Obama Administration Is Wikileaks Source?

… The standard of the administration policy is to isolate the target — i.e. the Constitution, American culture and civilization, Glenn Beck, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, the rich, the White racists that is everyone white, wall street, the bankers, fat people, SUVs, Oil companies etc. — and then relentlessly attack the intended target; in this case it is the trust and reputation in the

USA worldwide. I believe this method is from the Saul Alinski book ‘Rules for Radicals’ where their ends justify their means.

Call me suspicious or call me a cynic about my take on this Wikileaks matter, go ahead. Time will tell.

Something stinks! How could a Department of Defense military employee, a Private, have intelligence clearance for access to the State Department diplomatic confidential

e mails/cables? This makes no reasonable sense, to me at least.

Why hasn’t the B. Hussein O. administration done anything before or during the last 5 months or so since the first wikileak of about 250,000 documents were released? Weird!

Is George Soros involved in the orchestration of this trouble for

America, the document leak? Sure he is! Soros is actually Obama’s brain. Or is it the secret members of the Federal Reserve, they control all of the money in the world or at least all of the money in

America. Money equals power correct? Then it follows that all the money equals all the power. Only ‘We The People’ stand in the way, as I see it.

I think that this ‘leak’ of the State Department documents has removed Hillary Clinton as a potential threat in the 2012 democrat primary, for good. It’s another good reason to leak State Department documents, No?

Obama ran in great part on transparency in the government, could the classified government documents from various branches of the Government be the fulfillment of that commitment to his world? Yes! That is what I think is happening; it is the only logical explanation.

Private First Class Bradley Manning is just a stooge. And so is Julian Assange. And so are the American people.


I arrive at this conclusion based upon the actions taken by B. Hussein O. and his numerous progressive minions – The Band of Evil — placed in his administration, by Obama, which ‘they’ carried out over the last couple of years, since the 2008 election. I will not here bore you with all of the anti-American and un-Constitutional acts carried out by B. Hussein O. and his administration because I believe that if you are reading this you are not uninformed morons as the constituents of the democrats led by B. Hussein O. clearly are.

Prior to the election in order to get elected B. Hussein O. lied and lied again. Therefore anyone who lies must be considered a liar at all times, in the B. Hussein O. case he is an obsessive and compulsive liar and it is all directed to the total annihilation of the Constitutional America.

Now that is as of today, Gentlemen and Ladies, we all know that B. Hussein O. is in fact a Marxist at the least. That fact was withheld during the entire lead up to the 2008 Presidential Election. What a liar B. Hussein O. is.

Notably, B. Hussein O. is definitely not an ‘America First’ thinker or planner.

B. Hussein O. appointed a hostile anti-Caucasian racist by the name of Van Jones into the government within the environmental section. Van Jones resigned from that job thanks to Glenn Beck exposing Jones past. [Search for van jones + Glenn beck] Jones stated (I paraphrase) that

America must be dismantled Brick by Brick.

Wikileaks is a large brick removed from the Constitutional American Foundation.

B. Hussein O. is choking Americans with unwarranted debt. This is another brick.

B. Hussein O. is supporting every self declared enemy of America, such as Castro dictator of Cuba, Hugo Chavez dictator of Venezuela, the ‘election’ of the terrorist & dictator Ahmadinejad in Iran and generally anyone else that hates the greatest nation and culture ever to exist on this world and which by the way was built by the now despised white male. That is the thrust of this alleged President B. Hussein O. This is another brick.

B. Hussein O. by refusing to close the southern border with

Mexico must be considered as an enabler of potential terrorists or Terrorist-in-Chief and as the head of the drug cartels smuggling drugs and weapons into the

USA, the Smuggler-in-Chief. This is another brick removed.

B. Hussein O. is or has allowed the selling of half of the Uranium in the

USA to

Russia, This is another Brick.

Another brick: This leads me to believe my gut feeling that all of the land set aside in the western part of the USA where there is more oil than in Saudi Arabia – a recent US geological survey found – as well as the shale oil in the trillions of barrels and uranium and what else, I do not know at this time is the collateral being used and the reason that China and the rest of the lenders to the USA multi trillion dollar debt continues unabated, is correct.

Brick after brick after brick is being removed from

Americas’ foundation by B. Hussein O.

Sooner or later – most likely sooner — the foundation will crumble and then the true and ‘honest’ totalitarian dictator B. Hussein O. will step forward with the usual iron fist and the usual mass murders of the gullible population of

America. Then the racism will first begin.


America or Barrack Hussein Obama be left standing?

That Ladies and Gentleman is up to you. Will it be Vigilances and Resistance or Apathy and Compliance;

America’s future is in your hands.

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