….that’s way back from June, 2007. This includes the tedious learning / time training curve of the ancient administration, no resident geeks here at the front admin desk. We are now certain that there is a direct correlation between the number of beer drinking years and the length of time needed for the grasping of the current state of computer tech. We prefer beer!

Oh Yeah! Back to the point.

Because the National Writers Syndicate .com is so very young of a news source, with limited resources, we are limited in reviewing the political candidates running for power all across the USA.

However, some of the NWS staff are directly involved in the political struggle to save the original Constitutionally described America.

The inimitable NWS columnist Bridget Geegan Blanton has been working 12 or more hour days in California, trying to save the Republic known as America.

Bridget has provided us with a list of those politicians and issues in her California area worth voting for. That list is now being provided to you. So Vote for them!

A couple of other good politicians are also listed which NWS endorses. Here they are.

‘Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!’ –Bob Marley


Duncan D. Hunter in the 52nd Congressional District

Tom McClintock in the 4th Congressional District

Gary Jeandron in the 80th State Assembly District

Brian Nestande in the 64th State Assembly District

Kevin Jeffries in the 66th State Assembly District

Albert Abbott for Temecula City Council

YES on Proposition 4 and YES on Proposition 8


U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15)

Lou Barletta Rep. Congress – 11th District

New York

Greg Fischer for NYS Senate District 1 (Eastern Long Island)

3rd district Peter King for Congress, Republican, Incumbent.

18th district Jim Russell for Congress, Republican,, Challenger.

19th district: Kieran Michael Lalor for Congress, Republican, Challenger

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