Not A Joke! Obama’s Wife As ‘Heard’ By Deaf People.

Obama and his wife were attending The 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and watched as the Color Guard folded the flag into a triangular shape, according to custom.

A video camera caught the two from the sidelines. Obama’s wife leaned over and said to him, “All this for a damn flag?” Obama turned to her, smiled smugly and nodded his head in agreement.

How do we know what was said? The video was presented for translation to a lip reading instructor at The River School , a Washington D.C. school for the deaf.

The video is shown at normal speed, 3/4 speed, and 1/2 speed with no banners obstructing her lips. Click here

One Term Only!!

For all those who served in the military, and the ones who died or were wounded for a “damn flag” as Michelle called it, just so she could be free to get all the benefits she got, a law degree education and her husband elected to President of the best country on earth.. Shame on her and Obama…for “a damn flag.”

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