Nothing Is Off The Table?

by David M. Duncan, MD –
Lexington, KY  –

That’s what Sen Schumer said and here’s why.

Do you understand the implications of no filibuster, DC and Puerto Rico as states, packing the Senate and packing the SCOTUS?

Well, the goal is to destroy the Republican Party and two party system.

It essentially would destroy the Democrat Party, too, since there will no longer be an opposition party. No Republicans. No Democrats.

There will only be the State.

You and I will be citizens of the State.

You see, after the establishment of the State there will no longer be the need for individual states for governance either.

There will only be the Politburo, the governing body of the centralized State.

Here’s the path. Elect Biden, then everything on the table is put into effect, Marxist principles are enacted, socialism is born, and communism takes over.

It’s been done time and again’ unsuccessfully.

Oh yeah, don’t forget. The cost in human lives is massive. Communism killed over 100 million people last century but you won’t learn that in the reeducation schools and camps we’ll all be required to go to.

The United States of America will be over.

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