is a legal and moral duty to speak or when an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading. We cannot condone this shocking conduct… If that is the case we hope our message is clear. This sort of deception will not be tolerated and if this is routine it should be corrected immediately).

Marbury v.

Madison, 5

US (Cranch 1) 137 (1803):

“The Constitution of these

United States is the supreme law of the land. Any law that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void of law.”

Norton v.


County, 118

U.S. 425 (1886):

“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

Cooper v.

Aaron, 358

U.S. 1, 78 S.Ct. 1401 (1958): Defined treason as follows:

“No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his undertaking to support it.”

Fraud. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right. A false representation of a matter of fact… which deceives and is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it to his legal injury. … It consists of some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him injury… (Emphasis added) –Black’s Law Dictionary Fifth Edition, page 594.

McNally v.

U.S., 483

U.S. 350, 371-372 (1987), quoting

U.S. v Holzer, 816 F.2d. 304, 307 (7th Cir. 1987) (Fraud in its elementary common law sense of deceit… includes the deliberate concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public,… and if he deliberately conceals material information from them he is guilty of fraud).

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