Obama And Environmentalist Cohorts Poison The Air

Barack Obama talks too much his mouth harms the environment! We need a political quarantine for those who damage our ecosystem.

There is no doubt that by farting foul air in public, environmentalists and political cohorts contaminate the atmosphere and corrupt the environment. edwin a. sumcad/10/04/08


Politicized environmentalists and radical cronies –from the Liberal ranks, the Left and the Black Supremacists of Kenya, some Black churches of the urban backwoods, and the likes of the Farrakhan cult that Barack Obama is notoriously associated with — belch too much gas out of their mouth in this 2008 election, making such a loud noise that they become the No. 1 polluter of the environment on this "endangered planet"!

Such impolite and disgusting behavior [babbling or politically farting in public on environmental issues] is not only abhorrently sickening but also extremely dangerous!

Angry self-proclaimed guardians of the environmental realm should stop making a fool of America, so must the Left, Black racists and their Liberal-Democrat cross-bone bearers led by Obama should cease to be as foolish in scaring the public of an impending ecological disaster to win ideological adherents and gain a political leverage! For, this is a nauseating way of making themselves appear like saviors of the world in the eyes of the American public they erroneously think worships them like kids if not a politically herded bunch of imbeciles!

In behalf of this poison group, think of how the long-winded Obama, in the company of the rambling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-Nevada] and the loquacious Al Gore, all rabid Liberal polluters from Washington’s everglade are vehemently opposing oil drilling in Alaska! They and cohorts believe that they are protecting the environment and because of that they imagine that the American public thinks of them as instant heroes.

Reality check — not quite, and here is the catch: The huge cost of the opposition’s nationwide anti-oil-drilling campaign is definitely shouldered by undisclosed big-time financiers. Pollution opposition to oil drilling and natural gas production of this magnitude being run across the country requires a gargantuan funding.

The public holds politicians’ suspect financiers such as innocent sources linked to oil and religious terror organizations, similar to the healthcare industry that warns of health hazards for profit, schemes for health insurance and rips-off the public, and environmental preservationist/activist organizations that ring the bell of alarm on ecological abuses but at the same time asking for contributions to raise a campaign fund for candidates like Al Gore, self-styled anti-pollution supremacist whom Bush had badly beaten in the 2000 election, or fundraising for marginal liberal politicians to sit in Congress or calling for donations to prop up the Democrats’ campaign to capture the Oval Office.

Who are those political backhanders is what the public needs to know. We cannot ignore the fact that political prostitution and political pollution have been for many years, strange bedfellows.

Sick in the stomach, we are folding over due to this gas pump shock that is now costing us close to just cents away to $6.00 a gallon, probably more or worse when we wake up the next morning to find ourselves even more devastatingly ripped-off.

Even as I write down this serialized editorial beat, TV’s morning news edition, commentaries and early breaking newscasts are quite disturbing — airlines are cutting down flights!

It is disquieting because the citizens’ constitutional freedom of locomotion or specifically, the right to travel to places by air, had already been cut down to combat terror, and now to some airlines, flights to several provincial airports have been closed down to combat the rising cost of fuel.

This unfortunate but necessary economic measure discourages and curtails physical contacts, and slows down the nation’s socio-political development and hinders economic growth in rural areas from East to West and North to South, especially when it is adversely affecting commerce nationwide.

In financial lexicon, this simply means that the rate of government subsidy to the country’s airline industry falls against the spiraling price of crude oil a barrel that spurs the tracking curve in the vertical axis of the graph to rise sharply for the price of fuel and/or aviation cost.

This graphic measurement is not only ugly to look at but also alarming to track down recession and observe, with such anxiety before panic strikes. The stock market could go kaput anytime. Collapse of the market in this manner is an economic 9/11 that the talkative Obama and his unthinking garrulous radical supporters who are too noisy these days, have neither brain to anticipate nor brawn to stop.

Airlines already in the red, could not continue losing when their service operations no longer catch a penny out of the financial aid they receive from the government as this bounces off and falls directly into the Cartel’s deep pockets, out there in the Middle East and elsewhere where OPEC calls the shot.

As usual, the Cartel washes its dirty hand in public, mouthing an impassionate excuse that the increasing global demand for oil is the culprit. As if we are listening to Osama bin Laden [Obama’s tonal twin] and to his political echo in the United States , i.e., that Libertarian-Republican politician aspiring to be a candidate for president, saying that Islamic Jihad is caused by America, not by Islam’s cutthroat fundamentalists who believe that in order to enter the gate of heaven, they must spill innocent blood, especially the blood of American infidels.

There is this hurting truth listening to Judas Iscariot’s tale of betrayal as there is this wounding story of treachery of jihad’s prince of darkness [Osama], the legend of Obama and their look-alikes here in the United States who claim that they love America more than enough to sell the country down the river for political and personal gains, similar to Judas who loved the Lord more than enough to betray him for 30 pieces of silver.

The only difference is that Judas has a guilty conscience … he hanged himself in a nearby tree for being so remorseful of his treachery. Today Judas’ modern counterparts, especially in the Liberal-Democrat circle of extreme radicalism, have no conscience at all … for their betrayal, they want others to hang in their behalf or let others carry the Cross for their foolish peccadillo or criminal wrongdoing.

We have a way out of this oil price trap. Studies revealed that if millions of barrels of oil are dug out from targeted areas of Alaska’s ANWR [Artic National Wildlife Refuge] which the opposition in Congress is led by Sen. Reid [D-Nevada], radicals in the Arab world would not be able to use billions of dollars — that’s how much we pay annually for Middle East oil imports or in the minimum, approximately $700 billion in less than ten years – to finance terror’s bloodbath, specifically for killing Americans and destroying America.

