NYC Mayor Bloomberg is a Pedophile? …

by Bruce Eden –

… (Why not, he lies about everything else)!

New York Mayor Bloomberg is a liar personified. Today, April 16th, 2013, he tells New Yorkers to enjoy the freedoms that have been fought for for 230 years. All the while, he and his lackeys are spending millions to undermine our Second Amendment Rights to defend ourselves from foreign terrorists and our own government terrorists.

Bloomberg recently said he wanted cops to go on strike unless we give up our guns in a total confiscation. The cops won’t do that because they know that Americans with guns would do a better job of protecting themselves, and cops would be out of a job.

Bloomberg says a poll agrees with him saying that 90% of Americans want universal background checks. The poll is not a relevant poll and only takes a small sampling of a biased population. Americans abhor a billionaire “nanny state” politician telling them what to drink, what to eat, and now how they cannot defend themselves against criminals and tyrannical government.

After the Boston Marathon bombings, New York City Mayor Bloomberg assured New Yorkers that the city is safe and prepared to respond to any potential threat. Read more:
He staged a photo op riding the subway early Tuesday to show that the transit system is not at risk and held a press conference with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to put city nerves at ease despite the ongoing threat of terrorism here.
The mayor spoke in front of Boston, New York City, and American flags, and the city flag outside City Hall was lowered and replaced with a Boston flag, flown at half staff.
“I’d ask all New Yorkers to be vigilant as well. Keep your eyes and ears open,” Bloomberg said, while also urging them to go about their normal routines. “My suggestion to everybody is go about your business … There’s no reason why we shouldn’t go out and feel safe and enjoy the freedoms that have been fought for for 230 years.”
So, if Mayor Bloomberg can lie to the people, why can’t we lie about Mayor Bloomberg being a pedophile. Can he disprove the lie? No, he cannot. He lies about everything else.

By Bruce Eden, Charter Member, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

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