NWS Supports Bill Johnson For US Senate Kentucky 2010

… media hype or false promises, but rather on a positive Ronald Reagan conservative message and a grass roots candidate with experience on the issues. The polls are reflecting building momentum and strength as Johnson moves up in the minds of the voters.

On Monday, Johnson filed as a candidate for the United States Senate from

Kentucky. “While the other candidates attempt to market themselves as Reagan conservatives, the evidence would suggest otherwise. We need some truth in advertising,” said Johnson. He continued, “I entered this race to ensure the voters have a choice independent of money, media bias, power brokers, and out of state influences. I entered this race to win.”

Recent internal and independent polls are consistent in showing Johnson at approximately 17%. In southern counties Johnson has a three-to-one lead over Trey Grayson and a five-to-one lead over Rand Paul. “Our strategy is to move into the eastern and northern counties of

Kentucky during January. I am confident my energy experience, military background and business understanding will resonate with voters,” Johnson said. As the campaign strategy unfolds, Johnson believes he will be in the number two position by March. “My campaign is based on taking my conservative message directly to

Kentuckywww.kentuckybill.com. voters through grass roots efforts. The strategy is working,” Johnson finished. For a closer look at the candidate and campaign issues visit:

Bill Johnson – United States Senate 2010

Jennifer Walker

Press Secretary


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