This is what Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin – as of this writing is Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s presumptive running mate – has been fighting for.

Palin has been shooting down environmental villains whose fat behind sits on Alaska’s vast larder of gold and oil reserves hidden under the ground … ecological baddies who are seeing to it that this nation’s abundant gifts of Nature stored beneath Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, are out of the reach of Americans.

On this critical defense of the wilderness, Obama, Gore and their supporters can see with tearful eyes, a handful of extinct polar bears, and empathize the sad fate of the vanishing caribous if oil-drilling takes place, but they cannot see, and if they can they are oblivious to, millions of Americans being held up in the gas stations everyday because of the runaway cost of the country’s scarce supply of, and continuing demand for, oil!

The twisted and no doubt perverse philosophy behind this – which when profiled is uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame — is, save the animals first at any cost, but man in agony that needs to be saved … never mind.

In his Denver convention speech, Obama declared that the use of natural gas is harmful to the environment. He described oil-drilling as a palliative solution, only a stop-gap to solving our energy crisis. He promised that if he is elected president, he would resort to neither of these [reliance on oil and natural gas] but would embark on alternative energy sources … a massive solar-wind-geothermal energy program that would create "five million jobs" for Americans.

We can do this only on a piecemeal basis – that’s what America is currently doing — otherwise in an outright massive development program of this kind that would create "five million jobs" overnight, Obama is promising Americans the stars in the galaxy beyond the limits of the imagination.

We were yak-yaking on this "alternative energy programs" since the late 1970s when the world’s oil crisis struck down the global economy. Obama’s promise had aged three decades ago. Like Literature’s Rip Van Winkle who just woke up from a dream, Obama had lost contact with reality.

Resort to solar, wind and geothermal energy alternative programs for America to be completely oil-dependent free as what Obama promised, requires an unaffordable cost – this Obama was not honest to tell the American public.

For example, to unleash geothermal energy from the core of the earth [volcanic] to light our cities, run our factories, heat our homes or bring it to the kitchen to cook food – just to mention a few of countless others — requires such a massive capital investment that studies revealed would make our billion-dollar annual space program expenditure look like a penny-ante business proposition! This at least explains why for the past centuries until now, in spite of our success in outer space, we are still depending largely on oil … geeks of Obama’s kind should know.

For his 25th Century Buck Rogers fantasy programs promised to Americans, where in hell would Obama get the money is like asking the same question where would Obama the president hide if angry citizens would lynch him for breaking his out of this world energy contract with the American public that he is trying to fool around.

This is one of the reasons why I commented on Obama’s speech with such cynical literary thumbs down while his delirious supporters were cheering, wildly, as if Obama’s political homily on energy has just scored a touchdown.

I have been a speech writer for politicians myself for many years. If I were to assess and evaluate Obama’s nomination acceptance speech in Denver, it would have been a good candidate to hit first the bottom of the trashcan … that when the dump truck transports this waste on the way to the recycling site, toxic smell is left in the air that poisons the atmosphere and harms this nation’s political health.

Those who studied the psychology of mass communication [mind control] know how a mesmerized audience can be herded emotionally, like how light in the dark of night attracts moths to the lamp. Hitler, a brilliant orator, is one of the success stories in this science of mass-mind control.More than 85,000 Americans in the stadium, seized and blinded by a massive emotional euphoria for Obama as the first would-be black president of the United States, would kick the bucket, raise their voices in anger and punch the moon to prove me wrong. But it does not mean that those who are emotionally blind are right about what they cannot even see. And here I can prove them wrong for probing me wrong.

If we do not drill for oil and continue to import this liquid black gold from the flowing wells of the enemy, it gives an assurance to all and sundry, that Osama bin Laden’s family in Saudi Arabia is solvent and his Jihad is here to stay for at least the next ten years without suffering any financial wound that we have, thanks to the Left’s 300 led by liberal Spartan King Obama and his environmentalist centurions Al Gore, Pelosi [the ever-smiling-only Speaker of the House of Representatives] and Reid who are fighting tooth and nail [fighting to death like the cinema’s 300] the exponents of off-shore drilling.

The mantra on today’s energy problem is "drill-baby-drill", our only hope to make us self-sufficient and secure from the enemy’s oil-based terror [also political and economic] attacks and/or 9/11 styled threats of violence and aggression.

When this kind of politicians prevents America to become dependent-free of foreign oil, the enemy is aided and comforted in the war we declared against terror.

This betrayal of American interest and national security opens up a new chapter in the book of political treachery and treason.

We have more than enough oil reserves buried under the deep layers of earth not just in Alaska but in still many oil-rich grounds across the country, to last a lifetime on this planet. Sure it does not mean that this mind-boggling amount of untapped energy hidden under the ground is everlasting. But by the time these enormous available reserves are exhausted, maybe oil would no longer be needed. Most probably by that time mankind would already be living beneath the ocean, or Americans shall have already built their cities in outer space.

But with today’s oil squeeze the excruciating effects of which give us this agonizing dollar pain, we can leave Obama to his fantasy of future energy, and let McCain and Palin give him his agony of defeat in November.

For, the sad irony is, Obama, Reid, Gore, Pelosi and their environmentalist cohorts are aggressively taking the cudgel for greenhouse activism supposedly to preserve the ecosystem, and yet they are neither the ones being pirated in the gas pump everyday, nor the ones paying the skyrocketing cost of our energy consumption … we are.

If they cannot be nice to us, at least they can be kind to the environment they are supposedly protecting, by not polluting the atmosphere with political debris … toxic rubbish emotionally disgorged from their bloated belly and spewed with anger out of their mouth.

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. NWS access September 04, 2008.

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